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K.S.GABRIEL 3.K.F.101/G10(2)K.S.GABRIEL 1876 - 14.1.1954. [3.T.F.28&51] born on 15 th. March 1876(1051 Meenam 1.) as the eldest son of Koilparampil Vasthyan (Sebastin) and Anna after matriculating from St.Berchmans School, at Changanacherry, he spent most of his time assisting his father in managing house hold affairs. In 1905 he married Barbara, daughter of "Velutha Vasthyan",belonging to Parayakattil family Pallithode. Unfortunately the bride died due to the certain illness after two years .In this marriage, no issues. Later in 1910 he remarried Annamma, daughter of John and Mary,Kunnel (Palackal), Manassery. In this marriage they had four sons and a daughter. In 1915 K. S. Gabriel founded a moral reformation Society in Arithunkal named "Sanmarga Parishkara Sangham" Rev.Fr. Sebastin L.C.B.D. presentation was the President K.S.Gabril was its vice president , the main aim of this Sangham was the abolition of liquor and religious reforms. And also he was the President of the "Nazarani Bhooshana Samajam" of today.

He played a remarkable role in raising the awareness of the Latin X' tins in this regard. While working as the administrator (Kaikaran) of St. Andrew's church, he supervised the digging of the canal (Puthenthodu) for bringing the raw materials and Rubles for construction of church building .The foundation of the new church was also built during this period. In those days in order to cast a vote in the"Travancore Sree-Moolam-Thirunnal Praja Sabha".


V.J.T. Hall 2004

One must be a land owner who pays a casual tax of Rs.100/= it was reduced to Rs. 25/- the main families of Arthunkal determined the candidate from the Cherthala constituent assembly. As such case K.S.Gabriel and his brothers had the right to cast their votes in the Prajasabha the following members are voters they are :

1, Veazhaparampan.

2, Poovandath Kurup.

3, Aakka.

4, Chennothu Shivarama Panicker.

5, Puliyamkottu 'Anchelmash'.

6, Thenjapurackan Puliamkottu.

7, Jothish kumar's father and his brother, of Parathyampally at Thycal.

8, Anthraper.

9, St.Andrus Church Arutunkl.

10, K.P.Devasey Kurusinkal(3.Ku.F.46).

11, K.P.Amar Kurusinkal (3.Ku.F.47).

12, K.P.Benjamin Kurusinkal(3.Ku.F.48).

13, K.D.Pavalu Kurusinkal.

14, Joseph Kurusinkal (Kochuklluveeden)

15, Duminkose Kurusinkal (Valiyakalluveeden).

16, K.P.Basthyon(Bastin) Koilparampil(5.K.F.5)

17, Gregary Koilparampil (5.K.F.6.).

18, Very Rev. Fr.Augustine Koilparampil (5.K.F.38.A.).

19, Kuttyali-vava Koilparampil(6.K.F.132.)

20, K.S.Gabriel Koilparampil (3.K.F.101)

21, K.S.Cherian Koilparampil ( 3.K.F.182).

22, K.S.Joseph Koilparampil(3.K.F.218)

23, K. S. Antony Koilparampil( 3.K.F.254)

Once when Gabriel was the administrator, he invited Divan M.E.Watts to Arthunkal and it was owing to his tireless efforts that the Cherthala - Arthunkal road, which then ended at Chabakad was extended via the church premises to the beach, from Chambakad. He was an honest man sincere in all his dealings towards the Church as well as towards the poor fishermen of the place.In his trusteeship period the arch bridge was built across the ARITHUNKAL CANAL (Valiya thode)under the supervision of a Tamil Mason named Varghese, he was accustomed to wear 'Kavi clothes'. In order to prove the strenght of the bridge Varghese Mason made an elephant-walk over the bridge while he stood under it. He did a great deal for the public good. He breathed his last on 14th Jan 1954. His wife Annamma died on 25th Nov 1964.

