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Kunju Vareethu from Ouseph 5.K.F.45/G10(2) to 5.K.F.97/G11(7).

5.K.F.45/G10(2). KUNJU VAREETHU (KochuVarky) 1813-1900 [5.T.F.3] married Mariyum 1838.He served in St.Andrew's church as "Kappiyar". G11. 1,Vasthyon 1849(5.K.F.46).2,Viseanthy 1851(5.K.F.70).3,Annamma 1855 (5.K.93). 4,Peather 1857(5.K.F.94). 5,Kathareena1859 (5.K.F.95). 6,Jusay1861 (5.K.F.96). 7, Dhuminc (5.K.F.97).

5.K.F.46/G11(1). VASTHYON [5.T.F.45] served the church as a "Kappiyar" G12. 1,Esthapanose1870. (5.K.F.47)

5.K.F.47/G12(1). ESTHAPANOSE 1870-1948 [5.T.F. 46] married Mary Srampical Pallithode he served the church as "Kappiyar". G13. 1,Powleenju (5.K.F.48). 2,Juseenju (5.K.F.49). 3,Anna (Ammachy)(5.K.F.50). 4,Kunjamma (5.K.F.51). 5.K.F.47A/G12(1). After the death of wife Mary Ethepanose [5.T.F.46] remarried Annama 1886- 1952 daughter of Dumminy Kattikatuthyil at Thyckal. G13. 5, James 1934 (5.K.F.52). 6,Kuttay 1936 (5.K.F.62). 7,Knjukunju1938 (5.K.F.60). 8,Chellamma 1940-1943.

5.K.F.48/G13(1). K.S.POWLEENJU [5.T.F.47] married from Kalavoor and settled there. They had a son. Other details are not available.

5.K.F.49/G13(2). K.S. JUSENJU [5.T.F.47] married a"Chattakarathi"from Allappy.The family settled at Murikkumpuzha (near the Railway station) Trivandrum. G14. 1,Pappachan. 2,Josey 1950. 3,Jera. 4,Metty. 5,Jayasy. 6,Mercy. 7,Joseph. 8,Dixen. Address; - J.R. Quarters Murikkumpuzha Trivandrum.

5.K.F.50/G13(3). ANNA (Ammachi)[5.T.F.47] married to Komalapuram Alleppy.Other details are not known.

5.K.F.51/G13(4). KUNJAMMA [5.T.F.47] married at Thyckal. No other details are available.

5.K.F.52/G13(5). K.S. JAMES [5.T.F.47A] 1934 married Baby, daughter of Shawriyar and Rajeena Karumanchery at Ezhupunna James took charge the service as "Chemmadore" after some service he took charge as "Kappiyar" in St.Androws Church G14. 1,Johny 1957 (5.K.F.53). 2,Poppen 1961(5.K.F.54). 3,Marygrace 1959(5.K.55). 4,Ritha 1960(5.K.F.56). 5,Roshin 1966(5.K.F.57). 6,Siban 1967(5.K.F.58). 7,Annie 1970(5.K.F.59). 8,Yesudas 1972 (5.K.F.60). 9, Thomas James (Sam) (5.K.F.61)

5.K.F.53/G14(1). K.J. JOHNY 1957 [5.T.F.52] married Ponnamma daughter of Alocious and Maryamma Thamarassery at Quilon. Johny is in Gulf. G15. Nirmalpriya 1994.

5.K.F.54/G14(2). K.J.POPPEN 1961 [5.T.F.52] married Sheela 1961 of Sakariya and Annamma Ambalavely Kalluseri at Chengannor. G15. Gish 1996.

5.K.55/G14(3). Sr.MARY GRACE 1959 [5.T.F.52].

5.K.F.56/G14(4). RITHA 1960 [5.T.F.52] married Clement 1956 son of Aloshious and Mariamma Thamarassery at Quiolon. G15.1, Godson 1981.

5.K.F.57/G14(5). ROSELINE 1966 [5.T.F.52] married Joseph 1964 son of Thomas and Mariyamma Charmed Kayamkulam. G15. 1, Bezy 1995.

5.K.F.58/G14(6). K.J. SEBAN 1967 [5.T.F.52] married Sheeba 1969 daughter of Joseph and Thresyamma of Narakkavealy Kuruppamkulangara Cherthala. G15.1, Godwin 1992. 2, Gloria 1994.

5.K.F.59/G14(7). ANNIE 1970 [5.T.F.52] married Laiju 1967 son of Jacob and Elsy Karumanchery Ezhupunna.

5.K.F.60/G14(8). K.J.YESUDAS 1972 [5.T.F.52] married Mary Luxy daughter of K.J John Karumanchery Ezhupunna south. On 11-2-02.

5.K.F.61/G14(9). THOMAS JAMES (SAM) 1973[K.5.T.F.52]. After his father's retirement he took over the service as "Kapiyar"

5.K.F.62/G13(4). K.S.KUTTAYE 1936 [5.T.F.47A] married Mariyamma 1949 daughter of Devasy and Victory Alakkattuserry at Thumboly. Kuttaye rtd.from Arthunkal School in 1991. G14. 1, Lesey (Gracy) 1964 (5.K.F.63). 2, Sebastion 1965(5.K.F.64). 3 Laila 1968(5.K.F.65). 4, Ousephachan 25-5-1970 (5.K.F.66).

