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Mrs.& Mr. K.S.Joseph

3.K.F.218/G10(7)K.S.JOSEPH [3.T.F.28&51] 1887-25.3.1941, Tuesday. He completed matriculation at the St. Berchmans school, Changanassery. After the education he married from Chethy, and settled near the family house. K.S.Joseph's, nature of taking any issue in a very casual and humorous way from very early years were special and noteworthy. He was very talented in sculpture and other art works. An excellent artistic piece of traditional Kerala House complex in miniature form, carved out of wood, is still exhibited in the Thiruvananthapuramm museum, which was, presented to Divan M.E.Watts, when he visited Arthunkal. At the beginning time of photography, when it was difficult to get negative films of this day, painting chemicals achieved the purpose on special thin glass sheet. Even at the early stage he did wonders in photography. He use to repair watches, clocks, clock towers, piano, harmonium etc. of any complex faults in a casual way. In short, he was an all round expert and artist. He married Mariya kutty daughter of Joosa and Annamma, Arakkal, Chethy. In this alliance, there were two children. G.11.1, Leelamma (3.K.219).2, K.J.Sebastin (Kunjaaappan)(3.K.F.220).

Left to right standing : Pappamma Hanumantha Rao with daughter Rani, Sossamma Kunjappen, Evamma Amby, Amby, Kochurani David with daughter Nancy, Sarojini Pappachan, Chellamma James with daughter Pushpam. Middle : Raju son of Pappamma, Sr Piya, Thankachi (daughter of Mr & Mrs.Amby, Photo K.S.Joseph, Mari kutty (daughter of Sossamma), Victoria Joseph. Front : George Kutty (son of Chellamma), Lezamma (daughter of Philip and Kunjuthankam, Thomas (Monappen, son of Sossamma, Laila and Sheeba (daughters of Mr& Mrs. Amby),Joseph (Vava) son of Sossamma, Shalet and Pushpam daughters of Mr& Mrs.Amby.

3.K.F.218A/G11(7)After the demise of Marya kutty, Joseph remarried her sister Victoria.(1900-13.1.1979) seven children were born to them. G.11.3,Thankachi (who died at the age of 21 by typhoid). 4, Jacob (Ambi)(3.K.F.224). 5,Annamma/Chellamma(3.K.F.232). 6,Elzabeth (Sarojini)(3.K.F.240). 7,Jainamma (Pappama)(3.K.F.244). 8,Juliet (Kunjuthankam)(3.K.F.247). 9,Kochurani(3.Ma.F.250).

3.K.219/G11 (1)Rev. Mother PEYA (LEELAMMA)[T.3.F.218] 1905--1991.

After education she joined the Kottiyam Holy Cross Convent. She died after an operation at the Kottiyam Holy Cross Hospital in 1991 and buried at Kottiyam itself.

3.K.F.220/G11(2)K.J.SEBASTIN (KUNJAPPAN)[3.T.F.218] 1916-2.10.1954 Saturday. After education, he worked in Bombay, Jabalpur then he returned at home and he stayed a year in his Uncle K.S. Antony's house, then he started photography, his father's profession. He married Sosamma (Tresa)(2.1.1928-7.8.1997) daughter of Ouseppachan and Rageena, Charankattil (Puthenvettil) Chennaveliel. Kunjappan died at the age of 36 and Sosamma died at the age of 69. G12.1,Marey kutty.(Mariya Gorethy)(3.K.F.221).2, Joseph (Vava)(3.K.F.222). 3,Thomas (Monappan)(3.K.F.223).

-->Josey, Vava, Monappen and their family

3.K.F.221/G12(1)MARY KUTTY (MARIYA GEORETHY)[3.T.F.220] 21.11.1949.She married K.A.Josey (3.K.F.278/G11(8))Ph.078 2572266

3.K.F.222/G12(2).K.S.JOSEPH (VAVA)[3.T.F.220] 1950. After his education he ran a mechanical workshop jointly with his brother-in-law K.A.Josey (K.F.278) for a while. After marriage, he started a travel service at Cherthala. Ph.0478 257 22 60 He married Glory, daughter of Sebastian and Elikutty, Chovvattukunnel, Narianganam, Palai. G13.1,Elsita was born in 19-8-1984. 2,Elbin 1986. 3, Mariya 1999.


