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1, [[Margarita]]. 2,  [[K.S.Gabriel]]. 3,  [[Mariyamma]]4,  [[Eleeswa]]5,[[K.S.Chearian]] 6,[[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]] 7,[[K.S.Joseph]] 8,[[K.S.Antony]]
1, [[Margarita]]. 2,  [[K.S.Gabriel]]. 3,  [[Mariyamma]]4,  [[Eleeswa]]5,[[K.S.Chearian]] 6,[[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]] 7,[[K.S.Joseph]] 8,[[K.S.Antony]]
[[Branch 1]]  [[Branch 2]]  [[Branch 3]]  [[Branch 4]]  [[Branch 5]]  [[Branch 6]]

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Branch 3


1,K.A. Sebastin 2,Annie Evangeline 3,K.A. Sebastin 4,K.A. Varghese 5,K.A. John Edison 6,Clara Clementine 7,K.A. Francis Cherian 8,K.A. Joseph 9,K.A. Jacob Louis George


3.K.F.265/G11(5).JOHN EDISON [3.T.F.254] 6-5-1943 Tuesday. After his education he ran a bakery at Arutunkal and afterwards Photo Studio "K.M.K. Studio"He married Bensitta 21-5-1945 Friday, daughter of Chacko and Margeret, Kayalvarathu Puthen veetil, Kundara, Kollam. The marriage was on 17-2-1968Monday. This family first stayed at Pallithode, then the house and property was sold and they settled at Arthunkal. This couple has three daughters. Ph. 0478-257 2136.

G.12. 1, Kavitha (Mary Margeret)( 3.K.F.266).2, Maya (Mary Jackselin) (3.K.F.267). 3, Kavery (Mary Rose Jasmine).(3.K.F.268).

3.K.F.266/G12(1) KAVITHA (Mary MARGERET)[3.T.F. 265]20.2.1970 Friday. After Predegree, she studied Lab technician course, and worked various hospitals. She married K.J.Berty M.Sc. Son of Joseph Sebastin and Moly kutty (Teacher), Kattiparampil, Arithunkal. K.J.Berty is working in Amalgom Company as an accountant. Now the family is in Yemen. Ph. 0478- 257 3289, 2067.

G.13. 1,Mariya San-Shiya 12-10-1996. 2,Masho

3.K.F.267/G12(2) MAYA(Mary JACKSELIN)[3.T.F.265]18.7.1971 Sunday. After education she studied painting from the famous artist S.L. Larious at Thumboly, and afterwards the Screen printing. She is married.

3.K.F.268/G12(3) KAVERY(Mary ROSE JASMINE)[3.T.F.265]15-11-1974 Friday. After her general education she studied the Nursing and worked in a hospital at Bangalore, and later in Saudi Arabia.She is married and resides in Goa. The couple has a baby.



1,K.A. Sebastin2,Annie Evangeline3,K.A. Sebastin4,K.A. Varghese5,K.A. John Edison6,Clara Clementine7,K.A. Francis Cherian8,K.A. Joseph9,K.A. Jacob Louis George

1, Margarita. 2, K.S.Gabriel. 3, Mariyamma4, Eleeswa5,K.S.Chearian 6,Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice 7,K.S.Joseph 8,K.S.Antony

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