K.L.Luduvick (son of Lavarenthy 4.K.F.109)

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4.K.F.110/G12(1)K.L.LUDUVICK 3.7.1890-2.3.1966[ 4.T.F. 96]married Elzabath, daughter of Hillarious, Arackal, Chethy.


  1. Kunjukunju (Ignatious)(4.K.F.111).
  2. Ansalam(4.K.F.117).
  3. Rageena (4.K.F.126).
  4. Alocious(4.K.F.127).
  5. Thresyakutty(4.K.F.131).
  6. Rubin(4.K.F.132).

4.K.F.111/G13(1)KUNJUKUNJU(Ignatious)24.1.1918[4.T.F.110] married Ajamma (Colosticka), daughter of Lanies Anjuthyckal at Vattayal,Alapuzha.


  1. Reethamma(4.K 112).
  2. Alice (4.K.F.113).
  3. Stanley(4.K.F.114).
  4. Jessy (4.K.F.115).
  5. Benny(4.K.F.116).

4.K.112/G14(1)REETHAMMA(Sr.Reethamma)1947 [4.T.F.111] Missionaries of Charities, Trivandrum.

4.K.F.113/G14(2) ALICE1949[4.T.F.111]married Thamby, son of FelixKoottumckal Punnappara, Alapuzha.

4.K.F.114/G14(3)STANLY 1951-1989[4.T.F.111]married Rekha,from a Bramin family in Bangalore. In the year of 1989 both of them are expired in an accident.


  1. Jose 1985
  2. Darwin 1987.

4.K.F.115/G14(4) JESSY 1953 [4.T.F.111] married Jose Alaparampil Mannanchery at Alapuzha.


  1. Reshmon.

4.K.F.116/G14(5). BENNY 1955 [4.T.F.111] married Sally daughter of Punnoos and Ealiyamma Arasarkadavil at Punnappura.This family settled at Bangalore.


  1. Grison 1990.
  2. Benson 1993.
  3. Rajimole 1998.

4.K.F.117/G13(2) ANSALAM 21.4.1921(B.E.M.L.Bangalore)[4.T.F.110] married Paulin 9.2.1926-24.12.1995(teacher)daughter of Gabriel Pereira and Mary of RoseVilla Quilon. This family settled at Bangalore.


  1. Mary-Baby(4.K.F.118).
  2. Jerry-Gerald(4.K.F.119).
  3. Lessey (Elzabath) (4.K.F.120).
  4. Annie(4.K.F.121).
  5. Joy(Bernard-Clament) (4.K.F.122).
  6. Joseph(Benny) (4.K.F.123).
  7. Gabriel-Santhosh(4.K.F.124).
  8. Luduvic-Susheel(4.K.F.125).

4.K.F.118/G14(1) MARY-BABY 29.1.1951 B.Sc.B.Ed.[4.T.F.117](teacher st. Germain H.S.Bangalore)married Francies A. Gomaz son of Alaxander Gomaz and Marcelina.


  1. Anish-Jude 11.9.1981.

4.K.F.119/G14(2) JERRY-GERALD 6.5.1953[4.T.F.117] Diploma in mechanical engineering and employed in ESCORTS Ltd.Bangalore.

4.K.F.120/G14(3) LESSY(Elzabeth) [4.T.F.117]1.7.1955 B.A.B.Ed,(teacher in Holy Angels School Bangalore) married George son of Teresa and Antony Madasseri,.


  1. Sujith Antony 25.6.1983.
  2. Vinith 29.9.1991.

4.K.F.121/G14(4) ANNIE [4.T.F.117]7.8.1957 B.Sc.B.Ed.(St. F.rancies Xavier school Bangalore) married Edwin Chavadiparampil,


  1. TharunJacob 10.10.1987.
  2. ThanushMathew 21.9.1996

4.K.F.122/G14(5). JOY(Bernard Clament)23.11.1959[4.T.F.117] B.A.(Civil contractor) married Celiya 12.4.1961 B.Com.(Personal Secretary Namtech Ltd.)daughter of Silvester and Beatrice Bangalore.