3.K.F.223/G12(3).Dr.THOMAS KOIL PARAMPIL BSc, MBBS, MD, DMRJ, DIM, DPE.[3.T.F.220] He is a leading Indian oncologist, specially trained in Cancer care, from Oxford, UK. Dr Thomas Koilparambil DMRT, MD, PG Diploma(PR) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology and also as the consultant in Cancer pain management at the Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram. He is also one of the Chief Editors of Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer.

He had received gold medal and state merit during his academic pursuit. Before he joined in Govt. service he had started a Hospital in his native village which received the praise of the whole village. He married Dr. Rita, MBBS, DCP daughter of John Cruz and Agnes Cruz of Mundakkal, Kollam. She is working as the bacteriologist at the state TB center, Thiruvananthapuram. The family is settled at Thiruvananthapuram. Address : Dr. THOMAS KOILPARAMBIL MD, 13/1606 (1), Christmas, Burma Road, Kumarapuram, Medical college P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695011Ph. 0471 244 53 70 /4238/98 470 65 370. E-Mail : [email protected] . G13. 1. Liza.MBBS 2. John. 3. Ann.

3.K.F.224/G11(4)JACOB (AMBI)[T.3.F.218] 18.9.1923 to 20.12.1980. After his education he served in military, and then in railways. While he was working in Jabalpur Ordinance factory, the sickness of his elder brother Kunjappan who has been working in Mumbai, forced him to resign the job at Jabalpur and accompanied with his brother Kunjappan to return home stayed for a while at home and then he went back to the Jabalpur and started a watch repairing shop. He married Evamma 5.10.1930[T.F.254] the marriage was on 3-8-1949 at Nagapur Cathedral, by his Uncle Rev.Fr.Sebastin Arackal. He after his return from North India started a watch repairing shop near the clock tower at Chinnakkada, Kollam. When the shop in that area was dismantled, he brought a plot near the Arthunkal, Chambakkat junction and started a saw mill (Joslin industries (13.9.1967) here. This might be the first industrial attempt in Arthunkal. At last he severely suffered with blood pressure. He took his last breath in 20th Dec 1980 in the Kottiyam Hospital at the age of 57. Ph. 0478 257 2543.

Tharavad of Jocob Amby,Amby_Evamma & brother

G12.1,Thankachy (Victoria Mariyatta) 5.3.'51(3.K.F.225). 2,Mohan (Joseph Antony) 14.5.1953-24.11.1954. 3, Shalet (Fathima)(3.K.F.226).4, Laila (Philomina) (3.K.F.227&227.A). 5, Pushpam (Rosehysintha Jacob) (3.K.F.228).6, Sheeba (Annie Dlla)(3.K.F. 229).7, Joslin (Joseph Andrew Sebastin Jacob)(3.K.F.230) 8, Baiju (Paul Antony)(3.K.F.231).


3.K.F.225/G12(2)THANKACHY (VICTORIA MARIYATTA)[3.T.F.224] 5.3.1951 Sunday. She married Hilarios Cletus 2.1.1948. Son of Varghese Mathew Vavachan and Francisca, Palliparampil, Kattoor. Marriage was on 2-1-1978. Cletus is running a ration shop at Kattoor. Ph.0477 2249542(PP) G13.1,Seena (Marey Nirmala) 4.12.1978. 2, Nana (Juliet) 9-5-1980.3, Sithara (Marey Grace) 22-1-1983.

3.K.F.226/G12(3)SHALET(FATHIMA)[3.T.F.224] 4-8-1956 Sunday. After Pre degree she did Lab technician courses. She started her carrier first at Jacob memorial hospital Fort Cochin, shifted to Holy Cross Hospital Kottiyam, Govt. Hospital at Saudi Arabia and after some break now in Saudi Arabia. She Married Pious son of Xavier and Treesa (Kochupennu), Arakkal, Aluva. He was also in Saudi Arabia. afterward he is running Jewelery shop (Arakkal Jewelry) at Eramallor, Cherthala. Besides, he also started a Factory named "Arakkal manufacturing Company" (AMCO) and producing various items like Magic mope, Steel Alamirah etc. G13.1,Shini (Treesa) 4-9-1989. 2, Martin Shervin 31-5-1993.

