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Vathy from Ouseph

5.K.F.98/G10(3) to 5.K.F.146/G13(6).

5.K.F.98/G10(3) VATHY (Vasthyon)[5.T.F.3] married Annamma daughter of Ulvedath Athipozhiyil at Kattiparambu MANASSERY and settled their. G11.1,Visenthy (Vincent)(5.K.F.99). 2,Ouseppachan (Joseph). (5.K.F.184). 3,Ulvedath (Albert)(5.K.F.219).

5.K.F.99/G11(1).K.V. VISENTHY (Vincent)[5.T.F.98] married Ealia daughter of Mekheal (Michael) Arackal at Kandakadavu and the family settled at Kannamali. G12.1,Bastin (5.K.F.100). 2,Ezakhel (5.K.F.119) 3,Gregori (5.K.F.147). 4,Annamma (5.K.F.183).

5.K.F.100/G12(1) BASTIN [5.T.F. 99] 13.9.1878--18.4.1950 married Susanna 31.5.1889-30.1.1986 daughter of Andrayous and Mary, Karumanchery(Kattathara) at Neendakara Ezhupunna. G13.1,Kuttappan (Vincent) 1919(5.K.F.101). 2,Andrew (Anthappan) 1921(5.K.F.107). 3, Xavier 1923(5.K.F.115). 4,Eathamma 1925(5.K.F.117). 5,Plavi 1927(5.K.F.118).

5.K.F.101/G13(1) KUTTAPPAN (Vincent) 1919-1995[5.T.F.100] married Thresyamma 1920-1990 daughter of Kunjappan Puthenpurackal Chethi.This family settled at Kalpackam in Thamilnadu. G14.1,Kunjachan (Bastin) 1943(5.K.F.102). 2,Chanji1951 (5.K.F.103) 3,Unni (Antony)1-10-1957 (5.K.F.104). 4,Rosi 1959(5.K.F.105) 5,Harsal 1962(5.K.F.106). 6,Shirly 1968 to 1998.

5.K.F.102/G14(1). KUNJACHAN (Bastin) [5.T.F.101] 1943 married Jancy daughter of Mr.Merard Arackal Thirumullavaram at Quilon. G15.1,Sibi (Sebastion) 1989.

5.K.F.103/G14(2).CHANJI (Elzabeth) [5.T.F.101] 1951 married Joseph from Kalpackam. Address; K.J.Joseph, Chaduranga Pattanam, (Sadras) Kalpackam 603102. G15.1,Mary 1970 (2) Kochumon 1976 (3) Vava 1979. 4,Vincent 1981.

5.K.F.104/G14(3). UNNI (Antony) [5.T.F.101] 1-10-1957 married Lucy daughter of Antony Vinamcy Karmanchery (Kochuthara) Ezhupunna. This family settled at Ezhupunna, near the wife house. Address: K.V.Antony, Koilparambil House (Karumanchery) Ezhupunna. G15.1,Felex (Sibi) 25-8-1985. 2,Cibil 7-7-1991.

5.K.F105/G14 (4).ROSEY [5.T.F.101] 1959 married Rajan from Kalpackam. She working as a Pharmacist in a Pvt. Hospital. Address: -Rosy Rajan, Mathakovil Street, Sadras Kalpackam. G15.1,Jancy 1987. 2,Jancypher 1991.

5.K.F.106/G14(5). HARSAL [5.T.F.101] 1962 married Rani 1969 daughter of Kochappy Arackal Chethy. This family settled near Chethy Bridge. G15.1,Ginu 1994. 2,Rani 1997.

