Antho(son of Sanchan K.F.5)

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(From branch 4)

4.K.F.73/G8(2)ANTHO[4.T.F.5] G9.

  1. Kochu Sanchan (4.K.F.74).

4.K.F.74/G9(1)KOCHU SANCHAN 1821-1865 [4.T.F.73] married Mariam.


  1. Kochu-Kaippary(4.K.F.75/G10(1)
  2. Kochanthira (4.K.F.108/G10(2))
  3. Vasthyon (4.K.F.174/G10(3)).
  4. Kunjuousay (4.K.F.178/G10(4)).
  5. Lonachan (4.K.F.197).

4.K.F.75/G10(1)KOCHU KAIPPARY(Gaspar)[4.T.F.74.]1854-1907 (He was a well known Ayurvedic doctor) married Ealiswa 1857, Pallickthayil, Pollathai.

4.K.F.108/G10(2)KOCHANTHIRA [4.T.F.74] 1857-1905 he was famous in "Visha Vaidhyam"( Treatment for poison), he married Annamma,Valappil at Vattayal Alapuzha and settled there.

4.K.F.174/G10(3)VASTHYON [4.T.F.74]1858-1915 married Mariyam.

4.K.F.178/G10(4)KUNJUOUSAY [4.T.F.74]1861-1922

4.K.F.197/G10(5)LONACHAN [4.T.F.74] 1861-1925 married Martha daughter of Kochukaippary, Pallikkethayil Aruthunkal.