G.11.1,Thressya.(Thankamma)( 3.K.F.102) 2, K.G.Varghese (Kunjappan) (3.K.F.104). 3,K.G.Joseph(Kuttappan) (3.K.F.112). 4,K.G.Alexander(Kunjukunju)(3.K.F.117).5, K.G. Baby John.(3.K.F.121).

3.K.F.102/G11(1). THRESSYA(THANKAMMA) 22.10.1911--1993 [T.3.F.101] B.A. Head Mistress(rtd.). After her studies she joined as teacher at Muhamedan's high school Alleppy. She married to Mathaichan, son of Joseph and Marey, Moolamkunnathu Vezhapra of Alleppy dist. They had one daughter. this family resides at Vellakkiner,Alleppy. Thankamma retired from service as head mistess and died of illness in 1993. Mathaichan retired from education dept. and runs a shop at Alleppy.

G12.Ann Marey (Kunjumole)

M.F 103/G12.ANN MAREY (KUNJUMOLE)[3.T.F.102]born on 1.3.1952 After her college education, she got married to Mr.Baby, son of George Ferns (Koron kutty) of Shaktikulangara. They had a daughter, G 13.1, Obe,(died at the age of five). M.F103A/G12.Kunjumole remarried Vasthyankunju (Tony) son of Rameeji and Chinnamma of Paliathayil, Chellanam. They reside with Mathaichan at Alapuzha Ph. No. 0477-226 1935.

G 13.1,Hima.(Marey tony)1989 2,Lema Agnal Tony 1992.

Mr.& Mrs.K.G.Varghese

3.K.F. 104/G11(2). K.G.VARGHESE (KUNJAPPAN)[3.T.F.101] born in 25 th Nov 1913.(10 th Vrikchikam 1089) and died on 22.12.1998. His primary education at Arithunkal matriculation Govt. H.S. Cherthala after his education he worked as the area manager of M/s. Singer Sewing machine company at Quilon, afterwards he joined the British army.

At first he worked as clerk in the Indian hospital-core, and after Independence, as store clerk in the Indian army medical core. After five and half years of service he got voluntary discharge from army. At the age of thirty-four he married Barbara (Vava kutty) 25-12-1927 daughter of Vakko and Mary of Kocheary, Kumbalongy on 1st.May 1947. She worked as a H.S.A teacher (Hindi). After military service Varghese spent his time in managing family affairs. His public life also includes being the member of the church administrative board as well as being the secretary of Ex-service society. They had seven children. He died on 22.12.1998 at the age of 85.Address: - Barbara Varghese, Koilparampil house, Arutunkl P.O., Cherthala Pin.688 530, Ph.0478 - 257 2648.

G.12.1,K.V. Thomas Boniface(Babu)( 3.K.F.105). 2, Annie Marey (Laila)( 3.K.F. 106). 3, K.V.George Sebastin(Lal) (3.K.F.107). 4,Mareygrace(Giji)(3.K.F.108) 5, K.V. Ignatious Gabriel (Kunjumone)(3.K.F.109). 6,Marey Tressa(Lovely)(3.K.F.110) 7,Marey Angel(Geena)(3.K.F.111).

3.K.F.105/G12.Major BABU (THOMAS BONIFUS)[T.3.F.104]B.A. 29-9-1948. After studies he joined military service and was Major in Maratha Regiment of the Indian army. On 21st May 1975, he married Mary (Sheela), daughter of Antony and Saramma Pazhangad, Vallarpadam. After voluntary discharge from military service, Major Babu worked as the chief security officer in the M.R.F. company in Goa. Now he works as the security officer in the Vasco shipyard Goa. They have two sons.

G13.1,George Sebastin (Gaby) 29-12-1977 Ph.0484 3567883. 2, Antony Gabriel(Gary)12.11.1983. Gabi-&-Gari

3.K.F.106/G12(2)ANNIE MARY(LAILA) [3.T.F. 104] Born on 9-11-1949 she married Jacob, son of Soloman and Cicily, Arukulasseril, Pallithode on 23-1-1978. Jacob is working at Delhi, they had two daughters.