5.K.F.107/G13(2) ANDREW (Anthappan) [5.T.F. 100] 30-10-1921 married Baby (Agnus), 21-1-1929 daughter of Ealiyas and Philomina Thoppil, Neendakara Quilon. This family settled at Thrichnapally. Andrew managing a bookstall named "Viveka book stall" inside the central bus stand Trichy 620 001. Address: -K.B.Andrew, 22Arogyaswami pillai street, Chruch road, Crowford, Trichy-12. Trichy 0431-246 87 87, 241 83 32 Resi:0431-247 28 28. / 094431 44426. G14. 1, Vava (Elzabeth) 2-12-1953(5.K.F.108). 2,Rajan (Alexander)(5.K.F.109) 1955. 3,Thnkamani (Vironica) 19-9-1957 (5.K.110). 4,Soloman (5.K.F.111) 31-5-1960. 5,Thamby (Sebastion) 1963 (5.K.F.112). 6, Rani (Victoria) 17-12-1965(5.K.F.113). 7, Rosy 26-10-1971(5.K.F.114).

5.K.F.108/G14(1). VAVA (Elzabeth)[5.T.F.107] 2-12-1953 (Sangeethbhushanam.) married John 25-5-1950 -- 18-7-1994 son of Chilly from Madera. G15.1, Raju (Alexander) 15-12-1989.

5.K.F.109/G14(2).RAJAN (Alexander) [5.T.F.107] 1955 married Baby (Alphas) 2-1-1956 from Thankassery Quilon. G15.1,Renju 9-12-1990. 2,Rincy 8-12-1992.

5.K.110/G14 (3).THANKAMANI (Vironica) [5.T.F.107] 16-9-1957 she remained as a Spinster.

5.K.F.111/G14(4).SOLAMON [5.T.F.107] 31-5-1960 married Sibil daughter of Dr.Xavier Puthenpurackal Ezhupunna. G15.1,Luya 25-9-1991. 2,Agnus Nancy 4-1-2000.

5.K.F.112/G14(5). THAMBY(Sebastion) [5.T.F.107] 9-3-1963 married Kunjumol ChristyJasmin) {4.K.F.551/G15(4)} 27-1-1969 daughter of Wilson and Idamma Koilparambil Pallithode.This family is in Trichy. G15.1,Andre Wilson 3-3-1998.

5.K.F.113/G14(6).RANI (Victoria) [5.T.F.107] 17-12-1965 married W.B.Linel 2-1-1959 son of White Web (Anglo-Indian) Trichy. G15. 1,W.L.Clinton 16-3-1997.

5.K.F.114/G14 (7)ROSEY [5.T.F.107] 26-10-1971 M.Com.

5.K.F.115/G13(3). XAVIER [5.T.F.100] 1923 married Francisca 1937 daughter of Varghese and Rosa Koikkaran Parambil Perumannoor,Ernakulam, the family settled at Ezhupunna. Address : Xavier Bastian, Koilparambil, Ezhupunna south P.O., 688 530 G14.1.Antony 1963 (5.K.F.116)

5.K.F.116/G14(1). ANTANY [5.T.F.115] 1963 M.B.B.S, M.D married Kathi-Francisca 1966 daughter of Alexander and Pushpaletha Prambaloth house at Perumannor Eranakulam. This family is at Chicago USA.

5.K.F.117/G13(4) EATHAMMA [5.T.F.100] 1925 no details available.

5.K.F.118/G13(5) PLAVI [5.T.F.100] 1927 no details available.

5.K.F.119/G12(2). EZAKHEL [5.T.F.99] 1885 married Kathreena daughter of Peatherkutty and Margaritha {3.Ch.F.69/G11(3) } of Charankattu at Chennavely Cherthala. G13.1,Joseph 1915(5.K.F.120). 2,Michael 26-3-1919(5.K.F.125). 3,Antony 1921(5.K.F.133). 4,Vinsent1923 (5.K.F.140). 5,Xavier 1931(5.K.F.141). 6,Leela 1933(5.K.F.146)

5.K.F.120/G13(1). K.E.JOSEPH [5.T.F.119] 1915--25-6-1989 During the Second world war he served in the royal Indian army, after the retirement he ran a provisional shop at Kannamaly in 1951 he married Mettilda, daughter of Sandhyavu Varghese and Elzabeth, Manassery. G14. 1,Stanley 1952(5.K.F.121). 2,Issac 1954(5.K.F.122). 3, Jessy 1954(5.K.F.123). 4,Mercy 1959(5.K.F.124).

