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Branch 3



George ( Koshy) Krumancheriyil (Kattathara) at Ezhupunna, had two sisters .I don't know their names of these two sisters. The Vasthyan, Eresseriyil at Marrikulam, married elder one. The younger sister married Dumeenge Kurusinkal at Arthunkal).

3.Er.F.29/G8.VASTHYAN(SEBASTIN) of Eresseriyil Marrikulam as mentioned before [3.T.F.28A] had seven children, namely:-

G9.1, E. S.Joseph. (3.Er.F.30) 2, E.S. Pathrose (3.Er.F.34) .3,E.S. Cilastin (3.Er.F.38) 4, Rev.Fr.Antony (Anthony Pathire)(3.Er.43A) 5, Philomina (3.Er.F.44) 6, Anna ( 3.K.F.28) 7, Kathreena /Kunjammma(3.E.3.F.52).

3.Er.F.30/G.9(1)E.S.JOSEPH [3.T.F. 29]

G10.1,E.J. Davasey (3.Er.3.F.31). 2, E. J. Solaman (3.Er.F.32) 3,Mariyakutty(3.Er.F.33).

3.Er.F.31/G10(1)E. J. DAVASSY [3.T.F.30].

G11.1, E. D. Johnson. 2, Loovisa. 3, Victoriamma. 4, Kunjamma. 5, Johnamma.

3.Er.F.32/G10(2)E.J.SOLAMAN [3.T.F. 30].

G11.1, E. S. Eappachan 2,Jaicob 3,Augustheenju, 4, Mathachan. 5,Kuttappu 6,Luisamma 7,Thankamma. 8, Eliyamma.

3.Er.F33/G10(3)MARIYAKUTTY [3.T.F. 30] married Therath at Kochi.

G11.1,Bastin Levalad 2,Achamma(Ann)3,Vavachi 4, Christeena .5,Kunjamma 6,Chinnamma 7,Vavamma.

3.Er.F34/G9(2)E.S.PATHROS [3.T.F. 29].

G10.1,E.P.Varghese 2,E.P.Isac 3,E. P.Stephen

E.P.Varghese M.A.B.L.Shevaliyar.

3.Er.F35/G10(1)E.P.VARGHESE M .A BL[3.T.F.34]


E.P.Issac Mash

3.Er.F36/G10(2)E.P.ISAC M.A.B.T.[3.T.F.34] married Catherine {5.K.F.40/G12(4)}

G11.1,Thresya 2,Lucy 3,Mary 4,Peter(Petton)B.A.B.Ed .5,Philomina B.A, B.Ed. 6, Dr. George M.B.B.S. 7, Prof . Antony Isac M. A.

Prof. Antony Isac


3.Er.F37/G10(3)E. P. STEPHEN [3.T.F.34]

G11.1,Sesiy 2, Sr. Mary Womra, 3,Peter(Babu)M.A. 4, Anthonykutty 5, Bastin.6, Reethamma 7, Josekunju 8, Kunjuvava.9, Nani.

3.Er.F.38/G9(3)E.S.CILASTIN [3.T.F.29].

G10.1,Joosappina (3.Er.F.39). 2, E.C.Joseph (3.Er.F40). 3, E.C.John (3.Er.F41). 4, E.C.Varkey(3.Er.F42). 5,Ezabella (3.Er.F.43).

3.Er.F.39/G10(1) 6,JOOSAPPINA. [3.T.F. 38] married Ousechan Paliyathyil (Azheekkal) Chellanam.

G11.1, Laisamma. 2, Thresyamma. 3, Rainold.

3.Er.F.40/G10(2)E.C.JOSEPH [3.T.F.38].

G11.1,Agustin.2,Thresyamma.3, Anna kutty.4,Kochupennu.

3.Er.F.41/G10(3) E.C. JOHN [3.T.F.38].

G11.1,Ammu. 2,Appukutten (Kunjachan). 3,Vavamma,

3.Er.F.42/G10(4)E.C. VARKKY [3.T.F.38]





3.Er.F.43A/G9(4) Very Rev.Fr. ANTONY (Anthoney Pathery) [3.T.F.29].

3.Er.F.44/G9(5)PHILOMINA [3.T.F.29] married by Peter Kurishunkal Arithunkal

G10.1, Ezabella.(3.Ku.F.45) 2, K.P.Deavassy(3.Ku.F.46).3, K.P.Amar(3.Ku.F.47). 4,K.P.Benjamin(3.Ku.F.48).5,Mariyakutty (3.Ku.F.49). 6,Rebecca (3.Ku.F.50).7,Peter (Died at the ageof 25)

3.Ku.F.45/G10(1)EZABELLA [3.T.F.44]


Rev.Fr.Mon.Daniel Kurisinkal

3.Ku.F.46/G10(2)K.P.DEVASSY [3.T.F.44]

G11.1,Rev. Fr. Daniel Kurisinkal B.A. 2, Solomankutty. 3, Thomaskutty 4,Stella.


G11.1, Kuttappu.2,Thampipilla. 3,Leelamma.4.Vavamma.


G11.1,Wilson 2,Saro 3,Leelamma 4,Baby.

3.Ku.F.49/G10(5)MARIYAKUTTY [3.T.F.44]married from Kandakadavil.

3.Ku.F.50/G10(6)REBECKA [3.T.F.44]married from Manakkodathu, Kunnel (Assariparampil).

G11.1, K.J.Thomas. 2, K.J.Lonan pillai.3, K.J.Charlse. 4,,Elzabth.5, Annamma.6,Beatris.7, Elby.