G13.1,Marey Cicily(Breezy)18-1-1979. M.Sc. Micro biology (lecture) Kothamangalam Eng College 2,Annie Mary (Bincy) 18-3-1981 M.Sc. Physics (studying).

3.K.F.107/G12.GEORGE SEBASTIN (LAL_KOILPARAMPIL)[3.T.F.104] born on 29.9.1952. After studies he joined the Kerla Catholic youth movement. He traveled through out the coastal regions of Kerala in order to strengthen the movement. Then he came to realize the miserable conditions of the poor sea-going fishermen and organized an independent movement. This movement has become a great force in the coastal areas and "Lal Koilparampil" is the unquestioned leader. On 20-5-1987 he married Achamma (Mini) B.Sc.,B.Ed. (H.S.A. teacher in St.Francis Assisi higher secondary school, Arthunkal), daughter of Peter and Mary, Valunkal, Kurali, Ponkunnam (Knanaya Jacobit). This family resides near the tharavad house, Ph.0478-2572318

1,Barbara (Nidhia)12-4-1989 2, Peter(Nidhin) 2-10-1990.

3.K.F.108/G12(4)MARY GRACE(JIGI)[3.T.F. 104] M.Sc.(mathes) 4-8-1954. She is working in St.Michle1's collage, Cherthala as professor of Maths. She married Moris Vincent B.A.,L.L.B., he practices in district court Alapuzha. They have two sons.Ph.98460 11073 G13.1, Francis Sebastian (Vijith)31-12-'85. 2, George Sebastin (Anuj) 30-1-'87.

3.K.F.109/G12(5).K.V. IGNATIOUS GABRIEL (KUNJUMON)[3.T.F. 104] M.Tech. 7.11.1959, Professor of the Cochin University, on 22nd Aug 1993, he married Mariya (Dhanya) B.Com.(U.S.A.) daughter of Joseph and Roma, Veluthamannumkal, Thrissur. She is employed in U.S.A. Ph.98470 81855

3.K.F.110/G12(6)Dr. MARY TREESSA (LOVELY)[3.T.F. 104] M.A.(Hindi)B.Ed, M.phil, PhD. 29-4-'62 she is working in St.Joseph Higher secondary school Alapuzha. She is married Dr. Clament Loppus M.A. Eco., M.phil, PhD. At present he is the Director of Perform X Educational Foundation (P) Ltd at Statue, Thiruvananthapuram, Trainer in Soft Skills and Research details : [email protected], [email protected], website : . He is also a tutor for Seminary students in Trivandrum Diocese, and also for the protection of the rights of Latin Catholics. This couple has two daughters.Ph: +471-2330036 (o), 2283662 (r), 09349916933G13.1,Laya Lovely Loppus. 2-12-1992. 2,Aan Loppus 2002

3.K.F.111/G12(7)MARY ANGEL (GEENA)[3.T.F.104] 1964 M.A.(Eco) married Roy son of Louies Kochikaran house at Punnapra, Alapuzha.

Mr.& Mrs.Kuttappen Mr.& Mrs.Vinamcy

3.K.F.112/G11(3)K.G.JOSEPH (KUTTAPPAN)[3.T.F.101]2.12.1914 to11.8.2000(17 th Vrikchikom 1090). He had his schooling at Arthunkal and Cherthala. He ran a typewriting institute at Thoppumpady and afterwards stationery stores. On 20-5-1957 at the age of 43, he married Paulin Joyce 18-7-1937, daughter of Vinamsi and Cicily, Karumanchery (Kampolathuparambu) at Ezhupunna. They had three sons and a daughter.Ph.0478-257 2386

K.G.Kuttappen's family

G 12.1, Gabriel(Saubhagyam)(3.K.F.113). 2, Sebastin Melbin. (3.K.F.114).3,Ann Mary Helen(3.K.F.115) 4, Johnson Yesudas (Bright)(3.K.F.116).

