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3.Ar.F.136/G(4)ELEESWA [3.T.F. 28&51] 1881-1950.She was the Third daughter of Koilparampil Vasthyan and Anna Arithunkal. She married Michael Arattukulam (Kallupurakkel), Mararikulam. Michael initiated the business of candle works in Travancore, not only did he made sufficient number of candles for all the churches in Travancore, and also distributed them to the respective Churches. In this way he became very popular among the people of his time. His life ended on 30 th.May 1940. at the age of 64. Eleeswa left this world on 13 th. March 1950, at the age of 69. they had seven children.

G.11.1,Boneventur (Boneve)(3.Ar.F.137) 2,Pilochan (died before getting married.)3.Mariyamma(3.Ar.F.142). 4,Annamma(3.Ar.F.158) 5,Vavachan.(Thomas)(3.Ar.F.143). 6,Sauriyarachan. (Xavier) (3.Ar.F.177). 7, Chinnamma (Philomena)(3.Vu.F.181).

3.Ar.F.137/G11(1)BONEVENTURE(BONEVE)[3.T.F.136]1902-1990after his schooling, he involved the house hold affairs. He married Vavamma daughter of Michael and Anastasia, Valiyathayil, Elanjikkal, Kattoor.Vavamma did not bear any child after her death he married. Rosamma, they had five children

G12.1, A.B.Chinnappan(3.Ar.F.138) 2, A.B.Kunjachan (3.Ar.F.139) 3,Kunjamma (3.Ar.F.140). 4,Chinnamma(3.Ar.F.141).5,Leelamma (she is Deaf and dumb by birth.)

3.Ar.F.138/G12(1)A.B.CHINNAPPAN [3.T.F.137]1955.After his education he got the employment in M/s. Alleppy Spinners He married Annamma, from Kanjairamchira,who is also employed in the same company, they have two children.

G13.1,Rani. 2, Soni.

3.Ar.F.139/G12(2)A.B.KUNJACHAN [3.T.F.137]29.7.1957--5.5.1990. After his education he also got employment in M/s. Alleppy Spinners. He married Valsamma, daughter of Antony,Puthenpurakkel, Chethy. She is a teacher they have a son. Kunjachan died in a bus accident on 5-5-1990 at the age of 33.

G13.1,Sarun 1987.

3.Ar.F.140/G12(3)KUNJAMMA [3.T.F.137] 1959, married Appachan son of Joseph Thathampally,at Alleppy they have two children.

3.Ar.F.141/G12(4)CHINNAMMA [3.T.F. 137] 1961, married to Xavier son of Raphel Gregory and Mary, Arattukulam, Mararikulam. they have three children.

G.13.1,Subash(Deaf and dumb by birth.) 2,Santhosh 3,Shalimole.

3.Ar.F.142/G12(5)LEELAMMA [3.T.F. 137] 1963.She is deaf and dumb by birth she remained as a bachelor girl.

3.Ar.F.143/G11(3)MARIYAMMA [3.T.F. 136] 1906-2.1.1993 mrried John Pillai, son of Michael and Anastesia Elanjikkal (Valiyathayil), Kattoor.John Pillai died at an early age in 1942. they have three children .She brought up her young ones all by her self, she also regained and maintained the properties of her husband, she died on 2-1-1993 at the age of 87.

G.12.1,Thressiyamma(3.E1.F.143).2,Rosamma (AgasthaRosilly)(3.Pu.F.152) 3,Thankachan (Michael Francis Borgia)(3.El.F.155 ).

3.E1.F.143/G12(1)THERESSIYAMMA [3.T.F.142] 23Rd.Kanni 1106(1930 )Married Franklin son of Kunjaouse and therssiamma,Veluthamannunkal Maruvakadu.Franklin born in 1924and was a machinist in an engineering workshop.This couple have eight children. Now the family resides at Kuruppathuparampil, east of Nazarathu Church.

