Jainamma(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)

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3.K.F.244/G.11(7)JAIN (PAPPAMMA) BA [3.T.F.218] 1929 to 1988. While she was working in Banglore she married, Dr. Hanumantha Rao MBBS. After his retirement from the military service, started a Hospital for the poor at Dodballapur and settled there. They had two children.


  1. Raju. (3.F.245)
  2. Rani (3.F.246).

3.F.245/G (1).RAJU.[3.T.F. 244] after education Raju went to Sweden, He settled there by marrying a Swedish girl.

3.F.246/G12 (2).RANI [3.T.F. 244]. She married Mr.Thomas Thiruvalla, they settled at Bangalore. Address: Rani Thomas, 156 Manguanuth street, Thyagaraja Nagar, 2nd Block, Bangalore - 560028.