Dhumini (son of Jusay(6.K.F.63)

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6.K.F.71/G12(7).DHUMINI(Dominic)(f)1938 [6.T.F.63] married Sosamma 1944,daughter of Francies and Emily Vadackeveettil at Azhickal. Phone no.0478-257 3033.


  1. Roy13.1.1969(6.K.F.72).
  2. Sebastion 14.4.1971 (6.K.F.73).
  3. Yesudas 30.5.1975(6.K.F.74).

6.K.F.72/G13(1). K.D.ROY 13.1.1969 B.Tech. [6.T.F.71] married From Vyttila.

6.K.F.73/G13(2).K.D.SEBASTION 14.4.1971 I.T.I. Die Maker [6.T.F. 71] married Celin, daughter of Jusenju and Komseetha, Cheryassery at Azhickal.

6.K.F.74/G13(3) K.D.YESUDAS 30.5.1975 [6.T.F.70] I.T.C. (Fitter).