3.K.F.113/G12(1).GABRIEL (SAUBHAGYAM) [3.T.F.112]B.A.Diploma(in film direction from institute of film technology Trivandrum) on 5-8-1958. He studied music in Thranga Nizary run by the famous play back singer Dr. Yesudas. In 1-1-1986 he married Asha (Jean Mary Blossom T. Alex) 1960 daughter of Alex and Rosamma Thillery, Thiruvalla.Now residing at Tvm. Asha is employed in K.S.R.T.C. office at Tvm. Sowbhagyam runs a travel service at Arithunkal they had a son.

G 13.1,Gazal S.Koilparampil (Jose Alex) 7-1-1990.

3.K.F. 114/G12(2).MELVIN(SEBASTIN_MELVIN)1960 B.A. [3.T.F. 112]after his studies he engaged in the social work. He married Mini daughter of Maxmillen and Vinayamma, Karumancheril (Kattathara) Arroor. The family resides at Mumbai. They have a daughter. Melvin is working in I.T.T.C. Mumbai, Mini is working in "Pedilite industries, Mumbai" 0223 2471913.

G 13. 1,MERRIN MELVIN 11-7-1990.

3.K.F. 115/G12(3) HELEN(ANN MAREY HELEN)[3.T.F. 112]M.A.B.Ed.17-10-1964. She was a teacher in an English medium school at Kaloor, Ekm. Afterwards at she worked in Leo XIII H.S. Alleppy. Now at Arthunkal school. she married Anil, son of Sebastin Kurishinkal (Kalluveedu) Arithunkal 0478 257 2202

G 13.1,Dominic Rohith (Manikutten)1991. 2, Rakshith 2001

3.K.F.116/G(4).BRIGHT (JOHNSON YESUDAS) B.A; L.L.B. [3.T.F.112]17-10.1967. Now he is practicing at Cherthala Ph.0478-257 2386. He married Sophia Pauline (23rd April 1974) B.A., LLB.(practicing as a junior Advocate in Alleppey) daughter of T.P.Charles and Maraiamma Arasarkadavil, Punnappura. Father's address : Thypparampil house, S.H.Mount P.O., Kottayam 686 008, Ph.0481 256 3348.

3.K.F.117/G11(5) K.G.KUNJUKUNJU (Alexander)[3.T.F.101] 10-11-1923. (24 Thulam 1099) after his college studies he got employment as Post master in the post and telegraph department. He worked in various places namely Pattanakkad, Punnappra, Arithunkal, Cherthala and Alleppy etc. He married Mariyamma,(21.7.1933 to 18.11.1998) daughter of John(Lonachan)and Kochamma,Pollayil,Chellanam. She died at the age of 65.After retirement he returned to Arithunkal and settled down near the family house.Ph.0478 257 3823

G 12.1,Pamela (Ajayamalini) (3.K.F.118) 2, Sheeba (Annie Joy) (3.K.F.119) 3, Shaji (John Gabriel / Majo Alex) (3.K.F.120).

3.K.F.118/G12(1)Dr. AJAYA MALINI (PAMELA)[3.T.F. 117]1957 B.V.Sc. She is Assistant Director in the veterinary dept., married Advocate Joseph Thomas B.A.,L.L.B, son of Thomas Thalanani, Thozhupadath, Chelakkara., Kelamangalam Estate, Thrissur. They have a daughter, they reside near St.Mary's Girls H.S.Cherthala. Ph.0478-281 4731,98471 17510, (O) 281 2383.

G 13.1, Daya Thomas (Neethu) 1990

3.K.F.119/G12(2)Dr.ANNIE JOY(SHEEBA)[3.T.F.117]1959.B.A.M.S. She is the chief medical officer in Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital Thodupuzha. She married Mathew Kuruvilla, son of C.K. Mathew and Thressiamma, Cherukunnel, Velliyamattam, Thodupuzha. He worked in Velliyamattam service co-operative bank. This family resides at Elamdesham Thodupuzha. Ph.0486 -227 6640.

