Mariyamma(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin)3.K.F.28)

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Vathan, Mighel(Michael), Kochory , Vasthyan & Anna , Margarita , K.S.Gabriel, Thressya , K.G.Varghese, K.G.Josep, K.G.Kunjukunju, K.G.Baby John, Mariyamma, Eleeswa, K.S.Chearian, K.C.Paul, Kunjukun, K.C.Pappy, Kunjannamma, K.C.Eapen, K.C.Ponnappan, K.C.Ummachan, Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice, K.S.Joseph, K.J.Sebastin , K.J.Jacob , Annamma , Elzabeth , Jainamma , Juliet , Kochurani , K.S.Antony , K.A. Sebastin , K.A. Varghese , K.A.John Edison , Clara Clementine , K.A.Francis Cherian , K.A.Joseph , K.A.Jacob Louis George


3.K.F.28/G9 (2).VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) [3.T.F. 20] 1842-23.1.1915.


  1. Margarita(3.Ch.F.66).
  2. K.S.Gabriel(3.K.F.101).
  3. Mariyamma(3.To.F.123).
  4. Eleeswa(3.Ar.F.136).
  5. K.S.Chearian(3.K.F.182)
  6. Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice(3.K.F.217).
  7. K.S.Joseph(3.K.F.218).
  8. K.S.Antony(3.K.F.254).

3.To.F.123/G10(3)MARIYAMMA [3.T.F.28&51] 1879-23-7-1955. Married Louis,son of Andrew and Anastasia Thottungal , Thumpoly, Alapuzha.. Louis was a renowned business man.Eight of springs were born to them.


  1. Josephkutty(died at the age of three years and six months.)
  2. Kathreena (died at the age of three.)
  3. T.L.Sebastin (Kuttappan)(3.To.F.124).
  4. T.L.Xavier(3.To.F.125). 5, Kathreenamma.(3.To.F.131).
  5. Vavachan (died at the age of one).
  6. Annamma(3.To.F.134).
  7. T.L.Jeromkutty(3.To.F.135).

3.To.F.124/G11(3).T.L.SEBASTIN(KUTTAPPAN)B.A(Teacher)[3.T.F. 123]B.A. born in 16-8-1906.Died on 12-10-1973 at the age of 67. He employed as teacher in the High School at Kanichukulangara, Alapuzha. He lived as a bachelor.

3.To.F.125/G11(4) Lt.Cdr. T.L. Xavier B.A., L.T. [3.T.3.F.123] born in 3.10.1909 and died on 25.7.1998. His primary and middle school education with his uncle K.S.Antony at Arthunkl. After his education, he joined in the Indian Navy he did his higher studies in England and won the President's Award for his achievements. He was Lieutenant Commander in education department, when he retired from service. After retirement, he was chosen as the President of the Ex-servicemen's Co-operative Society.

He married on 31-12-1947. Philoena B.A., L.T. Born in 24-12-1919 daughter of Francis and Felcina, Charankattu ,North Pallippuram , and they settled at Muvattupuzha. hey had four daughters and a son. All of them got married. Xavier left for heavenly abode in 25-7-1998 at the age of 89. Soonafter his death his wife also followed him on 12-8-'98 at the age of 79.


  1. Dollat(3.F.126).
  2. Vimala (3.F.127).
  3. Jane(3.Ku.F.128).
  4. Celine(3.F.129).
  5. T.Louis Xavier.(3.To.F.129).

3.F.126/G12(1)DOLLAT(MARY MARGRET)B.A.B.Ed.[3.To.F.125] Born in 27.3.1950 married to Rev.Fr.Kuriyacose ( Jacobite) B.D., M.A. (Malayalam), M.A.(Hindi), M.A.(Lit.) the couple is employed in Kendriya Vidyalayam, Jalahalli, Bangalore. they have two sons. G13.1, Deepu. 4-10-1973. 2, Biju 10-12-1975.

