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Kochuvava from Ouseph

5.K.F.235/G8(2) to 5.K.F.252/G10(3).

5.K.F.235/G8(2).KOCHUVAVA 1778-- [5.T.F.1]. G.9.1,John 1838

5.K.F.236/G9(1).JOHN 1838 [5.T.F.213 G.10.1,Ousay Kunju (Joseph)1858 (5.K.F.237). 2,Sebastion1860 (5.K.251). 3,Maryamma(5.K.F.252).

5.K.F.237/G10(1).OUSAY KUNJU (Joseph) [5.T.F.236]1858--1910. G.111,Johna(Vavamma)(5.K.F.238). 2,Marceline(5.K.F.239).3,Kochuvava(5.K.F.240). 4,Rosary(5.K.F.250).

5.K.F.238/G11(1).JOHNA (Vavamma) [5.T.F.237] 1870--1940 married Ousepachan Srambical Pallithode. G.121,Saveena. 2,Semeara. 3,Srappy. 4,S.J.Antony. 5, S.J.Ummachan.


5.K.239/G11(2).MARCELIN [5.T.F.237] become Rev.Fr. Marcelie 1875 to 1938.

5.K.F.240/G11(3).KOCHUVAVA MAPILLAI(Sebastion) [5.T.F.237]1881 married Saramma daughter of Jusae Vidyar Puthenpurackal Chethy.Kochu Vava changed the name spelling of 'Koilparampil' to "Coil-Parampil". G.121, C.C.JosephKunju 1918--4.10.1991(K.241).

5.K.F.240A/G11(3).KOCHUVAVA'S [5.T.F.215] second marriage with Kunjamma (Florantain) daughter of George PuthenPurackal Chethy. G.122, C.C.Mariyamma(5.K.F.242). 3, C.C.Eathamma(Elizabeth)20.11.1923(5.K.F.243) 4,C.C.Thankachan(Sebastion) (5.K.F.244) 5, C.C.Sosamma(5.K.F.246).6, C.C.Achamma (5.K.F.247). 7, C.C.Chinnamma (5.K.F.248).8, C.C.Mamachan(Marcel) (5.K.F.249).

Rev.Fr.Joseph Kunju

5.K.241/G12(1).JOSEPH KUNJU [5.T.F.240]1918--4.10.1991 become Rev. Fr. Joseph Kunju.

5.K.F.242/G12(2).MARAIYAMMA [5.T.F.240A] 1921 married P.G.Baby (Joseph)[3.T.F.12/G11(2)]1924 son of Grigory and Rose Delima Puthenpurackal Arthumkal.The family settled at Delhi. Address : P.G.Joseph, Dilshad Gardens, B1/12, Delhi - 95.


5.K.F.243/G12(3).EATHAMMA(Elezabeth)[5.T.F.240A] 20.11.1923 to 25.10.2001 married Shiva Kumar Gupta of U.S.A . G.13.1,Nirmal (Exicutive manager,enginering department,Martin loke feed U.S.A. 2,Veneetha(manager of operations Aet best biedes in U.S.A. 3, Dr.Vivel (President Universal clay prodects U.S.A.).4,Kamal(Senier director of I.T. Newyork city of education). 5,Ritha (Vice President, marketing and development,Odes Telecommunications.6, Anitha (Vice president of sale and international marketing of universal clay products.

5.K.F.244/G12(4).C.C.THAKACHAN(Sebastion) [5.T.F.240A] 1926 married Pushpam daughter of Joseph and Victory Odathackal Vely, at Fort Cochin.Ph.0478- 257 2209 G.13Deepak 14th Oct 1972.

5.K.F.245/G13(1) DEEPAK [5.T.F.244]14th Oct.1972 B.Com, PGDCA employed

Indhira Gandhi with Sr.Mary Eemilianus F.M.M.

5.K.F.246/G12(5). Sosamma B.Sc,B.Ed.[5.T.F.240A]1928 (Sr. Mary Eemilianus F.M.M.)entering her religious life as a Franciscan Missionary of Mary on 20.12.1951 and the Golden Jubilee celebrated on 23.12.2001 at St Andrew's Church, Arthunkal.Thanksgiving Mass Presided over by His excellency Stephen Athipozhiyil Bishop of Alleppey.

