Cheriyan (Branch 2)

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2.K.F.1/G8.CHERIYAN 1832 Koilparampil,Elenji arrived at Poochackl for coir business and he married Merriam from Coluthara family, Manappuram Cherthala and settled at Mackekadavu in the old family property known as "Koyil-parampu".


  1. K.C. Ouseph(2.K.F.2).
  2. K.C.Pyely(2.K.F.39).
  3. K.C.Cheriyan(2.K.F.57).
  4. K.C. Varkey(2.K.F.83).
  5. K.C. Antony(2.K.F.108).
  6. Mary (2.K.F.126).

2.K.F.2/G9 (1).K. C. OUSEPH 1862-1939 July 12th. [2.T.F.1]

2.K.F.39/G9(2)K.C.PYELY [2.T.F.1] married Anna

2.K.F.57/G9(3)K. C. CHERIYAN [2.T.F.1] family settled at chkkanattvely , Pallipuram.

2.K.F.83/G9(4)K.C.VARKKY [2.T.F.1]

2.K.F.108/G9(5)K.C. ANTONY (KUNJU KUNJU) [2.T.F.1] he lived in the "Tharavad" home at Mackekadavu.

2.K.F.126/G9(6)MAREY [2.T.F.1.] married Kocheriyah Kattachira


  1. No offspring.