G.13.1,Leelamma(3.Vu.F.144). 2,Annamma(Annie Margret)(3.Vu.F.145) 3, Alice Mary (Alice)(3.Vu.F.146) 4,Johnson (Baby)(3.Vu.F.147). 5,Jackson(3.Vu.F.148). 6,Saly(3.Vu.F.149).7,Joshy(3.Vu.F.150). 8,Roy(3.Vu.F.151).

3.Vu.F.144/G13(1) LEELAMMA [3.T.F.143]12-6-1954. Married Joy,son of Joseph and Mariyakutty, Chalaveetil, Ochanthuruthu. He is a tailor, the couple has a son

G14. 1,Edison Joseph. 30-7-1977

3.Vu.F.145/G13(2) ANNAMMA(ANNIE MARGRET) [3.T.F.143]30-10 1956. Married Johnson, son of Thomas and Emily,Polyil,Beach road, Nazarath. They have two sons.

G.14. 1,Grinikson 26-6-1988. 2,P atrickson 15-7-1991.

3.Vu.F.146/G13(3) ALICE MARY(ALICE)[3.T.F. 143]18-3-1959.Married to Hentry, son of Abraham, Thekkethayil(east of Thumboly church) He is a driver in the Panchay office at Kollam district.

G14. 1,Githu (Leyason) 4-6-1991.

3.Vu.F.147/G13(4) JOHNSON(BABY)[3.T.F.143] 12-5-1961. Mrried Sasanka (Nair) Later Christened, Mary,she is staff nurse in K.E.M.Hospital, Parel,Bombay 400012 Johnson runs a motor winding workshop in Ghattcoopper shopping centere. They have a daughter.

G14. 1,Prianka. 27-9-1990.

3.Vu.F.148/G13(5) JACKSON [3.T.F.143]17-7-1963. He is an Inspector in the Peerless general finance company.

3.Vu.F.149/G13(6) SALY (FELIX) [3.T.F. 143]18-11-1965. Married Leena Letishia daughter of Devasia and Germenia, Kuttuparampil, Kattiparampil, at Manasserry.

G13. 1,Joshy (Alaxander) 20-3-1968(welder).

3.Vu.F.150/ G13(7) JOSHY

3.Vu.F.151/G14(8) ROY(JOB)[3.T.F. 143] 12-10-1972.(Peerless Organizer).

3.Pu.F.152/G12(2) ROSAMMA(AGASTHA ROSILY)[3.T.F.142]1112 Dhanu 30.(1936),married Simon, son of Jorusu (George) Vaidyan, and Louisiamma , Puthanpurakel, Kattoor. He was in the Army (Signals)After retirement he undertook the management of household affairs.

G.13. 1,Sheela. 2,Robin.

3.Pu.F.153/G13(1) SHEELA B.Sc.B.Ed.(3.T.F.152]6-3-1961 married Johnson, son of Joseph and Stella, Kunnel,Pollathi, Sheela is working as a teacher who has a daughter.

G 14. 1,Jolsana Johnson.1991.

3.Pu.F.154/G13(2) ROBIN B.Sc; diploma in Veternary Science[3.T.F. 152] 25-12-1965.He employed in Veternary department as life stock assistant. He married Jainamma B.Sc.B.Ed.(Teacher) daughter of Nicklavous, Ponveli, Maithara, Cherthala

3.El.F.155 /G12(3)THANKACHAN (MICHAEL FRANCIS BOURGIA)[3.T.F.142] 1115 Kanni 24.(10-10-1939)married Lilli,10-7-1939, daughter of Kunjukunju Maisor,(carpenter) Valiyathayil Arithunkal,(original residence at Kattoor.) She a teacher, they have a daughter and a son.

G13.1,Shali (Grettle Marey) 2,Samuel John(Aji).

3.El.F.156/G13(1)SHALI (GRETTLE MAREY) T.T.C (Teacher) [3.T.F. 155]19-2-1967. Married Jacob(Unni) son of Sansilavous and Lilly, Kottaparampil, Nort Pallipuram.Jacob (Unni) is in the defense service in Saudi Arabia , they settled near Kattoor School. Ph. no.0477- 225 9142.

G14.1,Indhuja Jacob 31-10-1994.2,Anadh Jacob 30-9-96.

