K.S.Joseph(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)

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3.K.F.218/G10(7)K.S.JOSEPH [3.T.F.28&51] 1887-25.3.1941, Tuesday. He completed matriculation at the St. Berchmans school, Changanassery. After the education he married from Chethy, and settled near the family house. K.S.Joseph's, nature of taking any issue in a very casual and humorous way from very early years were special and noteworthy. He was very talented in sculpture and other art works. An excellent artistic piece of traditional Kerala House complex in miniature form, carved out of wood, is still exhibited in the Thiruvananthapuramm museum, which was, presented to Divan M.E.Watts, when he visited Arthunkal. At the beginning time of photography, when it was difficult to get negative films of this day, painting chemicals achieved the purpose on special thin glass sheet. Even at the early stage he did wonders in photography. He use to repair watches, clocks, clock towers, piano, harmonium etc. of any complex faults in a casual way. In short, he was an all round expert and artist. He married Mariya kutty daughter of Joosa and Annamma, Arakkal, Chethy. In this alliance, there were two children.

1st married


  1. Leelamma (3.K.219).
  2. K.J.Sebastin(Kunjaaappan)(3.K.F.220).

Left to right standing : Pappamma Hanumantha Rao with daughter Rani, Sossamma Kunjappen, Evamma Amby, Amby, Kochurani David with daughter Nancy, Sarojini Pappachan, Chellamma James with daughter Pushpam. Middle : Raju son of Pappamma, Sr Piya, Thankachi (daughter of Mr & Mrs.Amby, Photo K.S.Joseph, Mari kutty (daughter of Sossamma), Victoria Joseph. Front : George Kutty (son of Chellamma), Lezamma (daughter of Philip and Kunjuthankam, Thomas (Monappen, son of Sossamma, Laila and Sheeba (daughters of Mr& Mrs. Amby),Joseph (Vava) son of Sossamma, Shalet and Pushpam daughters of Mr& Mrs.Amby.

3.K.F.218A/G11(7)After the demise of Marya kutty, Joseph remarried her sister Victoria.(1900-13.1.1979) seven children were born to them.

2st married


  1. Thankachi (who died at the age of 21 by typhoid).
  2. K.J.Jacob(Ambi)(3.K.F.224).
  3. Annamma(Chellamma)(3.K.F.232).
  4. Elzabeth(Sarojini)(3.K.F.240).
  5. Jainamma(Pappama)(3.K.F.244).
  6. Juliet(Kunjuthankam)(3.K.F.247).
  7. Kochurani(3.Ma.F.250).

3.K.219/G11 (1)Rev. Mother PEYA (LEELAMMA)[T.3.F.218] 1905--1991. After education she joined the Kottiyam Holy Cross Convent. She died after an operation at the Kottiyam Holy Cross Hospital in 1991 and buried at Kottiyam itself.