K.L.Joseph (son of Lavarenthy 4.K.F.109)

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4.K.135/G12(2)Very Rev.Fr.JOSEPH KOILPARAMPIL S.J.[4.T.F.109]

He was born on 23.12 1901 in Vattayal as the Second son of Lavaronthy and Cicily.After his high school education in

Leo Xlll th.high school,he jioned the seminary as jusuit.The ordination was on 1933 at Cazhiyang seminary.

He served as a rector in S.H.seminary from 1937-1946 and afterwards from 1946-1948,and also the headmaster

of Leo xlll school Alleppey.he worked as the principal of St.Michaels school in Trichy. In 1935 he was the Vicar

General of Cochin Diocies. He was the convener of Eucraistic Congress held in held in Bombay. He breathed his last on

19.1.'77.The cremation was conducted in Christ hall at Calicut.

Fr. Joseph Koilparambil,S.J.1902 - 1977

Fr. Joseph Koilparambil joined the Goa Province of the Society of the Jesus and made his Novitiate at Shembaganur. It is humorously said, but not with out truth that Fr. Koil kept such a rigorous custody of his eyes that he used to bump into people who came' on his way! After philosophy he went to Santa Cruz High School, Fort Cochin for his regency. Regency over, he went to Kurseong for Theology. After ordination and his spiritual rejuvenation in tertianship, he was sent to Alleppey as the - Rector of the S.H.Seminary and Manager of Leo XIII High school. He was the first Malayalee Jesuit Rector in India.

There are many-good things to write about Fr.Koil But I shall limit myself to a few of them. 1937 when Jesuits took over Leo XIII High School a case was in progress against the school. The school lost the case and order was given to break open the "class rooms and remove the furniture to be sold it pay for the expenses incurred. Thirty policemen and six blacksmiths were kept ready for the operation. Father Koil.who was the manager of the school at the time came to know of it only the night before the assault was planned to take place. He did not lose heart, but assured those who were worried that he would settle it peacefully. He moved quickly and managed to get a counter order from the Court. The ASP who was friendly to the school was immediately in formed. He issued order forbidding any police action. Events took a different turn. Both parties reached a compromise. No doubt Fr. Koil's optimism once again won the day!.

Like many a Jesuit, Fr.Koil. also found himself in many place where obedience assigned him responsible, Jobs. He has been Headmaster of Leo XIIIth. Alleppey, Campion in Trichinopoly St.Michael's Cannanore and Vice Principalof st. Xavier's, Delhi. In Alleppey Jesuits were not allowed to teach in the High Schools without university degrees. It was Fr. Koil. who worked at it and got the necessary permission from the government so that Jesuits by virture of their training, could teach in schools. He was the first Headmaster in Travancore appointed by the Government without university degrees. No doubt Fr. Koil was a capable administrator and a good teacher. When he was in. school, the boys were happy to see his smiling countenance. They often gather around him to chat and to enjoy his humour. He treated rich and poor alike. He made no difference between the heads of the magnets and clowns!

It was in 1969 that Fr.Koil was downed with a stroke as if to test mettle of his optimism. And here again, Fr.Koil did not surrender himself to the stroke; rather he cheerfully abandoned himself to the ever-loving hand of God. He suffered a great deal. But his suffering he maintained a lustrous contenance and a quixotic heroism that invariably baffled every one who visited him. During the last one year, Fr.Koil was put to a lot of physical ailments because of prostatism. But even here, he kept up his enviable optimism and persisted in his battle with life. Pain is the choice of the magnanimous, said Robert Louis Stevenson. For Fr.Koil it was also a challenge and he met it head on. . On 23rd December, 1976 Fr. Koil. celebrated the 74 th anniversary of.his battle with life. Hardly a month elapsed, on 19th January, 1977 he was called to his eternal reward. Even on the last day of his earthly sojourn, when the Doctors unanimously felt their helplessness, Fr. Koil was optimistic as shown by his shining eyes and a smiling face. Far from being cantankerous, he always kept his cool and never showed a lackadaisical face! Thus to the end, Fr. Koil's life seemed to proclaim his courageous attitude which could be summed up thus- "a stroke can paralyse my body, but nothing ever can paralyse my spirit".

Br.M.Chittilappilly, S.J.