John (son of Vathen 4.K.F.569)

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4.K.F.542/G12(1) K.V.JOHN[4.T.F.541]


  1. Michael(Sammykutty)(4.K.F.543).
  2. Thomas(4.K.F.559).

4.K.F.543/G13(1)K.J.MICHAEL (Sammykutty) [4.T.F.542] married Threasyamma, daughter of Augstine (Augsteenju) Anchuthaical at Challanam.

4.K.F.559/G13(2). K.V.THOMAS(Mamachan) [4.T.F.541] married Elizabath,daughter of Ouseppachan Charangattu Thekkeveetil at Chennaveli.