Thomas (son of K.V.John 4.T.F.541)

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4.K.F.559/G13(2). K.V.THOMAS(Mamachan) [4.T.F.541] married Elizabath,daughter of Ouseppachan Charangattu Thekkeveetil at Chennaveli.


  1. Joseph 1909(4.K.F.560)
  2. Abrham 1911(4.K 565).
  3. Srappy(Seraphia)1913(4.K.F.566).
  4. Elcy1915(4.K.F.567)
  5. Jeleena 1917 (4.K.568)

4.K.F.560/G14(1)K. T. JOSEPH 1909 -1983[4.T.F.559] married Mercy,1923{4.K.F.91/G12(4)} daughter of Marcily Vydhyan & Philomina Koilparambil Arthinkal.


  1. Thomas Stanly(4.K.F.561).
  2. Thankamma (Margret Mary)(4.K.F.562).
  3. Jackson (4.K.F.563).
  4. Rajamma(Philomina)(4.K.F.564).

4.K.F.561/G15(1).K.J. THOMAS STANLY 1945. BA,L.L.B [4.T.F.560] (Now he is working as Judge,in Palai) married Cicily (Mary) 1956-1988 daughter of Kuttappan (Band master) Paruthiparambil Cherthala Muttam.


  1. Joseph Sanju 20-8 1981

4.K.F.562/G15(2). THANKAMMA (Margret Mary) B.A.1948 [4.T.F.560] married P.J Mathew, Son of Joseph Pokkathil house Sanathanam ward Alleppy.Add: P.J Mathew,Pokkathil (h)Sanathanam ward,Chembuveliyakam, Alleppy Ph:-0477 224 1880

4.K.F.563/G15(3). K.J.JACKSON B.Sc 1956[4.T.F.560] working in the Dept. of Economics and Statistics as Superintend at Alleppey. He married Treesa B.A B.Ed.(H.S.A) daughter of Thomas Charankattu at Pollethai Ph.0478 - 256 2712.


  1. Clinton Jackson 7-2-'83.
  2. Devine 12-2-'92.

4.K.F.564/G15(4)RAJAMMA(Philomina) B.Sc L.L.B [4.T.F.560] Social welfare dept. in Thodupuzha married Sojan, B.A.(Courier Service)Pachalam,Ernakulam.


  1. AnnMary 1992

4.K.565/G13(2) K. T. ABRAHAM 1911[4.T.F.559] remained as a bachelor.

4.K.F.566/G13(3)SRAPPY (Seraphiya) 1913-17.10.2002[4.T.F.559] married Joseph, 1907-1977 Son of Joseph (Lonan Pillai), Arreyseril (Thottukadavil) Chennavely Aruthunkal.


  1. Thankamma 1950-1970.
  2. Ponnamma1954.
  3. Jovan 1957.

4.K.F.567/G13(4)ELCY 1915 [4.T.F.559] married Freddy Fernandze, at Quilon .

4.K.568/G13(5)JELEENA remained as spinster[4.T.F.559]