Ouseph (son of Sawreyar 4.K.F.223)

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4.K.F.246/G10(2)OUSEPH [4.T.F.223]


  1. Vasthyon.(4.K.F. 247)
  2. Lonan. (4.K.F.248)

4.K.F.247/G11(1)VASTHYON [4.T.F.246] married Annamma Ereasseriyil at Mararikulam.


  1. Plaviyana 1902-1970.
  2. Marayamma 1905-1985 (Both of them are lived as bachelor.)

4.K.F.248/G11(2)LONAN [4.T.F.246] married Agastha From Puthenpurackal Chethy.


  1. Joseph (4.K.F.249).
  2. Pappachan (4.K.F.258).
  3. Wencelavous (4.K 259).
  4. Thankachan( 4.K.F.260).
  5. Chinnamma 1921-1928.
  6. Thankchi 1923-1930.

4.K.F.249/G12(1)K.L.JOSEPH 27.10.1911-1.2.1972 [4.T.F.248] Married Theakkila (Baby) 15.1.1930 daughter of Lazer-Kutty and Cicilyamma of Puthenpurackal Chethy.


  1. Joy(John)(4.K.F.250).
  2. Filamin-Jose(Heppy)(4.K.F.251).
  3. Augustin-Antony (Fancy)(4.K.F.252).
  4. Doly(Mary-Flora)(4.K.F.253).
  5. Pious(4.K.F.254)
  6. Kunjumone(Theyofin)(4.K.F.255).
  7. Smaie(Mary-Tresa-Earnasteena-Jose)(4.K.F.256).
  8. Smitha (4.K.F.257).

4.K.F.250/G13(1).JOY(John) 9.11.1950[4.T.F.249] Married Thresyamma, daughter of Mathew


  1. Sowpna-Medona 1989.
  2. Alen Kenny 1994.

4.K.F.251/G13(2)FILAMIN-JOSE M.A;B.Ed. 28.4.1952[4.T.F.249](teacher in Kwait) married Josline son of Vinamcy and Elzabeth Kurusinkal at Kochi.


  1. No decedents.

4.K.F.252/G13(3).AUGUSTIN-ANTONY 20.5.1954(duff and dumb) [4.T.F.249] employed in Hydrabad, married Amalgam they had no decedents, she died in1989.

4.K.F.253/G13(4)DOLY(Mary-flora)1956 [4.T.F.249] Lab. techanican at Madras. She married Chandradas from Mangalore.


  1. Subas 1992.
  2. Pouis 1994-1998.

4.K.F.254/G13(5)PIOUS 1958[4.T.F.232]

4.K.F.255/G13(6).KUNJU MON (Theofine) 1960[4.T.F.249]employed at "Blue-Mount" Ernakulam, married Berty (Mary Ann),daughter of Vavachan and Valsamma of Thekkeppalackal at Kattoor.


  1. Anfen 1996.
  2. Cicily 1998.

4.K.F.256/G13(7)SMAIE (Mariya Tresya Earnastina)1965[4.T.F.249] B.Com. H.D.C. employed in "Karithas India" as an accountent,married Thomas B.A;M.S.W.23.5.1958 employed in national foundation for India as senior program officer.Son of Antony and Thresya-Kutty Payyappilly house,Kutticad P.O.pin 680 721, Via Chalakudy Trichur dist. Ph.0488 283 6715. Address : Thomas P.A.,B.501,Sanghamitra appartments, sector 1, Plot-20 Phve 1,Dwaraka project Pappankalan, New Delhi.


  1. Antony-Thomas(Sasty)15.10.1993.
  2. Wencel 9.11.1996.

4.K.F.257/G13(7)Dr. Smitha Jose B.H.M.S. 6.11.1971.[4.T.F.249] married Joji Thomas K. 3.6.1964 BA, D.C.A., son of Dr. K.V.Thomas and Anna, Kottayathukaran house, Kuriachira, Trissur 680 006. Ph. 0487-252 873.

4.K.F.258/G12(2)PAPPACHAN 1915 [4.T.F.248] Went to Malasia in his early days. No details available.

4.K.259/G12(3)Fr. WENCELAVOUS 7.1.1912-25.1.1996. [4.T.F.248].

4.K.F.260/G12(4)THANKACHAN 1920[4.T.F.248] went to Sri Lanka in his early days no details available.