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Kerala, India


The description of the history of Koilparampil (Coilparampil)family in terms of periodic details and accuracy is so difficult and not an easy one. Writing history is generally based on traditions, customs, folklore etc. Thus it may miss the authenticity and may inherently contain the loopholes for contrasting conclusions and opinions. You may find the same limitations in this attempt also. First of all let me state that it was my parents who inspired me to initiate and to pursue this attempt. What I have presented here to a greater extent is something derived and generated out of my direct search.

I present this work with the hope that this may helpful for the later generations of this family which scattered around the world, to know each other and to get inspired from the life of each one of these families.

Finally I owe my special thanks to Mrs. Mary Margaret & Sebastion J. Koilparampil, Arthunkal who holds a unique position as English teacher made the English version of this book in the exquisite language

K.A. Varghese