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During the get together (9th June 2013), members were self introduced and shared their life experience. A tour is suggested to improve the group cohesiveness. A one day tour to Wagamon on 29 June 2013 was planed. Those members who are interested may pay Rs 500 per head to Mr Sebastain Eapen on or before 15th July.

Brothers get together

A get together of the brothers of Branch 3 of Koilparampil family will be held on Sunday, 9th June 2013, 5 pm at Mr Sebastian Eapen (Gazi)'s house, Arthunkal. All brothers of Branch are invited for the get together.

The venue for the committee meeting is Mr Joselin Amby's house, Arthunkal on 12th May 2013 at 6 pm.

The Agenda for the meeting are :

1. Brainstorming session on why we need KOFA, objectives of KOFA, Action Plans, fund collection is essential for KOFA ?

To encourage one another

2. Venue for the 8th KOFA ? The convenient day and time of celebration/meeting ?

Press release, advance invitation of the members for 2014 KOFA, Flex for the Arthunkal feast.

3. Motto of KOFA ?

Together we can

4. What are the activities to be conducted ?

Management skill improvement / Motivational talks, training sessions to understand the benefits of synergy, community lunch (if self prepared by the members), Group photo, introductory video to know each other, cultural activities, one day tour.

5. Short term goals

Prepare a member list & phone directory for circulation, suggestion/feedback book, Form a constitution for the kudumbayogam.

6. Long term goals

A family souvenir with member photos