K.A.Josey (son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)

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3.K.F.278/G11(8). K.A. JOSEPH (JOSEY)[3.T.F.254]17-10-1947 Friday. After general education Josey passed certificate course in fitter Trade in ITC and he ran a workshop at Arthunkal. He married Marykutty 1950, daughter of Sebastian and Sosamma, Koilparampil Arthunkal [3.K.F.220]. The marriage was on 5-5-1974. Ph. 0478-257 2266. Now Josey ran a medical shop at Arutunkl named "Jose Medicals". Ph. 0478- 257 2244.


  1. Soniya (Mariyathresya)(3.K.F.279).
  2. Chippu (Jose Antony) (3.K.F.280).

3.K.F.279/G12(1). SONIYA (MARIYA THRESYA)[3.T.F. 278] 23.4.1975 Wednesday. After Predegree she studied the Pharmacy 'D.Pharm.' and working as a Pharmacist. She married to Arun Berty, son of A.H.Berty and Leela Athipoziyil Arthunkal. The marriage was on Thursday 26th August 1999. The couple has one son and a daughter. Ph. 0478- 257 3327.



3.K.F.280/G12(2). CHIPPU (K.J.JOSE ANTONY)[3.T.F.278](23.8.1978 - 26.12. 02) after Predegree he studied Electronics in ITC Arthunkal. On 26.12.02 at 2200 h, he died in an accident.