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*[[Branch 3]]
* Branch : [[Branch 3]]
* Father: [[K.S.Gabriel(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Gabriel]]
[[Vathan(son of Varuth 3.K.F.3)|Vathan]] ,
* Brothers & Sisters : [[Thressya(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|Thankamma]] , [[K.G.Varghese(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Kunjappan]] , [[K.G.Josep(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Kuttappan]] , [[K.G.Kunjukunju(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Kunjukunju]] , [[K.G.Baby John(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Baby John]]
[[Mighel(Michael) (son of Faranth/Francis 3.K.F.5) | Mighel(Michael)]] ,
[[Kochory(son of Faranth/Francis 3.K.F.5)|Kochory]] ,
[[Vasthyan(son of Kochory 3.K.F.20)|Vasthyan]] &
[[Anna]] ,
[[Margarita(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Margarita]] ,
[[K.S.Gabriel(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Gabriel]] ,
[[Thressya(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|Thressya]] ,  
[[K.G.Varghese(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Varghese]] ,  
[[K.G.Josep(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Josep]] ,  
[[K.G.Kunjukunju(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Kunjukunju]] ,  
[[K.G.Baby John(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Baby John]] ,
[[Mariyamma(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin)3.K.F.28)|Mariyamma]] ,
[[Eleeswa(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Eleeswa]] ,
[[K.S.Chearian(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Chearian]] ,
[[K.C.Paul(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Paul]] ,
[[Kunjukunju(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|Kunjukunju]] ,
[[K.C.Pappy(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Pappy]] ,
[[Kunjannamma(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|Kunjannamma]] ,
[[K.C.Eapen(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Eapen]] ,
[[K.C.Ponnappan(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Ponnappan]] ,
[[K.C.Ummachan(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Ummachan]] ,
[[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]] , [[K.S.Joseph(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Joseph]] ,
[[K.J.Sebastin(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|K.J.Sebastin]] ,
[[K.J.Jacob(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|K.J.Jacob]] ,
[[Annamma(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Annamma]] ,
[[Elzabeth(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Elzabeth]] ,
[[Jainamma(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Jainamma]] ,
[[Juliet(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Juliet]] ,
[[Kochurani(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Kochurani]] ,
[[K.S.Antony(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Antony]] ,
[[K.S.Joseph(son of VASTHYAN (SEBASTIN) 3.K.F.28) | Annie Evangeline]] ,
[[K.A. Sebastin(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Sebastin]] ,
[[K.A. Varghese(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Varghese]] ,
[[K.A.John Edison(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.John Edison]] ,
[[Clara Clementine(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|Clara Clementine]] ,
[[K.A.Francis Cherian(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Francis Cherian]] ,
[[K.A.Joseph(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Joseph]] ,
[[K.A.Jacob Louis George(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Jacob Louis George]]
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3.K.F.101/G10(2) K.S.GABRIEL 1876 - 14.1.1954. [3.T.F.28&51] born on 15 th.
# [[Thressya(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|Thressya]](Thankamma)(3.K.F.102).
# [[K.G.Varghese(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Varghese]](Kunjappan)(3.K.F. 104).
# [[K.G.Josep(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Josep]](Kuttappan)(3.K.F.112).
# [[K.G.Kunjukunju(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Kunjukunju]](Alexander)(3.K.F.117).
# [[K.G.Baby John(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Baby John]](3.K.F.121).

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3.K.F.112/G11(3)K.G.JOSEPH (KUTTAPPAN)[3.T.F.101]2.12.1914 to11.8.2000(17 th Vrikchikom 1090). He had his schooling at Arthunkal and Cherthala. He ran a typewriting institute at Thoppumpady and afterwards stationery stores.

On 20-5-1957 at the age of 43, he married Paulin Joyce 18-7-1937, daughter of Vinamsi and Cicily, Karumanchery (Kampolathuparambu) at Ezhupunna. They had three sons and a daughter.Ph.0478-257 2386

G 12.

  1. Gabriel(Saubhagyam)(3.K.F.113).
  2. Sebastin Melbin. (3.K.F.114).
  3. Ann Mary Helen(3.K.F.115)
  4. Johnson Yesudas (Bright)(3.K.F.116).

3.K.F.113/G12(1).GABRIEL (SAUBHAGYAM) [3.T.F.112]B.A.Diploma(in film direction from institute of film technology Trivandrum) on 5-8-1958. He studied music in Thranga Nizary run by the famous play back singer Dr. Yesudas. In 1-1-1986 he married Asha (Jean Mary Blossom T. Alex) 1960 daughter of Alex and Rosamma Thillery, Thiruvalla.Now residing at Tvm. Asha is employed in K.S.R.T.C. office at Tvm. Sowbhagyam runs a travel service at Arithunkal they had a son.

G 13.

  1. Gazal S.Koilparampil (Jose Alex) 7-1-1990.

3.K.F. 114/G12(2). MELBIN (SEBASTIN_MELVIN)1960 B.A. [3.T.F. 112]after his studies he engaged in the social work. He married Mini daughter of Maxmillen and Vinayamma, Karumancheril (Kattathara) Arroor. The family resides at Mumbai. They have a daughter. Melvin is working in I.T.T.C. Mumbai, Mini is working in "Pedilite industries, Mumbai" 0223 2471913.

1st married

G 13.

  1. Meriu 11-7-1990.

3.K.F. 114&A/G12(2). MELBIN (SEBASTIN_MELVIN)1960 B.A. [3.T.F. 112]after his studies he engaged in the social work. He married

2st married

G 13.

  1. MELBIN.
  2. MELBIN.

3.K.F. 115/G12(3) HELEN(ANN MAREY HELEN)[3.T.F. 112]M.A.B.Ed.17-10-1964. She was a teacher in an English medium school at Kaloor, Ekm. Afterwards at she worked in Leo XIII H.S. Alleppy. Now at Arthunkal school. she married Anil, son of Sebastin Kurishinkal (Kalluveedu) Arithunkal 0478 257 2202

G 13.

  1. Dominic Rohith (Manikutten)1991.
  2. Rakshith 2001

3.K.F.116/G(4).BRIGHT (JOHNSON YESUDAS) B.A; L.L.B. [3.T.F.112]17-10.1967. Now he is practicing at Cherthala Ph.0478-257 2386. He married Sophia Pauline (23rd April 1974) B.A., LLB.(practicing as a junior Advocate in Alleppey) daughter of T.P.Charles and Maraiamma Arasarkadavil, Punnappura. Father's address : Thypparampil house, S.H.Mount P.O., Kottayam 686 008, Ph.0481 256 3348.

G 13.

  1. BRIGHT.
  2. BRIGHT.