5.K.F.121/G14(1). STANLEY [5.T.F.120] 1952 B.A he is a Contractor in Cochin Shipyard. He married Daney (Catherin) daughter of George Fredrick and Annie of fort Cochin. G15. 1,Akhila Stanley 1989.

5.K.F.122/G14(2). ISSAC [5.T.F.120] 1954 after his diploma in Air Conditioning he is employed in a Shipping Company at Saudi Arabia.

5.K.F.123/G14(3). JESSY [5.T.F.120] 1954 married Manuel, son of Antony and Betty Pallathusseril at Fort Cochin. G15. 1,Antony 1990,

5.K.F.124/G14(4). MERCY [5.T.F.120] 1959 married Cletus, son of Ponnappan and Thresa of Eliangikkal, Fort Cochi. He conducts a mini School bus service. G15. 1,Soumiya. 2,Swapna. 3,Steffy. 4,Aldril.

5.K.F.125/G13(2). K.E.MICHAEL [5.T.F.119] 26-3-1919. After his education he joined the Royal Army, it was during the period of the second world war, after the retirement he under took contract works. He married Layssamma {4.K.F.104/G12 (4)} 20-11-1926 daughter of Silvester and Madaleen Koilparambil Arthunkal, this family settled at Arthunkal. G14. 1,K.M.Sasikutten (Silvester) (5.K.F.126). 2,MaryJain (5.K.F.127). 3,Mary Stella (5.K.F. 128). 4,Antony Sunny (5.K.F.129) 5,Mary Margaret (5.K.F.130). 6,Francies Xavier (5.K.F.131). 7,Rose Delia (5.K.F.132).

5.K.F.126/G14(1). K.M.SASIKUTTEN (Sylvester) [5.T.F.125] 1950 he married Annakutty daughter of Ouseph and Ealy, Varavulin, Mutholy near Kuruvinal St.Mary' s Church. This family settled in Mutholy Pala. Address-K.M. Sasi Koilparambil house, Mutholy P.O. Pulunoor, Pala. G15. 1,Shali 17-9-1994. 2,Elzabeth 14-12-96.

5.K.127/G14(2). MARY-JAIN [5.T.F.125] 1952 remained as spinster.

5.K.128/G14(3). MARY-STELLA [5.T.F.125] 1954 remained as spinster.

5.K.F.129/G14(4). SUNNY (K.M Antony) [5.T.F.125] 1956 married Chinnamma daughter of Pappachan and Annamma Ulladanchira, Pottikavala, Cherthala. This family settled at Arthunkal. G15.Nil.

5.K.F.130/G14 (5). MARY-MARGRET [5.T.F.125] 1958 married Thomas son of Chacko and Ealyamma, Chithamparambil, Thannermukkom, Cherthala. He is a Pwd. Contractor. This family settled in wife's house at Arthunkal. G15. 1,Blazy 1996.

5.K.F.131/G14(6). K.M.FRANCIES XAVIER [5.T.F.125] 1960 married Gracy daughter of Varghese, Anampokkil Panavally. This family settled in Panavally. G15. 1,Michael 1996. 2,Binu 1998.