3.K.F.227/G12 (4). [3.T.F.224] 5.3.1953 Tuesday. She married Babu son of Sanslavos(Kuttan)of Koilparampil (Kadavunkal) Arithunkal. Branch 5. G13.No offsprings.

3.K.F.227A/G12(4)LAILA'S 2nd marriage with Sunny George Thomas, son of Thomas Varghese, (Marthoma) Poiyaniel, Kozhamchery, Pathanamthitta. Ph.04733-231 5175

3.K.F.228/G12(5)PUSHPAM (ROSE HYSINTHA JACOB)[3.T.F.224] 8-7-1959 Monday. She married Thambi (Michael Francis) son of Ponchappan and Annakutty of Pareakatil (Kondayyil), Chellanam in 1988. This couple has two children. The family is residing in Bangalore, doing business in silk sarees. G.13.1, Shelly (Clement Jackson) 28-7-1989. 2, Anumol (Annie Evangaline) 21-11-1990.

3.K.F.229/G12(6)SHEEBA (ANNIE DELLA)[3.T.F. 224]16-2-1961 Sunday. She married to Yeusudas son of Antony of Kattuvila Padinjattil, Padappakkara, Kundara, Kollam. The family is managing the "S.S.Industries Kattoor"Ph. 0477 261 74 61. G.13.1, Sobin Das 15-9-1982. 2, Robin Das 20-4-1986. 3,Binoy(Melbin) 23.1.1988. 4, Saju(Antony) Koilparampil 4.6.1989.

3.K.F.230/G12(7).JOSELINE (JOSEPH ANDREW SEBASTIN JACOB)[3.T.F.224] 29-11-1965 Monday, After education he worked in Saudi Arabia as air condition and refrigeration operator, after the agreement duration he returned to home and married Lissy (Eleswa) MA(Mala), BEd,SET, daughter of Abraham and Anna kutty, Mampallil, Muhamma (from Kaduthuruthi). She is working as a high school teacher. He took over the management of "Joslin Industries" from his mother. G.13. 1,Jacob (Appu).2, Atta (Annie Mariyatta).

3.K.F.231/G12(8)BIJU(PAUL ANTONY) [3.T.F.224] 29-3-1969 Saturday. After his PDC. He studied the air-condition and refrigeration at I.T.C.Irinjalakuda, Trissure.He worked as an operator in various companies like ,Amalgam at Pamaru, in Andara Pradesh, Ayamas Food Corpor ation in Malaysia, andafter in Saudi. He married Sisha B.Sc; B.Ed.Teacher on 6.1.2001, daughter of P.A.Kunjappu and Marey James H.S.A.of Pareakattil Arthunkal P.O.Cherthala Ph.0478-257 2349. G13.1, Merlin 1.11.2002 .0430hrs. 2,Mevin Joseph Baiju

3.K.F.232/G11(5)ANNAMMA (CHELLAMMA/KANMONEY)[3.T.F.218] 16.12.1926. She married James 1923-19.9.1966, son of Lonachan (Krishikaran) and Veroney of Pareakattil, Pallithode. they settled in Valliyathottil after the death of James she is now settled in Cherthala. G12.1,Linnet (Mariya Gorati) (3.Pa.F.233) 2,Babu (JoseKunju)(3.Pa.F.234).3,George kutty. (3.Pa.F.235). 4,Jolly (Varghese)(3.Pa.F.236).5,Bony (Sebastin)(3.Pa.F.237). 6,Kusumum (Died at childhood). 7,Pushpam (Victo Annet)(3.Pa.F.238). 8, Kunju-Thankom. (3.Pa.239).

3.Pa.F.233/G12(1)LINNET (MARIYA GOREATTI)[3.T.F.232] 10.5.1948. She married Thilakan (Ezhava) Kannattu Malika, Parekad, at Valliyathodu. He is working as Pharmacist. G13. 1, Pramod 25-5-1976.

