Kunchu(son of Kunchu 6.K.F.4)

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6.K.F.4/G8(1).KUNCHU 1810--1870 [6.T.F.3] married Kunjatha

1st married


  1. Vasthyon 1839 (6.K.F.5).
  2. Eassamma 1847(6.K.F.77).
  3. Pascal 1850 (6.K.F.78).
  4. Anthreenju1853 (6.K.F.79).
  5. Yohannan (Kunjeesso)1855(6.K.F.90).

2st married 6.K.F.4A/G8(1). After the death of Kunjatha, he[6.T.F.3] remarried Kochuppa


  1. Changy1856 (6.K.F.105).
  2. Rosa 1858 (6.K.F.139).
  3. KunjanVaishan1861(6.K.F.140).

6.K.F.77/G9(2)ESSAMMA 1847 [6.T.F.4] no details available.

6.K.F.78/G9(3)PASCAL 1851 [6.T.F.4] in his early days he gone to Singapore. No details Available

6.K.F.139/G9(7)ROSA 1858 [6.T.F. 4A] No offspring.