Sr. Mary Aemilianus (Joan Coilparambil) was born in Arthunkal of Aleppey Diocese on the 17th September 1928. After completing her primary education in her native place she came to Our Lady's Girls High School as a boarder to complete her High School education. The very life style of sisters in Palluruthy was an inspiration for Sr. Aemilianus. In 1950 she entered the Novitiate in Colombo and made her first profession in 1953. She did Pastoral work in Kottagiri for one year. She took her graduation in Stella Maris College in Chennai and made her Final Profession on the 15th December 1956. After finishing her B. Ed. in Delhi, she began her teaching in St. Thomas School, Mylapore and then in Our Lady's Girls High School, Palluruthy. From 1960 - 1984 she was teaching in Palluruthy, Superior and Headmistress in Kaloor, Kattiparambu and then Headmistress in Lourdepuram. She was also Provincial Councillor for two terms. After retiring from the school, she was the correspondent of the Corporate Management of our schools. At the same time she chose Legal Aid as her second carrier. At the age of 56 she became a student of Law. She was admitted as advocate on the Roll of the Bar Councirof Kerala in 1992. When she was about to practice her Law, she got a sudden stroke and had partial paralysis on one side; but she recovered from it by her will power. Then she started practicing in the Family Court of Trivandrum Diocese as counselor. For the last 2 years she was unable to use her right hand freely due to the dislocation after a fall. In spite of the pain and inability to function normally, she continued her mission of reuniting the broken families. Her health was slowly deteriorating. Medical check up proved the deteriorisation of her general health. All the same she never showed any sign of cardiac problem. As usual on October 8 she had her breakfast in the morning. By 11 o'clock quite unexpectedly she was found lying down on the floor. Suddenly we rushed her to the medical college. By the time we reached the hospital, she had left for her heavenly reward. It was very hard to accept that Sr. Aemilianus was no more. She was an inspiration for all of us to take risk and go on with our missionary activities regardless of ill health. Her determination to work for those in need, especially to reunite the broken families, kept her energetic till the last. Nothing could stop her from it. Her desire and motto was to be at the service of her mission till the last and God granted her wish to the full. The appreciation of the clergy and the people whom she served was manifested for the last time at her funeral service and thereafter. May her soul rest in Peace. May she enjoy the Heavenly

Achamma with Regan


5.K.F.247/G12(6).ACHAMMA [5.T.F.240A] 1930 She came to the United States with a full scholarship to do her undergraduate studies. After getting her B.A. in English from Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois in 1966 she got a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Illinois. She did some course work towards a Ph. D. in Linguistics, but did not complete it. Later she went back to college and got an MBA in Finance from Drexel University in 1977. She married Chadra Chandersekaran

5.K.F.248/G12(7).CHINNAMMA [5.T.F.240A]1932 M.B.A, B.L. married Kenneth C.Mahieu (USA).

5.K.F.249/G12(8).MAMACHAN(Marcel) [5.T.F.240A]1934 USA married Mary Jain, G13.1,Meera(5.K.F.249A) [email protected] 5.K.F.249A/G13(1). Meera [5.T.F.249A]married Francis son of Mr. And Mrs Ittoop Valiyaveetil of Kakkanadu on 28.10.2002.

5.K.F.250/G11(4).ROSARY [5.T.F.237] married Vincent Kakariyil Arthunkal. G.12.1,K.V.Marzaleena. 2,K.V.Baby(Joseph). 3,K.V.Rufetha. 4,K.V.Thomas. 5,Kuriyan.6 ,K.V.Abraham.7,K.V.Issac.

Very Rev. Fr.Sebastion

5.K.251/G10(2).SEBASTION (Known as Vachopathery)1840-1909 [5.T.F.236] became Very Rev. Fr.Sebastion ,

5.K.F.252/G10(3).MARAYAMMA [5.T.F.236]1850--1904 married Peachan of Puthenpadathu at Cochin. G.11.1,P.P.Lorance. 2,P.P.Joseph. 3,P.P.Thomas. 4,P.P.Mathews.

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