Margarita(daughter of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)

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3.Ch.F.66/G10(1)MARGARITHA [3.T.F.28&51] 1873--1950 married Pethrukutty Charankattu (Pandarapattathil) Chennavely. He was a wealthy and respectable gentleman. had two sons and four daughters.


  1. Vavachan( Silvester)1886 -1956(3.Ch.F.67)
  2. Achakunju (died in young.)1890-1910.
  3. Thressyamma 1892(3.Ch.F.68)
  4. Kathryna(Vava)(3.Ch.F.69).
  5. Annie( Anna kutty)(3.Ch.F.100)
  6. Mary(Mary remained as spinster.)

3.Ch.F.67/G11(1)VAVACHAN( Silvester)[3.T.F. 66] married Mary daughter of Shouri, Punnakkatil Chennaveli. They had no off springs. A large number of attendants and friends always accompanied him. This mode of living led to the loss of much of his ancestral properties. He died in 1956.

3.Ch.F.68/G11(3) THRESSYAMMA[3.T.F. 66] married Lawrence Kizhakkanthalakal (Kurishinkal) Arthunkal They have four daughters.She was born in1892 and died in1959.


  1. Chinnamma (Anna)1919--21-6-1991
  2. Mariyamma 1922-31-8-2001.
  3. Victory 1927.
  4. Laisamma 1939.

3.Ch.F.69/G11(4) KATHREENA (Vava)1894-1960[3.T.F.66) married Ezakiel (5.K.F.119/G12(2).} son of Vissenthai, Koilparampil (Pazhaveetil)Kandakadave(Andickadavu). Ezakiel was an accomplished scholar in Sanskrit and practised Ayuvedic treatment at home he also ran a provisional shop.Ezakiel had five sons and a daughter. In 1938 shifted his house from Kandackadavu to KANNAMALI. where he inherited his paternal property. At the same time he took care to improve the landed property at Kandackadavu , which came to him through his mother. Ezakiel was born on1882and died on13-1-'57.


  1. K.E.Joseph (3.K.F.70)
  2. K.E.Michael(3.K.F.75).
  3. K.E.Anony(3.K.F.81).
  4. K.E. Vincent(3.K.87A).
  5. K.E.Xavier(3.K.F.88).
  6. Isabel(Leela)(3.K.F.93).

3.K.F.70/G12(1)K.E.JOSEPH 1915-25-6-1989[3.T.F. 69]during 2nd world war he served in Indian Army, after retirement, he ran provisional shop.In 1951 he married Mettilda, daughter of Sandhyavu Varghese and Elzabeth, Manassery. They had two sons and two daughters.


  1. K.J.Stanly(3.K.F.71).
  2. K.J.Issac(3.K.F.72).
  3. Jessy(3.K.F.73).
  4. Mercy(3.K.F.74).

3.K.F.71/G13(1)K.J.STANLY [3.T.F. 70] born in 1952 B.A. now he is working as a contractor in Cochin shipyard. He married Catherine(Dane) daughter of George Ferrick and Annie of Fort Cochin.


  1. Akhila Stanley 1989.

3.K.F.72/G13(2)K.J.ISSAC 1954[3.T.F. 70]after his diploma in Air-conditioning, he is empolyed ina shipping company at Saudi Arabia.

3.K.F.73/G13(3)JESSY 1954 [3.T.F. 70] married Manuel son of Antony and Berty Pallathusseril at Fort Cochin.


  1. Antony.1982

3.K.F.74/G13(4)MERCY 1959 [3.T.F. 70] married Berty son of Ponnappan and Tressa Elainjickal, on 1982 at Fort Cochin.


  1. Soumya 1983.
  2. Swapna 1985.
  3. Steffy 1986.
  4. Aldril 1987.

3.K.F.75/G12(2)K.E.MICHAEL 26-3-1919 after schooling he Joined the Indian Army.It was during the period of the 2nd world war after his retirement he under took contract works.He married Laissamma 20-11-1926(4.K.F.82) daughter of Silvester and Magdaleena, Koilparampil Arthunkal. They settled at Arthunkal, who had three sons and four daughters.


  1. K.M.Sasi (Silvester/Kuttn (3.K.F.76).
  2. Ma