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Branch 3


1,K.A. Sebastin 2,Annie Evangeline 3,K.A. Sebastin 4,K.A. Varghese 5,K.A. John Edison 6,Clara Clementine 7,K.A. Francis Cherian 8,K.A. Joseph 9,K.A. Jacob Louis George


3.K.F.269/G11(6) CLARA CLAMENTAIN (KUSUMUM)[3.T.F. 254]1.1.1945 to 10.9.1997. She married to NM George (27-7-1934) son of Mathew and Mariya, Nellikkunnam, Edathwa. The marriage was on 23-9-1968, and the family settled at Sanathanam ward Alapuzha. This couple has six children. Phone no.0477 224 4438.

G.12. 1, Mary (Nimmy)(3.Ne.F.270).2, Mathew (Niju)(3.Ne.F.271).3,Neena Rose 3.6.1973-20.7.1975. 4, Antony (Naveen)(3.Ne.F.272). 5, Joji (N.G.Joseph)(3.Ne.F.273) 6, Joys (Clara Joyce)(3.Ne.F.274).

3.Ne.F.270/G12(1). NIMMY(MARY)[3.T.F.269] 10-8-1969 Sunday, after her general education she studied computer, and has worked as an office Assistant. She married Sibichan (Kurian) son of kurichan Kollamthara, at Mamcombu Alappuzha. Ph. 0477- 270 6684.

G13. 1,Seno 18th Nov 2000. 2,Siya 6th June 2003.

3.Ne.F.271/G12(2) NIJU (N.G.MATHEW)[3.T.F.269] 13-3-1972 Monday. After his education he is working as spervisior in Sibi Apparals Export Pvt Ltd, Thirupur. He is married.


3.Ne.F.272/G12(4) NAVEEN (N.G.ANTONY)[3.T.F.269] 29-11-1975 Saturday. He studied I.T.I trade electrician and works as an electrician in Micron Electricals. Bangalore.

3.Ne.F.273/G12(5) JOJAN (N.G.JOSEPH)[3.T.F. 269] 8-9-1977 Tuesday. After his general education he studied air-conditioning and is worked at Bangalore about two years. Now he is studding computer diploma course at Alapuzha.

3.Ne.F.274/G12(6) JAYAMMA (CLARA JOYCE)[3.T.F.269] 26-6-1985 Friday, she is studying the B.Sc nursing.


1,K.A. Sebastin2,Annie Evangeline3,K.A. Sebastin4,K.A. Varghese5,K.A. John Edison6,Clara Clementine7,K.A. Francis Cherian8,K.A. Joseph9,K.A. Jacob Louis George

1, Margarita. 2, K.S.Gabriel. 3, Mariyamma4, Eleeswa5,K.S.Chearian 6,Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice 7,K.S.Joseph 8,K.S.Antony

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