3.Pa.F.234/G12(2)BABU (JOSE KUNJU) [3.T.F.232] 6-3-1950. He married Lalitha, daughter of Joseph and Thankamma, of Srampickal Pallithode. This couple has four children the family is settled at Kazarcode and Babu is running an engineering workshop there. Address: Jose Engineering workshop, Perdala P.O., Badiaduka, Kazaragodu. G13.1,Vinoj (Jimmy Jose) 10-6-1979. 2, Manoj 1981.3, Babitha 13-1-1983. 4,Vineetha 11-12-1989.

3.Pa.F.235/G12(3)GEORGE KUTTY [3.T.F.232] 18-6-1952. He is engaged in tailoring after education. He married Celin daughter of Chacko and Ammini, Kiezhanjalikkal, Cherthala. This Couple has three Children. This family is settled at Kazaracode and running a tailoring shop. Address : Thushara tailoring, Charkala, Kazarcode. G13.1,Archana. 2, Anitha. 3, Jije.

3.Pa.F.236/G12(4)JOLLY (VARGHESE)[3.T.F.232] 25.8.1955-21.9.1997. He married Emily (7-7-1960) daughter of Kasamer and Elzabeth, Veliakathu, Vallyenkulam, Alapuzha. Twin brothers Jolly and Bony (3.Pa.F.237) are jointly running an engineering workshop at Chertalla. The family is settled at Cherthala. After the death of Jolly, Emily remarried. G.13.1,Vineetha Varghese (Annamma) 14-3-1988. 2, Vivek Varghese 19-4-1993.

3.Pa.F.237/G12(5)BONY [3.T.F.232] 25-8-1955 (Twin brother of Jolly) after education he got trained as a mechanic. The twin brothers were jointly running the workshop at Cherthala. He married Tessy, the seventh daughter of Joseph and Marey, Vadayil, Thathampally, Alapuzha. They had two children. The family settled at Cherthala.Ph 0478 281 2014(o)0478 3106548 G13.1,Shruthi (Ann Marey) 19-11-1989. 2, Nidhi (Thressya) 22-8-1991.

3.Pa.F.238/G.12(6)PUSHPAM (VICTO ANNET)[3.T.F. 232] 25-4-1961. After edcution she is engaged in garments making. She married Varghese(George), son of Chery and Plamena (Annamma), Pachalam, They had two children the family is settled at Cherthala, Ph. 0478 2815393 and George is running an automobile workshop and bus service. G.13.1, Tony Varghese 22-5-1991. 2,Shiny (Plamena) 7.7.1994.

3.Pa.239/G12 (8)KUNJU THANKOM (Sr.Jaimi)[3.T.F.232] 1963. After education she joined the Holy Cross Convent at Kottiyam in 1992. Now she is at Bangalore.

3.K.F.240/G11(6)SAROJINI (ELZABETH)[3.T.F.218] .6.1927-20.7.1986. After her education, she married Appolananias (Pappachan 9-2-1916 to 26-2-1979, son of Edathattil (Kattunkal) on 11-3-1948 son of Simon and Mariya, Alapuzha, they had three children. G.12.1,Marey kutty (3.Ed.F.241). 2,George kutty (3.Ed.F.242).3, Alex. (3.Ed.F.243).

3.Ed.F.241/G12(1).MARY KUTTY [3.T.F. 240] 16-3-1949. She married Joy George, son of Joseph and Lisa, Punnackal, Pallithode. The marriage was on 28-12-1975. They had Three children. The family is residing near the family house of Marey kutty, at Alapuzha near the Powerhouse. Joy George is working in KSRTC Ph.0477 2244843(PP) G.13.1,Veena B.A. P.G.D.C.A .22-10-1976. 2, Vidhya 20-12-1980.MCom 3. Vinod 4-10-1982.

3.Ed.F.242/G12(2)GEORGE KUTTY24.4.1950. [3.T.F.240]. After education and Training in Air conditioning and Refrigeration, he went to Muscat as an operator. He married Molly MSc, Daughter of Joseph Mathunkal, Kumbalangi. Molly is working in the M.G. University as the Office Superintendent. The couple had two children. They settled near the University. G13.1,Divya 18-9-1988.2, Jiji 9-9-1993.

