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3.K.F.4/G6.VATHAN.[3.T.F.3.] Vathan's (3.K.F.4)old Tharavad house was situated in front of the new St.Andrew's Church, near the northern side of the pond. This Tharavad and property were exchanged with the church property near, and western side of the St.George Church. this old Tharavad became the old "Anchel office" for about nearly Fifty years it was Situated there.

3.K.F.5/G7.FARANTH (Paranth/ Francis).[T.3.F.4]


  1. Mighel (Michael)(3.K.F.6).
  2. KOCHORY(3.K.F.20).

By the property division between Mighel and Kochory grant father(Appappen). Miguel Appappen got the family house. Then Kochory Appappen brought the Vengassery property situated at the northwestern side of the family house and Shifted with family there, by constructing a house in that property built out of wood in addition, beautifully carved.