K.L.Salaous (son of Lavarenthy 4.K.F.109)

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4.K.F.138/G12(5)K.L.SALAOUS 28-1-1907-8-8-1973 [4.T.F.109] married Regeena 1926 [4.K.F.126/G13(3)] Address Rageena Salaus,Koilparambil house,Thiruvambadi P.O. Kuthirapanthy 688002 Ph.0477-225 2109


  1. Lilly 1946 (4.K.F.139).
  2. Mercy 18-7-1948(4.K.F.140).
  3. Sunny 5-6-1951(4.K.F.141).
  4. Retty(Maria Goreathy) 30-6-1955(4.K.142).
  5. Josey 8-4-1958(4.K.F.143).
  6. Jiji 9-1-1961(4.K.F.144).
  7. Pauljerry 28-7-1963(4.K.F.145).
  8. Litty 25-12-1965(4.K.F.146).
  9. Sisy 5-3-1969(4.K.F.147).

4.K.139/G13(1)Sr.LILLY 5-1-1946 [4.T.F.138] (Sr.Francine) Brigetain Congregation Calicut.

4.K.F.140/G13(2) MERCY 18-7-1948 [4.T.F.138] married George (Appu) son of Unni Arackal at Chethy. This family is settled near Pues Xth. Church at Kalamassery Earnakulam.


  1. Francy Sailus (Gillickson)1981.
  2. Loodunick (Garison) 1986.

4.K.F.141/G13(3).SUNNY(Xavier) [4.T.F.138] 5-6-1951 M.B.A. married Aliesyung, daughter of James Hohayo U.S.A. Address-1072 South T.W. Road 159, Tiffin O.H.44883 U.S.A.


  1. Rageena Savio Koilparambil 1981.
  2. Jestin savio Koilparmbil 1984.
  3. Maginsavio Koilparmbil 1989.

4.K.F.142/G13(4) RETTY(Maria Gorethy[4.T.F.138] 30-6-1955 Medical Office Secretary in Fermond memorial hospital O.H. U.S.A.

4.K.F.143/G13(5)JOSEY 8.4.1958[4.T.F.138]Hotel Business at Wappi, Gujarath.

4.K.F.144/G13(6)JIJI 9-1-1961 [4.T.F.138] married Kochuthresya(Jis)1967 daughter of Jose Kattiparampil Muttathuparampu,Cherthala.

4.K.F.145/G13(7).PAULJERRY 28.7.1963[4.T.F.138]married Bindhu B.Sc, daughter of Francis and Betty of Kadakuthumparambil Mattamchery Cochin. This family is settled in NewYork.


  1. Christopher 1999.
  2. Pauljerry 1999

4.K.F.146/G13(8)LITTY(Littil Flower)25-12-1965 [4.T.F.138] married Alex B.Sc, L.L.B.Son of Alocious of Panckalpurackal Kanjiramchira Alleppy. He is employed in health department.


  1. Aben P Alex 15-5-1997.
  2. Albin P Alex 10-1-'98.

4.K.F.147/G13(9)CICY 5-3-1969 [4.T.F.138] married Tomy (Thomas)3-7-1967 son of Joseph of Pathyckal at Thathamapally. This family settled in beach ward (near Railway station)Alappuzha.


  1. Tesny Mary Thomas 20.7.1997.
  2. Rageena Thomas 12.10.2000.