3.F.127/G12(2)Dr. VIMALA M.B.B.S.,F.R.C.P.(Canada) [3.To.F.125]27.3.1950 she got married to Atholl Macedo son of Percy Macedo and Queenie, Mysure. They belong to Anglo Indian Community. They have a daughter and a son.

3.Ku.F.128/G12(3)Dr. JANE B.D.S.[3.T.F. 125] Born in 31-1-1952,she is married to Peter B.E.(Mech.) son of Acha kutty Kurissinkal Arithunkal. They have two daughters and reside at Canada.

G 13.

  1. Preetha 10-2-1977.
  2. Reena. 11-8-1981.

3.F.129/G12(4)CELINE BA(Lit.) [3.T.F. 125].Born in 1955, she married to Aloysius M.Tech.(Electronic), M.B.A., Lt.Col. (Signals) Retd. They have two daughters.

G 13.

  1. Sunitha. 21-1-1977.
  2. Anjana. 11-12-1978.

3.To.F.130/G12(5)LOUIS B.Sc.,B.E.(Mech.)[3.To.F.125] 12-2-1958, he worked as the Chief engineer in S.I.L.K ., and also as Dy. Manager in Mazagon dock at Mangalore. He married Dr. Betty. MD, daughter of T. C. Mathai, Thekkekunnel, Vazhakulam, Muvattupuzha. Address : Thottunkal house, Thumboly.Ph. 0477- 224 4854, 224 1084.

3.To.F.131/G11(5)KATHREYNAMMA [3.To.F.123] 1911--20-10-1997 married Michael Valise son of Louis and Agnes, Valayil, Kattor. A son and a daughter were born to them. after death of her husband she brought up her children and got them married and lived with her son , till her death in 20 th.Oct.1997 at the age of 86.

G 12.

  1. Sunny (Joseph) 5-10-1952.( 3.Va.F.132)
  2. Marey Stella (Thakamma) 1954. (3.Ko.F.133).

3.Va.F.132/G12(1)SUNNY JOSEPH M.A.B.Ed.[3.To.F.131]Born in 5-10-1952. He is employed as a teacher in LeoXIII H.S Alleppy. He married Grace B.A.,B.Ed. daughter of Abraham and Pushkeria, Azhiyakathu Kattoor.Grace is also employed as a teacher. This couple has a daughter.Ph:09497531962

G 13.

  1. Mary Elzabeth(Jess Marey Elzabeth.)21-8-1985.

3.Va.F.132/G12(2)Mary Stella(Thankamma)[3.To.F.131]1954 She married Maichale Kochikaranveettil Thumpoly. Ph:0477 2242985

3.Ko.F.133/G12(2) Dr. MAREY STELLA(THANKAMMA)D.H.M.S.[3.To.3.F.131] Born in 1954, she is a Homeo Medical practitioner, she married Michael, son of Joseph and Jeltruda, Kochikkaranveettil, Thumpoly. Michael was in Indian Navy And he retired from service in 1998.


  1. Christy Jaquilin(Jaqu)27-11-1985.
  2. Christy Mavrin,1-1995.3,Chris-Steve, 1.1996.

3.To.F.134/G11(6)ANNAMMA B.A.[3.T.F.123] 1913 to 1989After education she joined the women's Artilery core in royal army. she retired from service and remained unmarried till her death in 15-4-89 .

3.To.F.135/G11(7)JEROM KUTTY M.A.B.Ed. [3.T.F.123] Born in 11-5-1923, he was a teacher in Leo X111 H.S. Aleppy. He married Thankamma (Annamma) B.Sc., B.Ed. daughter of Thomas and Rosamma, Kollamparampil, Thayamkari, Edathuva.Thankamma is employed as a teacher.They have a daughter.Jeromkutty retired from service, and died due to the Brain Tumour on 3-9-1991 at the age of 68. Thankamma also retired from service and lives with her daughter near there ancestral home,in their house.


  1. Marey Sumam. 17-4-1980.