5.K.F.132/G14 (7). ROSE-DELIMA [5.T.F.125] 1970 Lab. Technician

5.K.F.133/G13(3). K.E.ANTONY [5.T.F.119] 1921--8-11-1987 after education he joined the Army during he Second World War his unit was 1.E17E.After the war he married Thankamma (Mary) daughter of Varghese Manjeliveettil at Ernakulam. After the service he settled near and behind the Mamangalam church. Address: -K.A.Johny, Koilparambil, Kulurickal, Chuttupathukara, Edapplly P.O Cochin 24. G14.1,Johny (5.K.F.134). 2,Janet (5.K.F.135). 3,Silvey (5.K.F.136). 4,Wilsy (5.K.F.137). 5,Jancy 1974 (5.K.F.138) .6, Grandon (5.K.F.139)

5.K.F.134/G14(1). JOHNY [5.T.F.133] 1957 after the education he carryout the Contract works, formerly undertaken by his father. He married Margaret 1964 daughter of Varghese and Cicily Vellaparambil at Koratti. The family resides at their Ancestral home at Mamagalam. G15. 1,HevinJohny 21-9-1989. 2,NevinJohny 13-5-1993.

5.K.F.135/G14(2). JANET 1959 [5.T.F.133] married Josey son of Pappachan and Theathamma, Cherukareth, at Thrikkara. Pappachan is a driver. G15.1,Dhanya 28-2-1985.

5.K.F.136/G14(3). SILVY [5.T.F.133] 1968 married Yesudas son of Augustin Pediyakka house, Kaloor. He is employed in Rohiney Coconut Oil Cake Company at Perumbavoor. G15.1,Simble mole 20-8-1993.

5.K.F.137/G14(4). WILSY [5.T.F.133] 28-8-1970 she is working in Solidate G.B.M. Company.

5.K.F.138/G14(5).JANCY [5.T.F.133] 1974 after B.Com she practice A.I.C.W.A

5.K.F.139/G14(6). GRANDON [5.T.F.133] 1976.

5.K.140/G13(4). VINCENT [5.T.F.119] 1923--20-3-1993 he lived as a bachelor.

5.K.F.141/G13(5). Dr.XAVIER [5.T.F.103] 22-3-1931 he studied Homeopathy after the completion in 1958 started a dispensary near the Kannamaly Church.On14-12-1960 he married Elsie (Iethamma){3.Ve.F100/G11 (5)} 6-4-1933--24-6-1991 daughter of Dhummini Kunjan Vaishyan and Annie (3.C.K.F.100) Kochikkaran-Veettil at Chetticad. G14.1, Titus (Lal) 1962(5.K.F.142). 2,Mary darly 1964(5.K.F.143). 3,Melvin (Laj) 1966(5.K.F.144). 4,Jose (Lad) 1971(5.K.145).

5.K.F.142/G14(1). TITUS (All) [5.T.F.141] 1962 after his education he works in Atlas engineering company at Ernakulam. He married Binu M.A. daughter of Abraham and Flora Valiyaveettil, Kaloor on 24-4-1994.

5.K.F.143/G14(3). MARY-DARLY [5.T.F.141] 1964 working as a lab Technician and married Augustin son of Ouseph and Thresa Vaimelil, Kaloor on 22-11-1992. G15. 1,Sneha 1993.

5.K.F.144/G14 (3) MELVIN (Laj) [5.T.F.141] 1966 he is an Aluminium Fabrication works contractor.

5.K.145/G14 (4) Fr.JOS (Lad) 1971. [5.T.F.141] now he is the assistant Vicar of St.Sebastion Church at Pallithode Phone 0478--256 2227

5.K.F.146/G13(6). ISABEL (Leela)[5.T.F.119] 1933--9-3-1994 married James, son of Alxander Velikkakathu Kumbalangi. After retirement from military service he worked in Cochin Port Trust and later as medical assistant in dock labor board. Being an Ex-serviceman he acquired some land from the Govt.Vettilappara. Ex-service men's colony east of Chalakkudy. The family resides there. Address: V.A.James, Velikkakathu house, Vettilappara P.O. 680721, Chalakkudy. G14. 1,Alex Finigon 22-1-1960. 2,Catherine Vimi 10-12-1961.3,Mary Prameela 10-12-1961. 4,Issac benfield 1962. 5,Thresa Telma 1964. 6,Christ'66

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