Kochanthira (son of Vasthyon 4.K.F.266)

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4. K.F.267/G11 (1) KOCHANTHIRA (Anthro) [4.T.F.266]

G.12. 1. Hendry (Andrews) (4.K.F.268)

2. Baby Theresa Juliet (4.K.F.268 A)

3. Selene Thomas (4.K.F.268 B)

4. Andrew Joseph (4.K.F.268 C)(Great Eastern Life Insurance)

4.K.F.268 G12(1)Henry Andrews ......to march 2006 [4.T.F.267] married......daughter


(works in Kuala Lumpur in KFC) ..........[4.T.F.267]

G 13. 1. Mischelle (Liju)(23 yrs old) On 5Th Oct. 2009

2. Ashwin (16 yrs old) On 5Th Oct. 2009

3. Baby Sophia is 6 months old.On 5Th Oct. 2009

4.K.F.268A.G12(2) Baby Theresa Juliet lives in London. She is midwife(4.K.F.268 A) G 13. 1. Sophia Mary Grace

4.K.F.268 B/G12.(3) Selene Thomas(Lecturer in Malaysian Legal Secretaries teaching Computer Typing and Communication)[4.T.F.267] I have 5 daughters and three sons G.13. 1. Caroline Louise,

2. Cassandra Thomas,

3. Carissa Thomas,

4. Chriselda Thomas,

5. Chantal Rose Thomas

6. John Paul Thomas,

7. Joshua Ross Thomas 8. Jonathan Solomen

4.K.F.268 C/G12(4)Andrew Joseph(Great Eastern Life Insurance) G 13 1. Ashwin Andrew.

4. K.F.268/G12. VASTHYON [4.T.F.267]

G.13. Franklin (4.K.F.269)

4. K.F.269/G13. FRANKLIN [4.T.F.268] G14. Nil