K.J.Sebastin(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)

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Vathan, Mighel(Michael), Kochory , Vasthyan & Anna , Margarita , K.S.Gabriel, Thressya , K.G.Varghese, K.G.Josep, K.G.Kunjukunju, K.G.Baby John, Mariyamma, Eleeswa, K.S.Chearian, K.C.Paul, Kunjukunju, K.C.Pappy, Kunjannamma, K.C.Eapen, K.C.Ponnappan, K.C.Ummachan, Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice, K.S.Joseph, K.J.Sebastin , K.J.Jacob , Annamma , Elzabeth , Jainamma , Juliet , Kochurani , K.S.Antony , K.A. Sebastin , K.A. Varghese , K.A.John Edison , Clara Clementine , K.A.Francis Cherian , K.A.Joseph , K.A.Jacob Louis George


3.K.F.218/G10(7)K.S.JOSEPH [3.T.F.28&51] 1887-25.3.1941, Tuesday.

1st married


  1. Leelamma (3.K.219).
  2. K.J.Sebastin(Kunjaaappan)(3.K.F.220).

2st married


  1. Thankachi (who died at the age of 21 by typhoid).
  2. K.J.Jacob(Ambi)(3.K.F.224).
  3. Annamma(Chellamma)(3.K.F.232).
  4. Elzabeth(Sarojini)(3.K.F.240).
  5. Jainamma(Pappama)(3.K.F.244).
  6. Juliet(Kunjuthankam)(3.K.F.247).
  7. Kochurani(3.Ma.F.250).

3.K.F.220/G11(2)K.J.SEBASTIN (KUNJAPPAN)[3.T.F.218] 1916-2.10.1954 Saturday. After education, he worked in Bombay, Jabalpur then he returned at home and he stayed a year in his Uncle K.S. Antony's house, then he started photography, his father's profession. He married Sosamma (Tresa)(2.1.1928-7.8.1997) daughter of Ouseppachan and Rageena, Charankattil (Puthenvettil) Chennaveliel. Kunjappan died at the age of 36 and Sosamma died at the age of 69.


  1. Marey kutty.(Mariya Gorethy)(3.K.F.221).
  2. Joseph (Vava)(3.K.F.222).
  3. Thomas (Monappan)(3.K.F.223).

3.K.F.221/G12(1)MARY KUTTY (MARIYA GEORETHY)[3.T.F.220] 21.11.1949.She married K.A.Josey (3.K.F.278/G11(8))Ph.078 2572266

3.K.F.222/G12(2).K.S.JOSEPH (VAVA)[3.T.F.220] 1950. After his education he ran a mechanical workshop jointly with his brother-in-law K.A.Josey (K.F.278) for a while. After marriage, he started a travel service at Cherthala. Ph.0478 257 22 60 He married Glory, daughter of Sebastian and Elikutty, Chovvattukunnel, Narianganam, Palai.


  1. Elsita was born in 19-8-1984.
  2. Elbin 1986.
  3. Mariya 1999.

3.K.F.223/G12(3).Dr.THOMAS KOIL PARAMPIL BSc, MBBS, MD, DMRJ, DIM, DPE.[3.T.F.220] He is a leading Indian oncologist, specially trained in Cancer care, from Oxford, UK. Dr Thomas Koilparambil DMRT, MD, PG Diploma(PR) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology and also as the consultant in Cancer pain management at the Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram. He is also one of the Chief Editors of Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer.

He had received gold medal and state merit during his academic pursuit. Before he joined in Govt. service he had started a Hospital in his native village which received the praise of the whole village. He married Dr. Rita, MBBS, DCP daughter of John Cruz and Agnes Cruz of Mundakkal, Kollam. She is working as the bacteriologist at the state TB center, Thiruvananthapuram. The family is settled at Thiruvananthapuram. Address : Dr. THOMAS KOILPARAMBIL MD, 13/1606 (1), Christmas, Burma Road, Kumarapuram, Medical college P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695011Ph. 0471 244 53 70 /4238/98 470 65 370. E-Mail : [email protected] .


  1. Liza.MBBS
  2. John.
  3. Ann.

3.K.F.223/G13(3)(1)Liza.MBBS , 13/1606 (1), Christmas, Burma Road, Kumarapuram, Medical college P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695011Ph. 0471 244 53 70