Kunjukun(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)

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3.K.F.182/G10(5)K.S.Chearian (S.CHERIYAN MAPILLAI) [3.T.F.28&51] 1888-12.11.1944 Born as the 2nd son of Vasthyan and Anna.


  1. K.C.PaulChinnappan)(3.K.F.183).
  2. Kunjukun(Sebastin)(3.K.F.188).
  3. Ponnamma and Eapachan(died in infancy)
  4. K.C.Pappy(Joseph) (3.K.F.190).
  5. Kunjannamma(3.K.F.194)
  6. K.C.Eapen3.K.F.199).
  7. K.C.Ponnappan(K.C.Varghese)(3.K.F 208).
  8. Kanakamma(Rev.Sr.Laura)(3.K.210).
  9. Valsamma(Sr. Beatrice)(3.K.211).
  10. K.C.Ummachan(Thomas)(3.K.F.212).

3.K.F.188/G11(2) K.C.SEBASTIN(KUNJUKUNJU)[3.T.F.182] 7.7.1912-9.12.1986. His primary education had been at St. Francis Assisi School Arthunkal. At first he assisted his father in his financial enterprise (Chitfund).Later he become the secretary of the Arthunkal Village Co-operative bank. He was also interested in the field of art and culture. He married Kitheary (8.8.1923-21.9.1974) daughter of Vavachan, Srampical, Pallithode.


  1. Kanakom Cheriyan.
  2. Omanakuttan19.6.49--1951

3.K.F.189/G12(1)KANAKOM CHERIYAN B.A.,H.D.C. [3.T.F.188] 24-11-1953 after education she got employment in the Alleppy Dist. co-operative Bank. She married Goridus (Godappan) 19.6.1948, son of Joseph (Kochappan) and Kathreynamma, Karumanchariyel (Kattathara) Ezhupunna. He is Radio officer in the Merchant navy. They Settled in K. C. Sebastin 's house at Arithunkal Ph.0478- 2572130.


  1. Sebastin Joseph, (Sejo).10-6-1981.
  2. Mary Sona Kitheriya (Sona) 5-11-'92.