K.G.Baby John(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)

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K.G.KUNJUKUNJU (Alexander)

3.K.F.101/G10(2) K.S.GABRIEL 1876 - 14.1.1954. [3.T.F.28&51] born on 15 th.


  1. Thressya(Thankamma)(3.K.F.102).
  2. K.G.Varghese(Kunjappan)(3.K.F. 104).
  3. K.G.Josep(Kuttappan)(3.K.F.112).
  4. K.G.Kunjukunju(Alexander)(3.K.F.117).
  5. K.G.Baby John(3.K.F.121).

3.K.F.121/G11(5)BABY JOHN [3.T.F.101]B.A.;B.Ed.25-4-1926 He had his secondary education in boarding school at Pullikunoo and Kanjoor and had studied in Maharaja’s collage Ernakulam and while studying for law in Ernakulam Law collage due to his enthusiastic participation in the famous “Orana Samaram” which shook the officials of the first Communist Government. As the member of the central Action Committee, he was forced to discontinue his education. After words from St Joseph’s College at Mysore, he took his B.Ed degree.As a high school student he took part in freedom fight since 1945.The quit India movement was in progress and the youth and student workers were helping satyagraha Movement lead by Indian National congress of Kerala. The students’ congress of Kerala was helping these Prajamondalom the congress wing of the cochin state congress in which also he was an official delegate to commission of 1947. The freedom fighters had only to face brutalities only courageous patriots joined the fight Later in the famous Vimochana samaram he took part directively to break the law less governed raja of the day. He had been arrested at least four times for leading struggles against the foreign rule as well as once during the vimochana samara.He had taken up the call by Pattom Thanupilli to organise P.S.P in the northern regions of Alleppey district and have helped to organise P.S.P. movement in Shertally Mararikulam and successfully submitted memorandum to get electricity connection to Arthinkal and to complete the work by furnishing the coastal roads by cross construction of delayed Vazhakkuttathil canal. He also organised the workers to arrest the flow of the water by putting buds to the Alleppey Shertally canal which was causing the water level of the lands to lower level which create a panicky along the region and brought back the old level. Again, he has presented a petition to the P.S.P ministry requesting to take action to make coastal panchayath and coastal assembly constituencies to protect the life of the fishermen as well as peasants. He fought against P.K.Vasudhavan Nair for Parliament election as P.S.P.(Praja socialist party)candidate supported by congress party from Ambalappuzha .That election was especially significant as he was the youngest candidate and that it as a straight fight in which he was defeated with a narrow 1.5% votes.

At 1963, he married Mercy Fernandez B.A., B.T, Anjallummoottil, Kollam. After marriage he left politic to work as teacher in south t Africa and later to ziberia .Mercy was a government schoolteacher and she took deputation to work as teacher in Africa. Mercy returned to join Kerala service, became D.E.O., and retired. Baby John left for Ernakulam and they are staying in the heart of the city. Phone No.9961022774


  1. Anil (Antony Finton) 17-2-1965,2.Sunil (Placid)1971. Sunil died in England after an open heart surgery for which he was taken there at the age of four and eight months, the body was cramated at Arthinkal.

3.K.F.122/G12(1). Dr. Anil John (Antony Finton) [3.T.F.121]17-3-1965. M.B.B.S.,MD(ortho),MS (University of Flentron of Australia). On 30-8-1992, he married Dr. Prasanna MBBS,DCH, daughter of B.K.Nair,Vazhappally, Cherukol, Mavelikkara. Both are working at “City hospital and staying at Ernakulam. 0484-2340452.