Mighel(Michael) (son of Faranth/Francis 3.K.F.5)

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Vathan, Mighel(Michael), Kochory , Vasthyan & Anna , Margarita , K.S.Gabriel, Thressya , K.G.Varghese, K.G.Josep, K.G.Kunjukunju, K.G.Baby John, Mariyamma, Eleeswa, K.S.Chearian, K.C.Paul, Kunjukunju, K.C.Pappy, Kunjannamma, K.C.Eapen, K.C.Ponnappan, K.C.Ummachan, Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice, K.S.Joseph, K.J.Sebastin , K.J.Jacob , Annamma , Elzabeth , Jainamma , Juliet , Kochurani , K.S.Antony , K.A. Sebastin , K.A. Varghese , K.A.John Edison , Clara Clementine , K.A.Francis Cherian , K.A.Joseph , K.A.Jacob Louis George


3.K.F. 6/G8 (1).MIGHEL(MICHAEL) [T.3.F.5] He was born around 1798 and lived about 62 years of age and married Mariyam, Thekkepalackal, Chethy.


  1. Anno (Anna)(3.K.F.7)
  2. Marey (3.K.F.13).

3.K.F. 7/G9 (1).ANNO (ANNA)[3.T.F.6] married to Mr.Theoma, Puthenpurakkal,Chethy, had settled in family house by the practice of adoption (Dhathu). they had five children.


  1. Rocky 1854(no details available).
  2. Rosa 1857.(3.Pu.F.8)
  3. Vasthyan 1858(no details available).
  4. Mariyam 1861(3.Pu.F.9).
  5. Eleeswa 1863 (3.Pu.F.10)

3.Pu.F.8/G10 (2). ROSA 1857 [3.T.F.7] married to Joseph Puthenpurakkel Chethy, they had four daughters.


  1. Virggy
  2. Jusaphy
  3. Clawudeena.
  4. Kochupeannu.

3.Pu.F.9/G10 (4).MARIYAM 1861 [3.T.F.7] married to Karumancheryil family Ezhupunna. She was the mother's mother of Veluthamannunkkal Fr.Fabian Chellanam, no other details available.

3.Pu.F.10/G10(5). EALEESWA 1863 [3.T.F.7] married to Kochu-Pappy Puthenpurakkel Chethy.They had two sons.


  1. P.K.Joseph.
  2. P.K.Gregory.

3.Pu.F.11/G11(1)P.K.JOSEPH [3.T.F. 10] married Rose Delima Puthenpurakkel Chettikad they had two children.

1st married


  1. Eliamma.
  2. P.J.Thomas.

3.Pu.F.12/G11(2) After the death of P.K.Joseph, Rose Delima married his brother P.K.Gregory in this marriage they had a son named,

2st married


  1. P.G.Joseph (Baby)

[By the result of property division P.G. Joseph (Baby) got the old "Koilparampil Tharavad" house. This Tharavad and property were given as gift to the Diocese of Alapuzha for youth center named "YUVA SWAPNA" on 21-5-1992.]


3.K.F. 13/G9(2)MAREY 1841[3.T.F.6] married to Antho (Antony) Athipozhiyil from Cochin had settled south side of the "Koilparampil Tharavad" House as "Dhathu", they had a son.


  1. Raphal (3.At.F.14)

3.At.F.14/G10.A.A.RAPHEL [3.T.F.13] was a businessman he organized a company, they constructed a shopping complex. most of the Shops in Arithunkal were concentrated in the Company building. Then onwards Raphel's house began to be known as "Companiyil". He married Annamma.they had three sons.


  1. A.R.Ouseph kutty. (3.At.F.15)
  2. A.R.Clement (3.At.F.18).
  3. Rev. Fr.Antony Periera B.A. (3.At.F.19) .

3.At.F.15/G11(1)A.R.OUSEPH KUTTY. [3.T.F. 14] Mariyam daughter of George Puthenpurakel, Arthunkal.


  1. Hentry (3.At.F.16),
  2. Anglo. (3.At.F.17)

3.At.F.16/G12 (1). HENTRY [3.T.F.15] married Silasteena Arackal Kandacadavu.


  1. Thankachi,
  2. Clement (Kuttan),
  3. Gladise
  4. Mercy (Sr.Emilda).
  5. Berty.
  6. Poly
  7. Hancy.
  8. Kenny.

3.At.F.17/G12 (2). ANGLO [3.T.F.15] married Laisa the eldest daughter of Dominic Kurishunkal of Arthunkal


  1. Joseph Rattie
  2. Raphel .
  3. Rev. Fr. Ivan,
  4. Mariya kutty.
  5. Antappan.
  6. Ammini.
  7. Mercy.
  8. Sheeba.

Rev. Fr. Antony Periera

3.At.F18/G11 (2).A.R. CLEMENT [3.T.F.14] married Philo (Vava) daughter of K.D. Achakunju Kurisinkal, Arthunkal.


  1. Ammini. [After the death of Clement, mother and daughter joined in convent as sisters named Sr.Josephine , Sr. Bridget.]

3.At.19/G11 (3).Rev.Fr. Antony Periera B.A. [3.T.F.14]