G 13.1, Bichu (Mathew Kuruvilla) 12-9-1991.

3.K.F.120/G12(3).MAJO ALEX (SHAJI)[3.T.F. 117]22-10-1961after his college education at Kalamasserry, St. Paul's collage and St. Michacl's college, Cherthala. He spent some time in the political field. He is now employed as Matron (male) in the Govt.special school for the deaf at Kunnamkulam. He married Mary Margaret (Laly) 5-5-1964. M.A.(Lit.), B.Ed.(H.S.A.teacher in Govt.high school), daughter of Lonan Pillai and Alaxandra, Panickaveedu, Thuravoor. She is employed in Revenue Dept. at Palakkad, few months later she got reemployed as HSA teacher. They had a son and a daughter. Ph.0488-251 0757

G 13.1,Alex Midhun 26-6-1992.2, Annie Neema 1-11-1995.

3.K.F.121/G11(5)BABY JOHN [3.T.F.101]B.A.;B.Ed.25-4-1926 He had his secondary education in boarding school at Pullikunoo and Kanjoor and had studied in Maharaja’s collage Ernakulam and while studying for law in Ernakulam Law collage due to his enthusiastic participation in the famous “Orana Samaram” which shook the officials of the first Communist Government. As the member of the central Action Committee, he was forced to discontinue his education. After words from St Joseph’s College at Mysore, he took his B.Ed degree.As a high school student he took part in freedom fight since 1945.The quit India movement was in progress and the youth and student workers were helping satyagraha Movement lead by Indian National congress of Kerala. The students’ congress of Kerala was helping these Prajamondalom the congress wing of the cochin state congress in which also he was an official delegate to commission of 1947. The freedom fighters had only to face brutalities only courageous patriots joined the fight Later in the famous Vimochana samaram he took part directively to break the law less governed raja of the day. He had been arrested at least four times for leading struggles against the foreign rule as well as once during the vimochana samara.He had taken up the call by Pattom Thanupilli to organise P.S.P in the northern regions of Alleppey district and have helped to organise P.S.P. movement in Shertally Mararikulam and successfully submitted memorandum to get electricity connection to Arthinkal and to complete the work by furnishing the coastal roads by cross construction of delayed Vazhakkuttathil canal. He also organised the workers to arrest the flow of the water by putting buds to the Alleppey Shertally canal which was causing the water level of the lands to lower level which create a panicky along the region and brought back the old level. Again, he has presented a petition to the P.S.P ministry requesting to take action to make coastal panchayath and coastal assembly constituencies to protect the life of the fishermen as well as peasants. He fought against P.K.Vasudhavan Nair for Parliament election as P.S.P.(Praja socialist party)candidate supported by congress party from Ambalappuzha .That election was especially significant as he was the youngest candidate and that it as a straight fight in which he was defeated with a narrow 1.5% votes.

At 1963, he married Mercy Fernandez B.A., B.T, Anjallummoottil, Kollam. After marriage he left politic to work as teacher in south t Africa and later to ziberia .Mercy was a government schoolteacher and she took deputation to work as teacher in Africa. Mercy returned to join Kerala service, became D.E.O., and retired. Baby John left for Ernakulam and they are staying in the heart of the city. Phone No.9961022774

G.12.Anil (Antony Finton) 17-2-1965,2.Sunil (Placid)1971. Sunil died in England after an open heart surgery for which he was taken there at the age of four and eight months, the body was cramated at Arthinkal.

3.K.F.122/G12(1). Dr. Anil John (Antony Finton) [3.T.F.121]17-3-1965. M.B.B.S.,MD(ortho),MS (University of Flentron of Australia). On 30-8-1992, he married Dr. Prasanna MBBS,DCH, daughter of B.K.Nair,Vazhappally, Cherukol, Mavelikkara. Both are working at “City hospital and staying at Ernakulam. 0484-2340452.

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