  1. Ashwin 21.10.1986.
  2. Shruti-Genevifve 1.9.1989.

4.K.F.123/G14(6). JOSEPH(Benny)3.9.1961 [4.T.F.117]married Ancy (Lab.Tech,)16.7.1965 daughter of Joseph and Annamma,at Bangalore.


  1. Varun Thomas 16.6.1991.
  2. Veena Carmel 17.7.1995

4.K.F.124/G14(7) GABRI EL SANTHOSH [4.T.F.117]12.7.1964 B.Com.married Seena Ookken 7.7.1966 B.Com.daughter of Cheriyan Ookken Bangalore.


  1. Sajan Jocob 23.5.1993.
  2. Shilpa Mary 15.2.1995

4.K.F.125/G14(8). LUDUVIC SUSHEEL 10.1.1966 B.A. [4.T.F.117]married Sumitha 29.10.1969 M.Sc.(J.T.O.) daughter of Kumar and Esther of Arackal.


  1. Sneha Paulin 5.11.1996.
  2. Shreya Anlonette 9.12.1999.

4.K.F.126/G13(3) RAGEENA 1926[4.T.F.110]married Salaous 1907 son of Levaranthy and Ciciley Koilparampil[ 4.K.F.138/G12(5)]. Address:-Rageena-Salaous,Koilparampil house,Thrivambadi P.O.,Kuthriapanthy 688002. Ph.0477-225 2109.


  1. Lilly(4.K.F.139).
  2. Mary(4.K.F.140).
  3. Sunny(4.K.F.141).
  4. Retty (4.K.F.142).
  5. Josey(4.K.F.143).
  6. Jiji(4.K.F.144).
  7. Jerry(4.K.F.145).
  8. Litty(4.K.F.146).
  9. Sisy (4.K.F.147).

4.K.F.127/G13(4) ALOCIOUS 3.7.1928-7.1.1999[ 4.T.F.110]married Jessy (Mariya-Johna) daughter of Joseph and Rageena Karumanchery(Ithythara)Ezhupunna.This family settled at Bangalore. Ph.080-545 5057.


  1. Helen(4.K.F.128).
  2. Shyin(4.K.F.129).
  3. Rose(4.K.F.130).

4.K.F.128/G14(1) HELEN(Elzabeth)B.A.20.2.1965 [4.T.F.127](finance manager in Eagil eye Extablishment) married Nixon Karumanchery Ezhupunna.Address:- Elzabath-Nixon,Eagle eye security,"SAI-DHAN" 777/K13Th. Nian H.A.L.2nd. stage Bangalore.


  1. Nitty 1991.
  2. Nikhil 1995.

4.K.F.129/G14(2) SHYIN1967 [4.T.F.127]B.A. married Jhonson son of Lonappan and mary Cheriakandath family. This family also settled in Banglore.


  1. Meritta 30-7-1996.

4.K.F.130/G14(3) ROSE(Mary Roselin) B.B.A [4.T.F.127] 23-10-1979 . employed in Front Office Exe at Xerox India Ltd.

4.K.F.131/G13(5) THRESIAKUTTY 8.8.1932 [4.T.F.110] married Edward, Rose-Villa, Pampadumpara near Kattapana,Tamilnadu.


  1. Cicily 1951.
  2. John1953.
  3. Elcy1955.
  4. Christopher 1957.

4.K.F.132/G13(6). RUBIN 19.8.1934 [4.T.F.110](H.A.L.Bangalore) married Juliet (Juliyamma) 1.10.1944 daughter of Peter and Lilly of Theckeveettil at south Chellanam Cochin.After the retirement this family settled at Trivandrum.


  1. Beena (4.K.F.133).
  2. Melbin Vinod(4.K.F.134).

4.K.F.133/G14(1) BEENA B.A. 14.1.1969[4.T.F.132] married Francies Xavier 22.2.1966 B.A; L.L.B.son of K.J.Joseph and Thresia of Kochery,at Cochin.


  1. Fabina(Tresa Fabina Francies)10.1.1997.

4.K.F.134/G14(2) MELBIN VINOD M.A; D.B.A. [4.T.F.132]1966 (Personal Officer in a privite company).