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1, [[Margarita]]. 2,  [[K.S.Gabriel]]. 3,  [[Mariyamma]]4,  [[Eleeswa]]5,[[K.S.Chearian]] 6,[[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]] 7,[[K.S.Joseph]] 8,[[K.S.Antony]]
1, [[Margarita]]. 2,  [[K.S.Gabriel]]. 3,  [[Mariyamma]]4,  [[Eleeswa]]5,[[K.S.Chearian]] 6,[[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]] 7,[[K.S.Joseph]] 8,[[K.S.Antony]]
[[Branch 1]]  [[Branch 2]]  [[Branch 3]]  [[Branch 4]]  [[Branch 5]]  [[Branch 6]]

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Branch 3


1,K.A. Sebastin 2,Annie Evangeline 3,K.A. Sebastin 4,K.A. Varghese 5,K.A. John Edison 6,Clara Clementine 7,K.A. Francis Cherian 8,K.A. Joseph 9,K.A. Jacob Louis George


K.F.275/G11(7). K.A.FRANCIS CHERIAN (PONNAPPAN)[3.T.F.254]. After his education he has worked as the Senior Inspector in Peerless company. He married Monamma(Corona valentine)7-11-1947 Friday, daughter of Joseph Valentine and Celeena, of Mangalamuttathu, Kovilthottam, Kollam. The marriage was on 14-4-1971 Wednesday. Monamma is working as an Aganwadi teacher. Ph. 0478 257 1091.

G.12. 1,Rekha (Mary Beatrice)( 3.K.F. 276). 2, Renu (K.F. Sebastin Antony) (3.K.F.276).

3.K.F. 276/G12(1) REKHA (Mary BEATRICE)[3.T.F. 275]28.2.1972 Monday. After Pre-degree, she studied D Pharm, and she worked as pharmacist in K.M.K. hospital Aluva. She married Babu (Solaman) 5.10.1967 son of T.P.Thomas and Rita, Thundathil, Elankunnapuzha, VypinYpin,Cochin. The marriage was on 6 th Jan 1999 Wednesday. Ph. 0484-249 3543. Babu (Solaman) is managing a medical store named "Thundathil medical"at Ochanthurth. Ph. 0484-249 7923.

G.13. 1, Sobin (Leo Solaman) 12.11.1999. 2, Leona Soloman

3.K.F.277/G12(2). RENU (K.F. Sebastian Antony)[3.T.F. 275] 20.10.1973 Saturday. Married Annie, daughter of Xavier (Pappachan) and Kochu Thresya (Thankamma) of Nanattu at Thanki. Renu has two daughters - Libi & Lidiya. Renu had an autorickshaw named 'Leo' on 7.12.2001. Ph. 9349 333667.

G.13.1,Libi 2, Lidiya.


1,K.A. Sebastin2,Annie Evangeline3,K.A. Sebastin4,K.A. Varghese5,K.A. John Edison6,Clara Clementine7,K.A. Francis Cherian8,K.A. Joseph9,K.A. Jacob Louis George

1, Margarita. 2, K.S.Gabriel. 3, Mariyamma4, Eleeswa5,K.S.Chearian 6,Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice 7,K.S.Joseph 8,K.S.Antony

Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 Branch 4 Branch 5 Branch 6