3.Ed.F.243/G12(3)ALEX [3.T.F. 240] 26-11-1953. After education and training in Mechanic, he is running Marine Engineering workshop and also fishing boats at Thoppumpady. He married - Rosamma, daughter of Pothen, Nadackalveettil, Cherthala on 26-2-1984. This family bought a plot at Thoppumpady and residing there. Ph.0484 2233365 G.13.1,Jisha 28.11.1984. 2,Jinu 22.11.1986. 3, Jessey3.4.1990.

3.K.F.244/G.11(7)JAIN (PAPPAMMA) BA [3.T.F.218] 1929 to 1988. While she was working in Banglore she married, Dr. Hanumantha Rao MBBS. After his retirement from the military service, started a Hospital for the poor at Dodballapur and settled there. They had two children. G.12.1,Raju. (3.F.245) 2, Rani (3.F.246).

3.F.245/G (1).RAJU.[3.T.F. 244] after education Raju went to Sweden, He settled there by marrying a Swedish girl.

3.F.246/G12 (2).RANI [3.T.F. 244]. She married Mr.Thomas Thiruvalla, they settled at Bangalore. Address: Rani Thomas, 156 Manguanuth street, Thyagaraja Nagar, 2nd Block, Bangalore - 560028.

3.K.F.247/G11(8)KUNJU THANKOM [3.T.F. 218] 1935 to 22-6-1963 Saturday. She married Philip, son of Ouseppachan and Rageena, Charankat (Puthen veetil), Chennaveli. This couple has two children. G.12.1,Lassamma (3.Ch.F.248). 2, Kunjumon 3.Ch.F.249).

3.Ch.F.248/G12(1)LASSAMMA [3.T.F.247] 17.2.1957. She married Sebastin 20.1.1946, son of S.J. Ousephan and Thankamma, Srampickal, Pallithode. He is working as a Post master, and she is working as an agent in LIC of India. They bought a property and a house at Thuravoor and they settled there. G.13.1,Lisa 2.10.1976. 2,Liju 5.5.1978. 3,Lini25.11.1979.

3.Ch.F.249/G12(2)KUNJUMON[3.T.F. 247] 2-2-1960. He married Saijamol, daughter of Thariyan and Chinnamma [T.3.F.168] Srampickal, Pallithode. This couple has two children. He is working as a driver at Alapuzha they settled at Alapuzha. G13.1,Selina 2, Shoha.

3.Ma.F.250/G11(9)KOCHU RANI[3.T.F. 218] 6.6.1941 Saturday to 19.7.1976. She married David, Son of Joseph and Kunjamma, Manakkal (from south Pallipuram), Vypeen. They had Three children. their house at Vypeen. David had worked in Saudi Arabia and Abudabi as mechanic in air conditioning. He died in the year 2000. G12.1,Nancy15.7.1963 (3.Ma.F.251). 2,Santhosh David 9.5.1968(3.Ma.F.252). 3, Sylesh David 28-9-1970(3.Ma.F.253).

3.Ma.F.251/G12(1)NANCY[3.T.F. 250] 15.7.1963. She married Michel 4.12.1953, son of Berly and Elsy, Panakkal,(near Vely Convent) at Fort Cochin They had two children. Michel is running a ready-made garment shop named "Alex Apparels" at Cherlayi junction in Fort Cochin.Ph.0484 222 0422(PP)Clarance. G13.1,Rejoy 24.3.1986. 2,Raj Kiran 14.12.1989.

Shylesh and Reshma

3.Ma.F.252/G12(2)SANTHOSH DAVID[3.T.F. 250] 9-5-1968. After education initially worked in Mumbai as Mechanic and then he went to Dubai. He married. Sanitha BCom, daughter of AC Manual, Arackal house, residing near Don Bosco, Vaduthala. The marriage was on 25-2-1996.

3.Ma.F.253/G12(3)SYLESH DAVID[3.T.F. 250] 28-91970. After education he is working in a business company at USA. He married Reshma daughter of Mr. Navin Prabhu Bhai Patel andMrs.Tara Bhai Patel on 3rd January 2005 at Surat.

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