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Branch 3


1,K.A. Sebastin 2,Annie Evangeline 3,K.A. Sebastin 4,K.A. Varghese 5,K.A. John Edison 6,Clara Clementine 7,K.A. Francis Cherian 8,K.A. Joseph 9,K.A. Jacob Louis George


3.K.F.278/G11(8). K.A. JOSEPH (JOSEY)[3.T.F.254]17-10-1947 Friday. After general education Josey passed certificate course in fitter Trade in ITC and he ran a workshop at Arthunkal. He married Marykutty 1950, daughter of Sebastian and Sosamma, Koilparampil Arthunkal [3.K.F.220]. The marriage was on 5-5-1974. Ph. 0478-257 2266. Now Josey ran a medical shop at Arutunkl named "Jose Medicals". Ph. 0478- 257 2244.

G.12. 1,Soniya (Mariyathresya)(3.K.F.279). 2, Chippu (Jose Antony) (3.K.F.280)

3.K.F.279/G12(1). SONIYA (MARIYA THRESYA)[3.T.F. 278] 23.4.1975 Wednesday. After Predegree she studied the Pharmacy 'D.Pharm.' and working as a Pharmacist. She married to Arun Berty, son of A.H.Berty and Leela Athipoziyil Arthunkal. The marriage was on Thursday 26th August 1999. The couple has one son and a daughter. Ph. 0478- 257 3327.


3.K.F.280/G12(2). CHIPPU (K.J.JOSE ANTONY)[3.T.F.278](23.8.1978 - 26.12. 02) after Predegree he studied Electronics in ITC Arthunkal. On 26.12.02 at 2200 h, he died in an accident.


1,K.A. Sebastin2,Annie Evangeline3,K.A. Sebastin4,K.A. Varghese5,K.A. John Edison6,Clara Clementine7,K.A. Francis Cherian8,K.A. Joseph9,K.A. Jacob Louis George

1, Margarita. 2, K.S.Gabriel. 3, Mariyamma4, Eleeswa5,K.S.Chearian 6,Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice 7,K.S.Joseph 8,K.S.Antony