5.K.F.63/G14(1) LISEY (Gracy) [5.T.F.62] 1964 married Babychan son of George Thomas And Kunjamma Venchipurackal at Poomkav Alleppey. G15. 1, Jijin 1995. 2, Litty 1996.

5.K.F.64/G14(2). SEBASTION [5.T.F.62] 1965 Jessy daughter of Xavier and Thresa Kunnel at Kattor. G15. 1, Anjaly 1994.

5.K.F.65/G14(3). LAILA [5.T.F.62] 1968 married Ummachan son of James and Eliyamma Valiyaveetil at Poomkav Alleppey. G15. 1, Reshma 1998.

5.K.F.66/G14(4). OUSEPHACHAN [5.T.F.62] 25-5-1970.

5.K.F.67/G13(5). K.S.KUNJUKUNJU [5.T.F.47A] 1938 married Kunjupennu daughter of Marcely Arasseril at Arthumkal. G14. 1, Rani 1965(5.K.F.68). 2, Thanka 1967 (5.K.F. 69).

5.K.F.68/G14(1). RANI [5.T.F.67] 1965 married Thamy son of Devasy Palliparambil Kattoor. G15. 1, Kuttan 1985. 2, Thomas 1987.

5.K.F.69/G14(2). THANKA [5.T.F.67] 1967 married Xavier son of Devasy Kurishinkal at Arthunkal. G15. 1, Neethu 1987. 2, Neeth 1989.

5.K.F.70/G11(2). VISEENTHY [5.T.F.45] 1851-1902.. G12. 1,Vathy (5.K.F.71). 2,Kunjjuvareed (5.K.F.77). 3,Katho (Catherine)(5.K.F.92).

5.K.F.71/G12(1) VATHY [5.T.F.70] 1883 to 1946 served the Church as "Kappiyar" G13. 1,Vincent 10-12-1915(5.K.F.65)

5.K.F.72/G13(1) VINCENT [5.T.F.71](10.12.1915-24.3.1996) took charge the service as 'Kappiyar'from his father, after some service he took charge as "Chemmadhore". He married Jelthruda daughter of Varghese and Marya Pollayil at Thumboly. G14.1,Dickson 1949(5.K.F.73). 2,Sophia 1949(5.K.F.74). 3,Johnson 1954(5.K.F.75). 4,Thomaskutty (5.K.F.76).

5.K.F.73/G14(1). DICKSON [5.T.F.72] 1949 married Thresyamma daughter of Marshal (Marsal) Arasseril at Chennaveli Arthunkal P.O. G15. 1,Linda 1970. 2,Liju 1972. 3,Lijin 1974.

5.K.F.74/G14 (2) SOPHIA [5.T.F.72] 1949 married Christopher son of Xavier Kuttumkalthayil. G15. 1,Lesalin 1970. 2,Linden 1972.

5.K.F.75/G14(3). JOHNSON [5.T.F.72] 20.6.1954 married Anni daughter of Varkey and Mary Pollayil at Pallithode. Johnson took charge the service from his father as "Chemmadhor". G15.1,Manjula 1980. 2,Breshnove 1982.

5.K.F.76/G14(4) THOMASKUTTY [5.T.F. 72] 1956 worked as "Pattukaran" of the Church.

5.K.F.77/G12(2) KUNJUVAREETHU (George)[5.T.F.70] done his education at Kuruvilangadu, after his matriculation he served in Singer Company as an area Manager in Alleppy after some years service he joined the Royal Army and done 10 years of service. He married Bridgetamma daughter of Mathachan Tharakan Thaverparambil at Kuruppanthara. G13.1,Kuttappan (Xavier) 1924(5.K.F.78). 2,Chinnamma 1926(5.K.F.84). 3,Kunjukunju (James) 1932(5.K.F.85). 4,Kunjamma 1936 (5.K.F.91). 5, Cheriyan 1938-1946.

5.K.F.78/G13 (1).. KUTTAPPAN (Xavier) [5.T.F.77] 1924-2002 worked with Parreykutty & Company as Manager and Partner. He married Thresyamma daughter of Kuriakkose Puthukkariyil (St.AlphonsammA1s motherhouse) at Kaduthuruthy. G14. 1,Ummachan (Mathew)(5.K.F.79). 2,Mamachan Thomas (5.K.F.80). 3,Joshi (Joseph)(5.K.F.81) 4,Jiji (Bridget)(5.K.F.82). 5,Sibi (Sebastion)(5.K.F.83). Address: George Xavior, Koilparambil 1/132,Fort Vypin, Cochin 682510 Ph.0484-236 5568.