3.El.F.157/G13(2) SAMUEL JOHN(AJI) I.T.I.(Elect.) [3.T.F.155]9-5-1968.Married Deepa,1975, daughter of V.J.John presentation and Mabil, Valiyathayil, Kattoor.

G 14. 1, Sanniya Samuel, 1997.

3.Ar.F.158/G11(4) ANNAMMA [3.T.F.136]1908-1950 married Vasthyankutty, son of Ouseph and Mariyakutty Arattukulam (Thekkeaveettel) Marrikulam. They had three daughters.

G 12. 1, Elsikunju1930(3.Ar.F.159).2,Leelamma 1932.(3.Ar.F.165).3,Chinnamma 1936(3.Ar.F.168).

3.Ar.F.159/G12(1) ELSIKUNJU[3.T.F.158]25-12-1936 married Eapen (Teacher), 16-7-1926, son of Joseph(teacher) and Johnamma, Arattukulam at Mararikulam. Eapen began his career as a teacher and retired from service as the head master .He was the secretary of the "Nasarani Bhooshana Samajam" for a long period, had five children.

G.13. 1, Susamma(3.Ar.F.160). 2, Treessamma(3.Ar.F.161). 3, Jancy (3.Ar.162). 4, Simple(3.Ar.F.163).5,Josekumar (3.Ar.F.164).

3.Ar.F160/G13(1) SUSAMMA B.A[3.T.F. 159]20-12-1958 married Babu, son of Thomas and Felcy, Arattukulam (Kizhakeparampil) Marrikulam.

3.Ar.F.161/G13(2) TREESAMMA [3.T.F.159]17-7-1960.She works as a Lab. Technician , in Bombay.Married to Joggy son of Jacob and Mary Kandathil Thathampally, Alleppy.

G.14. 1,Libin Joggy 1983.

3.Ar.162/G13(3) Sr.JANCY [3.T.F.159]23-7-1962. She is at Rome for over eighteen years.

3.Ar.F.163/G13(4) SIMBIL [3.T.F.159]1965 married to Stanly son of Antony and Vavamma, Panickavettil , Ezhupunna. Stanly resides at Thayil, Kandakkadave, as the adopted son of his, uncle. He ran a hardware shop at Pallurithy, Hossana hardware Cochin.

3.Ar.F.164/G13(5) JOSE KUMAR [3.T.F.159] 27-10-1969. married Eileen Rose, daughter of A.C.Joseph and Vavamma Arattukulam.Chennavely.

3.Ar.F.165/G12(2) LEELAMMA [3.T.F.158]1938 married to Baneventore (Vincent)son of Kunjuouse and Thressiamma, Veluthamannunkal, Loreth (west of Loreth Church) Boneventore works as mechanic. They have two daughters.

G 13. 1,Suma.(3.Vu.F.166). 2,Suja(RoseMettilda)(3.Vu.F.167).

3.Vu.F.166/G13(1) SUMA [3.T.F.165] married Jocob, son of Dominic and Marey, Mundamvely, Manassery. Jocob runs a Furniture shop.

G14. 1,Milan.

3.Vu.F.167/G13(2) SUJA(ROSE METTILDA)[3.T.F.165]

3.Ar.F.168/G12(3) CHINNAMMA [3.T.F.158] 1940.Married to Thariyan (29 Kanni1103 (1927) to 4-4-1995.)son of Samuel and Dalima ,Srampical, Pallithode. They had four children.

G 13. 1,Elsamole(3.S.F.169). 2,Saijamol (MareyLeela) (3.S.F.170) 3.Saly (RoseDalima)(3.S.F.171) 4.Ponnum on (Vimal Roy)(3.S.172).

3.S.F.169/G13(1) ELSEMOL [3.T.F.168] 1958.Married to Chackochann son of Abraham and Ealiyamma, Pallikkalveettil Vayalar east. Elsimol is a teacher, and Chackochan is a business man, who has a son .

G 14.1,Abraham.

