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Gregary from Vathy

5.K.F.147/G12(3) to 5.K.F.183/G12(4).

5.K.F.147/G12(3)GREGARY [5.T.F.99] married Christeena daughter of Bernard Arackal at Kandakkadavu settled at Kannamaly. G13. 1,Edword (5.K.F.148). 2,Vinno (Vincent)(5.K.F.153). 3 Thomas (5.K.F.158).4,Josey (Joseph Oscar)(5.K.F.165). 5,Gerly (Mary Thresa)(5.K.F.169). 6,Kochamma (5.K.F.170). 7,Ghilbert (5.K.F.171). 8,Unni (Issic)(5.K.F.178). 9,Philo (5.K.F.181).

5.K.F.148/G13 (1). K.G.EDWARD [5.T.F.147] 1928--1993 married Ammini (Tharabhaye) daughter of Benaventhur Kurisinkal Chetticad. The family settled at Chetticad (near the Pumb house). G14.1,Kunjumol (Agastha Christeena) 1954(5.K.F.169). 2,Grimon (Gregary) 1959 (5.K.F.160). 3,Geethmma 1961 (5.K.F.161). 4,Antony1963 (5.K.F.162).

5.K.F.149/G14(1). KUNJUMOLE (Agastha Christeena)[5.T.F.148] 1954 M.A. (Lit)(Pvt.College Lecture) married Joseph Vallamakel at Thoppumpadi Cochin. G15. 1,Anderson 1997.

5.K.F.150/G14(2). K.E. GREGARY (. GRIMON) [5.T.F.148] 1959 B.Com married Greetha (Hindi-Vidhavan) daughter of Antony and Lillykutty Karukaparambil Punnappara Grimon managing rubberized carpet factory at Chetticad. Address: - K.E.Gregary, Koilparambil house Pathirappally P.O., Alleppy, Ph.0477-225 9733. G15. 1,Edvin (Edword) 1972. 2,Thara 1993.

5.K.F.151/G14(3) GEETHAMMA [5.T.F.148] 1961 married Kunjumon, {4.K.F.501/G14 (4)}, son of Albert and Thankamma Koilparambil Pallithode. she is a teacher in L.P.S at Azhikkal.Ph.0478-256 2827. G15. 1,Dhiviya 1992. 2,Ajai 1999.

5.K.F.152/G14(4). ANTONY [5.T.F.148] 1963 Trailor operator married Betty daughter of John and Babykutty, Kalathu-nediya-parambil Alleppy. G15. 1,John 1972. 2,Silpa 1995. 3, Bernard 1986.

5.K.F.153/G13(2) K.G.VENCENT (VINNO) [5.T.F.147] 1930 married Kochu Mariyamma daughter of Quinton Puthenpurackal at Arthunkal. G14. 1,Vinod 1957 (5.K.F.154). 2,Gibi (Grigary) 1959 (5.K.F.155). 3,Meena 1961 (5.K.F.156). 4,Pappu (Antony) 1963(5.K.F.157).

5.K.F.154/G14(1). VINOD (Sebastion) [5.T.F.153] 1957 married Sandry from Madras. G15. 1,Joshwa 1991.

5.K.F.155/G14(2). GIBI (Grigary) [5.T.F.153] 1959 married Celin daughter of Adv.Xavier Punnackal Pallithode. G15. 1,Vijay 1993. 2,Vineeth 1996.

5.K.F.156/G14(3). MEENA [5.T.F.153] 1961 M.A; B.Ed. teacher married Mr.Traver from Calicut. G15. 1,Neethu 1995. 2,Reethu 1997.

5.K.F.157/G14(4). PAPPU (Antony) [5.T.F.153] 1963 B.A. employed in Port trust Madras. He married Mini rose, from Carackalil. G15.1,Ayshivin 1996. 2,Ashmitha 1998.

