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3.K.F.28/G9 (2).VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) [3.T.F. 20] 1842-23.1.1915. the first marriage was with the sister of Dumenju Kurisinkal at Aruhunkal.{She died before giving birth to any child} then by the initiative of his brother-in-law Dumeengu ,Vasthyan married Anna, who was the daughter of Doomingu's wife is the elder sister, ie. daughter of Earessriyil Vasthyan at Mararikulam. [At the time of marriage on 1856,Anna was 12 years of age and Vasthyan must have been 14 years.] He carried out of his father's business in Coir exportation, and he had to Involve in to lot litigation with regard to the properties. So the management of the family assets was with the Anna Ammumma.[3.T.F.29] During this period, the contribution of hard working in cultivation in the growth of the growth of the family assets was very explicit. Had eight children. Anna was born in 1844 and died on 15-8-1926. Vasthyan Appappan's body was buried in the old cemetery which was situated at the southern side of the old Church.



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