K.G.Varghese(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)

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Vathan, Kochory , Vasthyan & Anna , Margarita , K.S.Gabriel , Thressya , K.G.Varghese , K.G.Josep , K.G.Kunjukunju , K.G.Baby John , Mariyamma , Eleeswa , K.S.Chearian , K.C.Paul , Kunjukun , K.C.Pappy , Kunjannamma , K.C.Eapen , K.C.Ponnappan , K.C.Ummachan , Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice , K.S.Joseph , K.J.Sebastin , K.J.Jacob , Annamma , Elzabeth , Jainamma , Juliet , Kochurani , K.S.Antony , K.A. Sebastin , K.A. Varghese , K.A.John Edison , Clara Clementine , K.A.Francis Cherian , K.A.Joseph , K.A.Jacob Louis George


3.K.F.101/G10(2) K.S.GABRIEL 1876 - 14.1.1954. [3.T.F.28&51] born on 15 th.


  1. Thressya(Thankamma)(3.K.F.102).
  2. K.G.Varghese(Kunjappan)(3.K.F. 104).
  3. K.G.Josep(Kuttappan)(3.K.F.112).
  4. K.G.Kunjukunju(Alexander)(3.K.F.117).
  5. K.G.Baby John(3.K.F.121).

3.K.F. 104/G11(2). K.G.VARGHESE (KUNJAPPAN)[3.T.F.101] born in 25 th Nov 1913.(10 th Vrikchikam 1089) and died on 22.12.1998. His primary education at Arithunkal matriculation Govt. H.S. Cherthala after his education he worked as the area manager of M/s. Singer Sewing machine company at Quilon, afterwards he joined the British army.

At first he worked as clerk in the Indian hospital-core, and after Independence, as store clerk in the Indian army medical core. After five and half years of service he got voluntary discharge from army. At the age of thirty-four he married Barbara (Vava kutty) 25-12-1927 daughter of Vakko and Mary of Kocheary, Kumbalongy on 1st.May 1947. She worked as a H.S.A teacher (Hindi). After military service Varghese spent his time in managing family affairs. His public life also includes being the member of the church administrative board as well as being the secretary of Ex-service society. They had seven children. He died on 22.12.1998 at the age of 85.Address: - Barbara Varghese, Koilparampil house, Arutunkl P.O., Cherthala Pin.688 530, Ph.0478 - 257 2648.


  1. K.V. Thomas Boniface(Babu)( 3.K.F.105).
  2. Annie Marey (Laila)( 3.K.F. 106).
  3. K.V.George Sebastin(LAL_KOILPARAMPIL)(3.K.F.107).
  4. Mareygrace(Giji)(3.K.F.108)
  5. K.V. Ignatious Gabriel (Kunjumone)(3.K.F.109).
  6. Marey Tressa(Lovely)(3.K.F.110)
  7. Marey Angel(Geena)(3.K.F.111).

3.K.F.105/G12.Major BABU (THOMAS BONIFUS)[T.3.F.104]B.A. 29-9-1948. After studies he joined military service and was Major in Maratha Regiment of the Indian army. On 21st May 1975, he married Mary (Sheela), daughter of Antony and Saramma Pazhangad, Vallarpadam. After voluntary discharge from military service, Major Babu worked as the chief security officer in the M.R.F. company in Goa. Now he works as the security officer in the Vasco shipyard Goa. They have two sons.


  1. George Sebastin (Gaby) 29-12-1977 Ph.0484 3567883.
  2. Antony Gabriel(Gary)12.11.1983.

3.K.F.106/G12(2)ANNIE MARY(LAILA) [3.T.F. 104] Born on 9-11-1949 she married Jacob, son of Soloman and Cicily, Arukulasseril, Pallithode on 23-1-1978. Jacob is working at Delhi, they had two daughters.


  1. Marey Cicily(Breezy)18-1-1979. M.Sc. Micro biology (lecture) Kothamangalam Eng College
  2. Annie Mary (Bincy) 18-3-1981 M.Sc. Physics (studying).

3.K.F.107/G12.GEORGE SEBASTIN (LAL_KOILPARAMPIL)[3.T.F.104] born on 29.9.1952. After studies he joined the Kerla Catholic youth movement. He traveled through out the coastal regions of Kerala in order to strengthen the movement. Then he came to realize the miserable conditions of the poor sea-going fishermen and organized an independent movement. This movement has become a great force in the coastal areas and "Lal Koilparampil" is the unquestioned leader. On 20-5-1987 he married Achamma (Mini) B.Sc.,B.Ed. (H.S.A. teacher in St.Francis Assisi higher secondary school, Arthunkal), daughter of Peter and Mary, Valunkal, Kurali, Ponkunnam (Knanaya Jacobit). This family resides near the tharavad house, Ph.0478-2572318

  1. Barbara (Nidhia)12-4-1989
  2. Peter(Nidhin) 2-10-1990.

3.K.F.108/G12(4)MARY GRACE(JIGI)[3.T.F. 104] M.Sc.(mathes) 4-8-1954. She is working in St.Michle1's collage, Cherthala as professor of Maths. She married Moris Vincent B.A.,L.L.B., he practices in district court Alapuzha. They have two sons.Ph.98460 11073


  1. Francis Sebastian (Vijith)31-12-'85.
  2. George Sebastin (Anuj) 30-1-'87.

3.K.F.109/G12(5).K.V. IGNATIOUS GABRIEL (KUNJUMON)[3.T.F. 104] M.Tech. 7.11.1959, Professor of the Cochin University, on 22nd Aug 1993, he married Mariya (Dhanya) B.Com.(U.S.A.) daughter of Joseph and Roma, Veluthamannumkal, Thrissur. She is employed in U.S.A. Ph.98470 81855

1st married


3.K.F.109&A/G12(5).K.V. IGNATIOUS GABRIEL (KUNJUMON)[3.T.F. 104] M.Tech.

2st married



3.K.F.110/G12(6)Dr. MARY TREESSA (LOVELY)[3.T.F. 104] M.A.(Hindi)B.Ed, M.phil, PhD. 29-4-'62 she is working in St.Joseph Higher secondary school Alapuzha. She is married Dr. Clament Loppus M.A. Eco., M.phil, PhD. At present he is the Director of Perform X Educational Foundation (P) Ltd at Statue, Thiruvananthapuram, Trainer in Soft Skills and Research Consultant.contact details : [email protected], [email protected], website : www.performx.in . He is also a tutor for Seminary students in Trivandrum Diocese, and also for the protection of the rights of Latin Catholics. This couple has two daughters.Ph: +471-2330036 (o), 2283662 (r), 09349916933


  1. Laya Lovely Loppus. 2-12-1992.
  2. Aan Loppus 2002

3.K.F.111/G12(7)MARY ANGEL (GEENA)[3.T.F.104] 1964 M.A.(Eco) married Roy son of Louies Kochikaran house at Punnapra, Alapuzha.