5.K.F.158/G13(3). K.G.THOMAS [5.T.F.147] wasborn in 1930 A.M.I.E married gracy daughter of Mr.Simon Cheriyaparambil Nazarathu at Cochin.He worked 10 years in the Aircraft Industry at Kanpur as maintenance engineer. He worked later 28 years with Jessops & Co.(A Government of India undertaking), Calcutta as manager- maintenance in the engineering fields of electrical,mechanical and civil. He worked next 12 years in Cochin as proect executive for the construction of a distillery; multi storied resiential apartments, a heavy bridge and a Luxury hotel. G14. 1,Aleese (5.K.F.159) 1958. 2,Joseph Anderson 1960 (5.K.F.160). 3,Antony 1962 (5.K.F.161). 4,Alosious 1964(5.K.F.162). 5,Albert 1966(5.K.F.163).

5.K.F.158A/G13 (3) after the death of his wife Gracy, Thomas remarried Maryakutty daughter of Joseph Puthenpurackal Chethy. G14. 6, David 1986. Address: -K.G.Thomas, Theebari Jyangra Calcutta 59/or/ K.G.Thomas A.1098 Satellite town Ship, Kakkanadu West Cochin 30, Ph. 0484-242 2883.

5.K.F.159/G14(1). ALEESE M.A; B.Ed. [5.T.F.158] 1958 Teacher in Delhi Don Bosco school She married Ancel, son of Kunjukunju Puthenpuackal at Chethy. G15. 1,Sharlet 1984. 2,Noyal 1987.

5.K.F.160/G14(2). JOSEPH ANDERSON [5.T.F.158] 1960 B.O.A.T, M.B.A., is the quality control manager of ESCOTEL. He married Daisy MA daughter of George Valiyaparambil at Fort Cochin. G15. Nil.

5.K.F.161/G14(3). ANTONY B.Com [5.T.F.158] 1962 he is the sales manager in Godaraj at Calcutta. He married Liza daughter of Mr. George at Kottayam. G15. 1, Vinod 1993. 2,Binu 1995.

5.K.F.162/G14(4). ALOSIOUS [5.T.F.158] 1964 B.A. C.I.S.F commander at Calcutta, he married Preetha, daughter of Banarji at Calcutta. G15. 1,Bindu 1994.

5.K.F.163/G14(5). ALBERT [5.T.F.158] 1966 B.Com, A.I.C.W.A, he is in Newyork U.S.A.

5.K.F.164/G14 (6). DAVID [5.T.F.158] 1986.

5.K.F.165/G13(4). K.G.JOSEY (JosephOscar) [5.T.F.147] 1934 to 1981married Aleyamma (Thankamma) daughter of Varkey Kuzhikattukuzi at Kolanchery. He was working as a C.C recovery agent. G14. 1,Soloman (soly) 1957 (5.K.F.166). 2,Babu (Sebastion) 1961(5.K.F.167).3,Rekha 1963 (5.K.F.168).

5.K.F.166/G14(1). K.J. SOLY (Solomon) [5.T.F.165] 1957 he working as a C.C. recovery agent at Ernakulam. He married KochuThresa daughter of Thomas Nalayath at Mukenoor Angamali. Address: K.J.Soly, Koilparambil house Poyacherayil Kakkanadu, Cochin 30. Ph.0484 -242 4564. G15. 1,soniya 1983. 2,Sonu 1985.

5.K.F.167/G14(2). K.J. SEBASTION (BABU)[5.T.F.165] 1961 serving in Kerala Police. He married Ransom 1969 daughter of Xavier and Rageena Kottaparambil house at Kattiparambil Kannamali. G15. 1,Praveen 1989. 2,Saviyo 1996.

5.K.F.168/G14(3). REKHA [5.T.F.165] 1963 married Antony 1953 son of Mathew and Philomina.Thycoodam Kaloor, Ernakulam. G15. 1,Veena 1986. 2,Deepa 1994.

