Elzabeth(son of K.S.JOSEPH 3.K.F.218)

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3.K.F.218/G10(7)K.S.JOSEPH [3.T.F.28&51] 1887-25.3.1941, Tuesday. 1st married


  1. Leelamma (3.K.219).
  2. K.J.Sebastin(Kunjaaappan)(3.K.F.220).

3.K.F.218A/G11(7)After the demise of Marya kutty, Joseph remarried her sister Victoria.(1900-13.1.1979) seven children were born to them.

2st married


  1. Thankachi (who died at the age of 21 by typhoid).
  2. K.J.Jacob(Ambi)(3.K.F.224).
  3. Annamma(Chellamma)(3.K.F.232).
  4. Elzabeth(Sarojini)(3.K.F.240).
  5. Jainamma(Pappama)(3.K.F.244).
  6. Juliet(Kunjuthankam)(3.K.F.247).
  7. Kochurani(3.Ma.F.250).

3.K.F.240/G11(6)SAROJINI (ELZABETH)[3.T.F.218] .6.1927-20.7.1986. After her education, she married Appolananias (Pappachan 9-2-1916 to 26-2-1979, son of Edathattil (Kattunkal) on 11-3-1948 son of Simon and Mariya, Alapuzha, they had three children.


  1. Marey kutty (3.Ed.F.241).
  2. George kutty (3.Ed.F.242).
  3. Alex. (3.Ed.F.243).

3.Ed.F.241/G12(1).MARY KUTTY [3.T.F. 240] 16-3-1949. She married Joy George, son of Joseph and Lisa, Punnackal, Pallithode. The marriage was on 28-12-1975. They had Three children. The family is residing near the family house of Marey kutty, at Alapuzha near the Powerhouse. Joy George is working in KSRTC Ph.0477 2244843(PP)


  1. Veena B.A. P.G.D.C.A .22-10-1976.
  2. Vidhya 20-12-1980.MCom
  3. Vinod 4-10-1982.

3.Ed.F.242/G12(2)GEORGE KUTTY24.4.1950. [3.T.F.240]. After education and Training in Air conditioning and Refrigeration, he went to Muscat as an operator. He married Molly MSc, Daughter of Joseph Mathunkal, Kumbalangi. Molly is working in the M.G. University as the Office Superintendent. The couple had two children. They settled near the University.


  1. Divya 18-9-1988.
  2. Jiji 9-9-1993.

3.Ed.F.243/G12(3)ALEX [3.T.F. 240] 26-11-1953. After education and training in Mechanic, he is running Marine Engineering workshop and also fishing boats at Thoppumpady. He married - Rosamma, daughter of Pothen, Nadackalveettil, Cherthala on 26-2-1984. This family bought a plot at Thoppumpady and residing there. Ph.0484 2233365


  1. Jisha 28.11.1984.
  2. Jinu 22.11.1986.
  3. Jessey3.4.1990.

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