K.G.Kunjukunju(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)

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Vathan, Mighel(Michael), Kochory , Vasthyan & Anna , Margarita , K.S.Gabriel, Thressya , K.G.Varghese, K.G.Josep, K.G.Kunjukunju, K.G.Baby John, Mariyamma, Eleeswa, K.S.Chearian, K.C.Paul, Kunjukunju, K.C.Pappy, Kunjannamma, K.C.Eapen, K.C.Ponnappan, K.C.Ummachan, Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice, K.S.Joseph, K.J.Sebastin , K.J.Jacob , Annamma , Elzabeth , Jainamma , Juliet , Kochurani , K.S.Antony , K.A. Sebastin , K.A. Varghese , K.A.John Edison , Clara Clementine , K.A.Francis Cherian , K.A.Joseph , K.A.Jacob Louis George

K.G.KUNJUKUNJU (Alexander)

3.K.F.101/G10(2) K.S.GABRIEL 1876 - 14.1.1954. [3.T.F.28&51] born on 15 th.


  1. Thressya(Thankamma)(3.K.F.102).
  2. K.G.Varghese(Kunjappan)(3.K.F. 104).
  3. K.G.Josep(Kuttappan)(3.K.F.112).
  4. K.G.Kunjukunju(Alexander)(3.K.F.117).
  5. K.G.Baby John(3.K.F.121).

3.K.F.117/G11(5) K.G.KUNJUKUNJU (Alexander)[3.T.F.101] 10-11-1923. (24 Thulam 1099) after his college studies he got employment as Post master in the post and telegraph department. He worked in various places namely Pattanakkad, Punnappra, Arithunkal, Cherthala and Alleppy etc. He married Mariyamma,(21.7.1933 to 18.11.1998) daughter of John(Lonachan)and Kochamma,Pollayil,Chellanam. She died at the age of 65.After retirement he returned to Arithunkal and settled down near the family house.Ph.0478 257 3823

G 12.

  1. Pamela (Ajayamalini) (3.K.F.118)
  2. Sheeba (Annie Joy) (3.K.F.119)
  3. Shaji (John Gabriel Majo Alex) (3.K.F.120).

3.K.F.118/G12(1)Dr. AJAYA MALINI (PAMELA)[3.T.F. 117]1957 B.V.Sc. She is Assistant Director in the veterinary dept., married Advocate Joseph Thomas B.A.,L.L.B, son of Thomas Thalanani, Thozhupadath, Chelakkara., Kelamangalam Estate, Thrissur. They have a daughter, they reside near St.Mary's Girls H.S.Cherthala. Ph.0478-281 4731,98471 17510, (O) 281 2383.

G 13.

  1. Daya Thomas (Neethu) 1990

3.K.F.119/G12(2)Dr.ANNIE JOY(SHEEBA)[3.T.F.117]1959.B.A.M.S. She is the chief medical officer in Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital Thodupuzha. She married Mathew Kuruvilla, son of C.K. Mathew and Thressiamma, Cherukunnel, Velliyamattam, Thodupuzha. He worked in Velliyamattam service co-operative bank. This family resides at Elamdesham Thodupuzha. Ph.0486 -227 6640.

G 13.

  1. Bichu (Mathew Kuruvilla) 12-9-1991.

3.K.F.120/G12(3).MAJO ALEX (SHAJI)[3.T.F. 117]22-10-1961after his college education at Kalamasserry, St. Paul's collage and St. Michacl's college, Cherthala. He spent some time in the political field. He is now employed as Matron (male) in the Govt.special school for the deaf at Kunnamkulam. He married Mary Margaret (Laly) 5-5-1964. M.A.(Lit.), B.Ed.(H.S.A.teacher in Govt.high school), daughter of Lonan Pillai and Alaxandra, Panickaveedu, Thuravoor. She is employed in Revenue Dept. at Palakkad, few months later she got reemployed as HSA teacher. They had a son and a daughter. Ph.0488-251 0757

G 13.

  1. Alex Midhun 26-6-1992.
  2. Annie Neema 1-11-1995.