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*[[Branch 3]]
*[[Branch 3]]
'''[[Vathan(son of Varuth 3.K.F.3)|Vathan]]''', '''[[Kochory(son of Faranth 3.K.F.5)|Kochory]]''' , '''[[Vasthyan(son of Kochory 3.K.F.20)|Vasthyan]]''' & '''[[Anna]]''' , '''[[Margarita(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Margarita]]''' , '''[[K.S.Gabriel(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Gabriel]]''' , '''[[Thressya(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|Thressya]]''' , '''[[K.G.Varghese(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Varghese]]''' , '''[[K.G.Josep(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Josep]]''' , '''[[K.G.Kunjukunju(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Kunjukunju]]''' , '''[[K.G.Baby John(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Baby John]]''' , '''[[Mariyamma(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin)3.K.F.28)|Mariyamma]]''' , '''[[Eleeswa(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Eleeswa]]''' , '''[[K.S.Chearian(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Chearian]]''' , '''[[K.C.Paul(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Paul]]''' , '''[[Kunjukun(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|Kunjukun]]''' , '''[[K.C.Pappy(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Pappy]]''' , '''[[Kunjannamma(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|Kunjannamma]]''' , '''[[K.C.Eapen(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Eapen]]''' , '''[[K.C.Ponnappan(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Ponnappan]]''' , '''[[K.C.Ummachan(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Ummachan]]''' , '''[[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]]''' , '''[[K.S.Joseph(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Joseph]]''' , '''[[K.J.Sebastin(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|K.J.Sebastin]]''' , '''[[K.J.Jacob(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|K.J.Jacob]]''' , '''[[Annamma(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Annamma]]''' , '''[[Elzabeth(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Elzabeth]]''' , '''[[Jainamma(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Jainamma]]''' , '''[[Juliet(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Juliet]]''' , '''[[Kochurani(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Kochurani]]''' , '''[[K.S.Antony(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Antony]]''' , '''[[K.A. Sebastin(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Sebastin]]''' , '''[[K.A. Varghese(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Varghese]]''' , '''[[K.A.John Edison(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.John Edison]]''' , '''[[Clara Clementine(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|Clara Clementine]]''' , '''[[K.A.Francis Cherian(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Francis Cherian]]''' , '''[[K.A.Joseph(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Joseph]]''' , '''[[K.A.Jacob Louis George(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Jacob Louis George]]'''
*[[Vasthyan(son of KOCHORY 3.K.F.20)|Vasthyan]]
*[[Margarita(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28)|Margarita]] , [[K.S.Gabriel(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Gabriel]] , [[Mariyamma(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN)3.K.F.28)|Mariyamma]] , [[Eleeswa(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28)|Eleeswa]] , [[K.S.Chearian(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Chearian]] , [[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28)|Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]] , [[K.S.Joseph(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Joseph]] , [[K.S.Antony(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Antony]]

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Vathan, Kochory , Vasthyan & Anna , Margarita , K.S.Gabriel , Thressya , K.G.Varghese , K.G.Josep , K.G.Kunjukunju , K.G.Baby John , Mariyamma , Eleeswa , K.S.Chearian , K.C.Paul , Kunjukun , K.C.Pappy , Kunjannamma , K.C.Eapen , K.C.Ponnappan , K.C.Ummachan , Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice , K.S.Joseph , K.J.Sebastin , K.J.Jacob , Annamma , Elzabeth , Jainamma , Juliet , Kochurani , K.S.Antony , K.A. Sebastin , K.A. Varghese , K.A.John Edison , Clara Clementine , K.A.Francis Cherian , K.A.Joseph , K.A.Jacob Louis George


3.K.F.182/G10(5)K.S.Chearian (S.CHERIYAN MAPILLAI) [3.T.F.28&51] 1888-12.11.1944 Born as the 2nd son of Vasthyan and Anna.


  1. K.C.PaulChinnappan)(3.K.F.183).
  2. Kunjukun(Sebastin)(3.K.F.188).
  3. Ponnamma and Eapachan(died in infancy)
  4. K.C.Pappy(Joseph) (3.K.F.190).
  5. Kunjannamma(3.K.F.194)
  6. K.C.Eapen3.K.F.199).
  7. K.C.Ponnappan(K.C.Varghese)(3.K.F 208).
  8. Kanakamma(Rev.Sr.Laura)(3.K.210).
  9. Valsamma(Sr. Beatrice)(3.K.211).
  10. K.C.Ummachan(Thomas)(3.K.F.212).

3.K.F.194/G11(4) KUNJANNAMMA [3.T.F.182] 7-8-1921--9.12.1992After primary education at Arthunkal she matriculated from St.Joseph Convent high School Trissure, and intermediate from Holy Cross College Thiruchirappally. She married J.S.I.Hillarie, son of J.S.I.Santhappa Pillai Dy.S.P.Pothannoor, Coimbathore.

1st married


  1. Babu (Hillarie Santhappa Cheriyan)(3.F.195).

3.K.F.194A/G11(4) After the death of Hillarie, she married Johnson VeluthamannuinkkalThumboly. Johnson died on 27-4-1962,Kunjannamma died on 9.12.92 at the age of 71.

2st married


  1. Cheri(Cheriyan)(3VU.F.197).
  2. Betty Beatrice)(3.Vu.F198).

3.F.195/G12(1.) BABU(HILLARY SANTHAPPA CHERIAN) B.A. [3.T.F.194] 23-10-1947after education he works as manager in Tata's Air Cargo Service, Tuticorin. He married Lakshmi B. Se 27-2-1952, daughter of V. Kutten Pillai and N. Sum athiamma Thiruvan athapuram. they have a daughter. the family resides at Tuticorin. Address:- Mr.Babu Hillary, Station manager,D.H.L.world wide Express House address:-Babu Hillary,Radha Nivas T.C.11/32 near P.M.G.Jn. Pattom P.O. Tvm.69004. Ph.0471-298 4212/ 4346.

G13. 1,Anju.(3.F.196)

3.F.196/G13(1) ANJU [3.T.F.195]. She married Sajeev on 10 th.Sept.2001 at Trivandrum.

3.Vu.F.197/G12. CHERRY JOHNSON (CHERIYAN) [3.T.F.194.A]. Married Tessy, Thathampally,Alappuzha. Both are embloyed in U.S.A.

G 13.

  1. Arun (Chikku).
  2. Chinnu (Anup).

3.Vu.F.198/G12(3)BETTY (BEATRICE) [3.T.F.194.A] married Joseph Xavier , son of Xavier, Kochikkaranveettil, Chettikadu. Joseph Xavier is employed as Postmaster. They reside at Kommady, Alleppy.


  1. Neethu 18-10-85
  2. Nanthu MBBS 1987.