Cornelious (son 0f Kochu-Kaippary 4.K.F.75)

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4.K.F.106/G11(4)GASPER CORNELIOUS 1892-1952 Married Gertrude Cardez,1907-.... [ 4.T.F.75].


  1. Osburga(Velgama)died due to Typhoid 1924-1943
  2. Kunjappan(Ignatious) (K.F.107)

4.K.F.107/G12(1) 2,KUNJAPPAN(Ignatious) B.Sc.born on 31st.July 1927 died of Intestine cancer on 21st.July 1984. [4.T.F.106] He married Thanka-ratnam annie Lawrence from Cylon


  1. Reginald Nirmalakumar Coilparampil Reginald (Lives in Canada)
  2. Placid Vimalarajan(Lives In Canada)
  3. Ronald Jeyachandran(Lives in Australia)
  4. Ivor Pratap(Lives in Australia)
  5. Jude Thushar(passed away in 1987)


  1. Osberga Chandrika-(Lives in Sri Lanka)
  2. Maureen Renuka-(Lives in Mexico)
  3. Gita Carmelita(Lives in Sri Lanka)
  4. Ruth Kavitta(Lives in Sri Lanka)[email protected]

4.K.F.108/1/G13(1) Reginald Nirmalakumar Coilparampil[4.T.F.107]


  1. Dishan Works for JWT
  2. Peony is studying in Australia
  3. Shane Completed his studies this year.

4.K.F.109/G14(1)Dishan Coilparampil CIM(Chartered Institute of Marketing) Graduate Working For JWT which is an Advertising Agency.[4.T.F.108] [email protected] /[email protected] Mobile: +94 773 215529.

Dishan Photos

4.K.F.108/2/G13(2) Placid Vimalarajan(Lives In Canada)