Lonan(son of Sanchan 4.K.F.7

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K.S.LONAN (Anthony)

4.K.F.66/G10(5)K.S.LONAN (Anthony) [4.T.F.7] married Kathreenamma daughter of Mathay Kalathil.In an accident Lonan's half portion of the hand was removed, so he got the nick name "MuriKayian".


  1. Paul(Vavachan)(4.K.F.67).
  2. Louies (4.K.F.68).
  3. Kunjamma(4.K.F.71).
  4. Lanies (4.K.F.72).

4.K.F.67/G11(1)PAUL(Vavachan)[4.T.F.66]married Sara from Quilon . G12 No offspring.

4.K.F.68/G11(2)LOUIES 1898[4.T.F.66] he was the employ of the tody shop managed by Mr.Lonachan Panickaveed,at that time he married Esther ,daughter Peter and Annamma Panickaveed pallithode.This family settled at Pallithode.he died at the age of 60 in the year of 1958, and Esther died at the age of 79 in the year of 1996.


  1. K.L.Joseph 19.9.1943(4.K.F.69).

4.K.F.69/G12(1).K.L.JOSEPH19.9.1943.[4.T.F.68]married Baby(Elzabeth) 1948 daughter of Vincent and Eassamma Puthenpurackal at Chetticad,


  1. Moley1967(4.K.F.70).
  2. Shibu12.12.1972.
  3. Gladia 24.2.1977.

4.K.F.70/G13(1)MOLEY 4.12.1967 [4.T.F.69]married Benedict son of Xavier and Philomina of Kunthanysseril at Thanky, Cherthala.

G14.# Sandra 1999.

4.K.F.71/G11(3)KUNJAMMA 1900[4.T.F.66]married Mathew son of Benjimin Athipozhy at Saudi Cochin.


  1. Joseph 1925.
  2. Louies 1927.

4.K.F.72/G11(4). LANIES 1902[4.T.F.66] married Ealiyamma daughter of Varkey of Vengasseril, Aruthunkal. This family settled at Aanavilasm at Kumily.Ph.0486_236 3309.


  1. Joy(Francies) 1937.
  2. Antony 1939.
  3. Babu 1940.
  4. Victoria 1942.
  5. Thaankamma 1944. (No details available).