K.L.Vasthyon (son of Lonan 4.K.F.399)

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4.K.F.400/G11.K.L.VASTHYON 1860-1940[4.T.F.399] conducted the ferry service in Azhickal So he is known as the "Kadathukaran".He done six marriages.First he married Anna Kurisinkal from Arthunkal

1st married


  1. Lona1885 (4.K.F.401)

4.K.F.400A/G11.K.L.VASTHYON [4.T.F.399] Second marriage from Therath at Cochin.

2nd married


  1. Yohannan1890 (4.K.F.406)

4.K.F.400B/G11.K.L.VASTHYON [4.T.F.399] Third marriage from Puthenpurackal at Chethy.

3rd married


  1. Thomas1895-1900(4.K.F.417).
  2. Ponnunni 1897(4.K.F.418)

4.K.F.400C/G11.K.L.VASTHYON [4.T.F.399]. His Fourth marriage with Ammukunju daughter of Namboothiri Vathan Karumancheri Ithithara at Ezhupunna.

4th married


  1. Joseph 1905( 4.K.F.419)
  2. Leon1907 (4.K.F.424)

4.K.F.400D/G11.K.L.VASTHYON [4.T.F.399] Fifth Marriage from Cochin.

5th married


  1. Samson 1913-1914.

4.K.F.401/G12(1)K.S. LONA 1885 [4.T.F.400] married Mary form Aruthunkal .

4.K.F.406/G12(2)YOHANNAN 1890[4.T.F. 400A] married Mary Karikodathu at Kuthiyathode.

4.K.F.417/G12(3)THOMAS [4.T.F.400B] 1895-1900 remained as bachelor

4.K.F.418/G12(4)PENNUNNI 1897-1985[4.T.F.400B]married Anthonikkutty panackl at


  1. Vasthyonkutty 1923.
  2. Stethen 1929

4.K.F.419/G12(5)JOSEPH 1905-1977 [4.T.F.400C] married Thankamma (Alexandria) Menaghattil at Kannamali. This family settled in Thuravoor .

4.K.F.424/G12(6)LEON 1890--2.12.1999 [4.T.F.400C] married Rosamma,daughter of Pathrose Arackal at Kandakadavil..