K.P Joseph (son of Pathrose)

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4.K.F. 319/G12(2)K.P.JOSEPH 1900-1956 [4.K.F.317A] He married Saramma daughter of Louies Kurisinkal at Nazreth Cochin.

1st married G13.

  1. K.J.Baby 1931(4.K.F.320).
  2. K.J.Amminy 1933(4.K.F.321)
  3. K.J.Victor 1934(4.K.F.322).
  4. K.J.Petro1937(4.K.F.326).

4.K.F.319A/G12(2). After the death of Saramma,[4.T.F.317A] he married Eliyamma, daughter of Cheriyan poonadeth at Mulamthuruthy.

2nd married G13.

  1. K.J.Laly 1944 (4.K.F.329).
  2. Grace 1946(4.K.F.330).
  3. Flory 1948 (4.K.F.331).
  4. Cherybabu 1950(4.K.F.332).
  5. Ivy1951.(4.K.F.333).
  6. Omana 1953(4.K.F.334)
  7. Jayamma 1961(4.K.F.335).

4.K.F.320/G13(1)K.J.BABY B.A B.L.1931 [4.T.F.319]She married George B.A.,B.L. (he Rtd. from Sales tax department) son of Vakko Thundiparambil at Ernakulam.


  1. Thilakan George 1961.
  2. Rai B.Sc; L.L.B; 1963 (Lecturer in Ernakulam Low College).
  3. Bright Surya B.Sc;'65

4.K.F.321/G13(2)K.J.AMMINY 1933 M.B.B.S, M.D[4.T.F. 319] She married Thomas M.B.B.S, Koroothu House, Ernakulam.


  1. Roby Thomas B.E. 1961

4.K.F.322/G13(3).K.J.VICTOR 1934 K.G.T.E.(Higher)[4.T.F.319] (Accountancy) Retired from the Govt. Service. He married Thresyamma 1935 B.A (Retired-teacher) daughter of Rekarthose and Johnamma, Sasthamparambil at Kattoor.


  1. K.V .Jose Prathap 1963(4.K.F.323).
  2. Lovely 1965(4.K.F.324)
  3. K. V.Paul Martin 1963(4.K.F.325). Address:-K.J.Victor,Koilparambil, Kandakadavu P.O., Kochi-8. Ph.0484-224 7576.

4.K.F.323/G14(1).K.V.JOSE PRATHAP 1963 M.Com,H.D.C.[4.T.F.322] Kerala State Agriculture co-operative Bank Assistant.He married Anitha Samson B.Sc.B.Ed,H.S.A.daughter of Dr.Benjamin Samson Pallikkathayial Arthunkal.


  1. No offspring.

4.K.F.324/G14(2)LOVELY 1965[4.T.F.322] She married Kuryan B.Sc.(Indian Bank Assistant Manager)son of George Ambalathunkal at Palarivattom Ernakulam.


  1. Arathy Kuryan 1989.
  2. Ashames Kuryan 1994.

4.K.F.325/G14(3).K.V.PAUL MARTIN 1967 B.A.[4.T.F.322] married Honey B.Ed; MSc (Physics) daughter of Franklin and Kusumam Palliparambil Punnappara (Viyani).

4.K.F.326/G13(4).K.J.PETRO 1937[4.T.F.319]married Agasthamma T.T.C teacher, daughter of Valiantain Valiyathayil Kattor.


  1. Laila 1967(4.K.F.327).
  2. Jose Pious 1969(4.K.F.328).

4.K.F.327/G14(1) LAILA 1967 MA.BEd (MAL) [4.T.F.326]married Stanly (Music teacher) Thekkedath at Poomkavu Alleppy.

4.K.F.328/G14(2). K.P.JOSE PIOUS 1969 BSc L.L.B.[4.T.F.326] married Monika (Moni) M.A.(Lit.) Lecturer St.Michel's College Cherthala. Palliparambil at Kattoor.


  1. Lali

4.K.F.329/G13(5) K.J.LALI 1944 M.A.(MAL)[4.T.F.319A](Retired Lecturer) married Dr.Rajkumar M.B.B.S.Alleppy Medical College son of Appukkuttan .

4.K.F.330/G13(6). K.J.GRACE 1946 B.Sc; B.Ed.[4.T.F.319A]married Martin 1941 son of Cheriyan Eresseriel at South Chellanam.


  1. Manu Martin B.Sc.1977.
  2. Mithu Martin B.Sc.1979.

4.K.F.331/G13(7) K.J.FLORY 1949 B.Sc;B.Ed.[4.T.F. 319A] St.Joseph's H.S. H.M. Alleppy married Xavier son of Daniel and Kunjamma of Mooppassery at Chennaveli


  1. Dany 1983.
  2. Anju Xavier 1985.

4.K.F.332/G13(8). K.J.CHERRY BABU 1950 B.Sc; L.L.B.[4.T.F. 319A].Deputy Commissioner of Sales Tax, married Sheeba M.A. daughter of Ravi Jayendran(Philip)of Kurisinkal Trivandrum.


  1. Sibu 1981 B.E.
  2. Saju 1983.

4.K.F.333/G13(9) Dr.K.J.EYVEE 1952 M.A.(MAL)Phd. [4.T.F.319A] (Maharajas College Ernakulam) married Joise Chirayinkeezhu. They settled at Palarivattom

1st married G14.

  1. Eybec 1981.

4.K.F.333A/G13(9) After the death of Joise, Second marriage[4.T.F.319A] with Baby Elanjikod at Changanassery

2nd married G14.

  1. Anju Ivy 1985.
  2. Joice Ivy 1987.

4.K.F.334/G13(10) K.J.OMANA 1953 B.A. [4.T.F.319A] married Mr.Gopinath from Coimbathoor Gandhi Nagar.

4.K.F.335/G13(11) K.J.JAYAMMA (Jaya)1961 B.H.M.S [4.T.F.319A] married Mr.Baby son of John this family settled near convent sqare at Alleppy.


  1. Gigu 1983.
  2. Gigi 1985.