3.S.F.170/G13(2)SAIJAMOL [3.T.F.168] 1960. Married to Kunjumon, son of Charankattle Philp and Koilparampil KunjuThankam(3.T.F.247)He is working as a driver, they have two daughters.

G 14.1,Selma. 2, Shena.

3.S.F.171/G13(3) SALY [3.T.F.168] 1962. Remained as a bachelor girl.

3.S.172/G14(4). Fr.PONNUMON[3.T.F.168]1964.

3.Ar.F.173/G11(5)VAVACHAN (THOMAS)[3.T.F.136]6.12. 1912-10.7.2001Married Annamma, (22 Midhunam 1093.) daughter of Joseph Puthenpurackal(purakal)Chethy, they have Three son.

G.12.1, Ponnappan(3.Ar.F.174). 2, Pious(3.Ar.175).3, Robin(3.Ar.F.176)

3.Ar.F.174/G12(1)A.T.PONNAPPAN [3.T.F.173]25-3-1946.Married Rossamma, daughter of Antony and Maryamma Vettithanathu, Changanachary.They have two children. Ph. 0477 286 3150

G.13.1,Dafny (Mary Dominic 29-3-1977. 2,Dominic Savio 1981.

3.Ar.F.174A/G13(1)DAFNY (Mary Dominica)married Sam Alex son of Mrs.& Mr. K.M.Francis Komachamvelil,Arthunkal P.O.,Cherthala 688530.

3.Ar.175/G12(2).Fr.PIOUS B.A.[3.T.F.173} 13-7-1951.His studies were done under the supervision of his uncle Rev.Fr.Reynold Purakel. Fr.Pious served in several parishes as Vicar in the Alleppy Dioceses. Now he is the Secretary of K.R.L.C.C. His life and conduct can be pointed out as a model for the present generation.

3.Ar.F.176/G12(3).A.T.ROBIN(ROBERT) B.E.(electrical)[3.T.F.173] 2-5-1957.Married Daina daughter of Antony and Mary Thaivilakaveettil, Attungal. Now he is the Dy.Chief Eng.(KSEB)at Alleppy. Add:- Robert Arattukulam, Kottaparampil,Palace ward, Alappuzha 688 011.Ph. 0477 224 2694 Mobile 98462 21109

G 13.1,Ebin 1986. 2,Binil 1992.

3.Ar.F.177/G11(6)XAVIER (SAURIYARACHAN)[3.T.F.136]1914--1989 After his education he joined the Army ordinance core.He had served in several regions inside and outside of the country. He, also received several medals for his reputable service. He married Lillykutty, B.A.1921-1950 daughter of Francis and Felcina, Charankattu, Muvattupuzha,(From north Pallipuram),they have three children. Lillykutty left this world on the day her daughter was one year old. Xavier lived a widower for the sake of his children. He died at Secondrabad, after the marriage of his eldest son.

G.12.1,Michael (3.Ar.F.178). 2,Robin(Robert)(3.Ar.F.179). 3,Betsy(3.Ar.F.180).

3.Ar.F.178/G12(1)A.X.MICHAEL B. Sc. [3.T.F.177] 1947After his education he got employment in the intelligence departmentAfter some years of service he changed his employment to E.S.I.corporation at Trichur. He married Pushpamma, daughter of A.S.Thomas and Chachamma, Arattukulam, Mararikulam.

G.13. 1, A.M.Ivan.

3.Ar.F.179/G12(2)A.X.ROBIN(ROBERT) B.Sc. [3.T.F.177] Married Shaji daughter of Kuriyachan, Puthenpurackel Chethy. Robin and his wife Employed at Kenya, Africa. 3.Ar.F.180/G12(3) BETZY B.Sc.,B.Ed. [3.T.F.177] Married Edwin,son of Major Francis,Puthenpurakel, Chethy.The family settled at Trivandrum.

3.Ar.F.181/G11(7)CHINNAMMA(PHILOMINA)[3.T.F.136] 1915. Married Peter son of Kunjiouse and Theressiamma Veluthamannunkal Maruvakkadu. They settled at Vely Cochin G12.They had no children so they adopted a child ( girl ).

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