5.K.F.169/G13(5). GERLY (Marya Thresa) [5.T.F.147] 1936 married Bastin 1930-1965 Pandayathumparambil at Pachalam (Retired as H.M. from Palarivattam L.P.School). G14. 1,Cristy; B.Ed. (Vennala Govt.School Teacher)

5.K.F.169A/G13(5) GERLY'S second marriage with George Tharayil Kuthiathode at Angamali. Address: -Mary Thresa, Tharayil house, Kakkanadu P.O, Chembumook. Ph. 0484-242 3525. G14. 2, Kochu Mary TTC Edappally St.George School.3, Marttin M.Sc,B.Ed;+2 Bharath Matha Teacher. 4,Ritha (Sr.Ragimariya). 5,Rani (Sr.Littleflower)

5.K.F.170/G13(6). KOCHAMMA [5.T.F.147] 1938 married Joslin Arackal at Kandakkadavu. G14. 1 ,Tony 1959. 2,Martin 1961. 3,Magi 1963.

5.K.F.171/G13(7). K.G.GILBERT [5.T.F.147] 1940 Civil deploma holder married Philomina 1940 (Angloindian) daughter of Louies Pduthase at Mulavucad, Ernakulam. G14. 1,Mariya Christeena (Minikutty) 1969(5.K.F.172). 2, Liji Christeena 1972 (5.K.173). 3,Lora 1974(5.K.F.174). 4,Grigary Joseph Loied 1976(5,K.175). 5,LouiseLucka 1977(5.K.176). 6,Loyal (Loyalista Phelex)'79(5.K.177). Address: -K.G.Gilbert, Koilparambil House Candanadu, Kothadu P.O.682027 Via South Chittor Ph.0484-243 1731.

5.K.F. 172/G14(1). MARIYA CHRISTEENA (Minikutty) [5.T.F.171] 1969 married Gilroy Rozario (AngloIndian) Vallarpadam Cochin.

5.K.173/G14(2). LIJI CHRISTEENA [5.T.F.171] 1972 joined the Carnation Convent Soudi Chullickal her name changed to Sr.Christeena

5.K.F.174/G14(3). LORA [5.T.F.171] 1974 married Sab Lopas Civil Contractor son of Simon Lopas (AngloIndian) Vallarpadam Cochin.

5.K.175/G14(4). GREGARY JOSEPH LOIED [5.T.F.171] 1970 Civil Diploma holder.

5.K.176/G14(5). LOUIS [5.T.F.171] 1957 Electronic Deploma holder.

5.K.177/G14(6) LOYAL (Loyalistafelex)[5.T.F.171] 1979 Civil Deploma

5.K.F.178/G13(8). K.G.ISSAC (VINNY) [5.T.F.147] 1942 Poly technique teacher. He married Lila, (5.K.F. 126)daughter of Alexander and Mary Velikkakathu at Kumbalangy. After retirement he works as a bank recovery agent. Address: - K.G.Issac, Koilparambil house, Candanadu Kothadu P.O. 682027,Via South Chittor. G14. 1,Bindhu (Christeena) 1972(5.K.F.179). 2,Sindhu (Sgneshya) 1974 (5.K.F.180). 3,Binu (Grigary)(5.K.F.181) 1976. 4) Sumam (Elzabath) 1981. 5,Liscy (Sweety) 1983 .6, Anu (Antony) 1985

5.K.F.179/G14(1). BINDHU (Christeena) [5.T.F.178] 1972 B.A. Assistant Manager of K.S.O.V. Pottakkuzhy at Elamakkara Ernakulam.

5.K.F.180/G14(2). SINDHU (Sgneashya) [5.T.F.178] 1974 B.A. Accountant in "Kairali Communications" Edappally, she married Hentry B.A.1970 (Bank Clerk) son of Joseph Thalhampally, Condanadu Kothadu P.O.

5.K.F.181/G14(3) BINDU (Gregary) [5.T.F.178] 1976 managing his own two wheeler workshop at Condanadu at Kothadu Ernakulam.

5.K.F.182/G13(9). Dr. PHILO D.H.M.S Govt.Doctor[5.T.F.147] 1944 married Joseph Kalachalloor at Kainakary Alleppy dist.

5.K.F.183/G12(4). ANNAMMA [5.T.F.99] married Augustan Arrukulasserial at Pallithode. G13. 1,Mary. 2,Therssyamma.See {4.K.F.490/G13 (3)}

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