5.K.F.79/G14 (1). UMMACHAN (Mathew)[5.T.F. 78] 20.9.1955.B.Sc, M.A (French). Phil, he is employed in France

5.K.F.80/G14(2). MAMACHAN [5.T.F.78] 22.12.1956 BSc. Computer Science and managing his own Computer firm in Muscat and there he married a nurse named Saly Elavumootil at Thiruvella. G15. 1,Liza 1996. 2,Lydia 1999.

5.K.F.81/G14(3). JOSHI (Joseph) [5.T.F.78] 6.7.1961 M.A. (Lit); M.B.A. managing own Computer firm "KOLBEN" cansultancy service at Convent Junction Ernakulam Ph.0484 236 5568

5.K.F.82/G14(4). JIJIT (Bridget)[5.T.F.78] 4.2.1964 M.Sc. Computer Programmer, involved in developing specialized Software Packages (Family firm).

5.K.F.83/G14(5) SIBY (Sebastion) [5.T.F.78] 22.2.1967 B.Sc. management student (I.G.N.O.U)

5.K.F.84/G13(2) HINNAMMA [5.T.F.77] 1926 married Kuttappan (Andrews) Charankat (Thattupurackal) Chennaveli G14. 1,Cheriyan 1954. 2,Mariyamma 1956. 3,Josy 1958 4,Shaji 1960.5,Shaju 1962. 6, Luka 1964.

5.K.F. 85/G13(3). KUNJUKUNJU (James)[5.T.F.77] B.A.5.6.1932 married Celin B.A. daughter of Shimayon and Agastha, Azhiyakathu at Kattor, Kunjukunju retired as Education Officer and Celin retired as Dy.Inspector general in Registration Department, and settled in "Tharavad". Ph. 0478-257 2042. G14. 1,Babu (Bastin James) (5.K.F.86) 17.2.1960. 2,GracammaJames (5.K.F.87). 3,KunjuMol (AliesJames) 1963 (5.K.F.88). 4,Tessy (MargrateJames) 19.6.1967(5.K.F.89) 5,Rani (HelenJames) 8-8-1971(5.K.F.90).

5.K.F.86/G14(1). BABU (Abstain James) [5.T.F.85] 17.2.1960 B.Sc., D.B.M. He is working in K.S.E.B as Senior Assistant. He married Jessy B.A daughter of Varkey Antony and Annamma Kinattukara at Cherthala. G15. 1,Amy Bastian 9.8.1993.

5.K.F.87/G14(2). GRACEAMMA JAMES [5.T.F.85] 27.1.1962 BSc, BEd, teacher in St.Joseph High School for Girls at Alleppy. She married Raichan B.Com. son of Dumminy Antony and Lillykutty of Karukaparambil Punnapra Alleppy. He employed in District Co-operative Bank Alleppy. G15. 1,Chinchu (Christeena) 27-12-1985. 2,Renju (Alan) 26.10.'89.

5.K.F.88/G14(3). KUNJUMOL (Alicejames) [5.T.F.85] 6.8.1963 M.Sc, B.Ed. She is employed as +2 teacher in Govt. Higher Secondary School at Eruppamkulam Ochira (near the Thamarakulam).She married K.C.Herbert (Shaji)BSc, son of Kuttappan (Silwester) and Thresyamma Karumanchery (Kambolathuparamp)Ezhupunna Shaji employed in N.C John&Company Tourist Resort at Alleppy. G15. 1,Tessy 1998.

5.K.F.89/G14(4). TESSY (Margret James) [5.T.F.85] 16-9-1967 B.Sc, B.Ed. employed as teacher, she married Japan (Sebastion) Physical education teacher son of Charles and Juliyat Arasserial at Arthunkal. G15. 1,Jamey 18-10-1994. 2,Jesmy 6-11-1997.

5.K.F.90/G14(5) RANI (HelenJames)[5.T.F. 85] 8-8-1971 B.Sc, B.Ed., J.D.C, P.G.D.C.A. married Anil James son of Jimmy (V.A.James) and Saramma Kunnel (Palackal) at Kallor Ernakulam. Address: -AnilJames,,Tata Pipeline cross Road Cochin-18 Ph.0484-236 5217.

5.K.F.91/G13(4) KUNJAMMA [5.T.F.77] 1936 (L.P. School HM Retired) married Appukuttan C.P Xavier son of Peter and Stella Charankattu (Thattupurackal) Chennaveli. G14. 1,Robin 31-3-1963.2,Sheba 1964. 3,Melbin 1966. 4, Sheja 1967.

5.K.F.92/G12(4) KATHO (Catherine) [5.T.F.70] married to Panjikkal family G13. 1, Marceline. 2,Mary.

5.K.F.93/G11(3). ANNAMMA [5.T.F.45] 1885. No details available.

5.K.F.94/G11(4). PEATHER [5.T.F.45] 1857. No details available.

5.K.F.95/G11(5). KATHREENA [5.T.F.45] 1859 married Ouseph Veliyakathu Aruthumkal. G12. 1,Francis. 2,Kuttappan. 3, Francis Vaidyar.

5.K.F.96/G11(6). JUSAY [5.T.F.45] 1861 No details available.

5.K.F.97/G11(7). DUMINI [5.T.F.45] No details available.

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