Jusay (son of Vathen 4.K.F.569)

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JUSAY Vaidhyan

4.K.F. 578/G12(3). JUSAY Vaidhyan [4.T.F.541] Jusay Vaidhyan's first marriage with Vittaly daughter of Dhilaji Arasserkadavil Punnappra Alleppy.

4.K.F.578A/G12(3). Second Marriage with Kithery 1907 to 1962 Kurisinkal Pallithode


  1. John(Baby)1922(4.K.F.579).
  2. Jerom(Jerumi)1924(4.K.F.586)

4.K.F.579/G13(1)JOHN (Baby)1922[4.T.F.578A] married Saramma(Marthoma)1925-1981 daughter of John and Ealyamma Chakkanadu Thiruvarppu at Kottayam.


  1. Celin (Kuttiamma) 1932(4.K.F.580).
  2. ELEYAMMA (Leelamma)1935(4.K.F.581).
  3. Mary 1937 (4.K.F.582).
  4. Baby 1939(4.K.F.583).
  5. Susy 1941(4.K.F.584).
  6. Josey 1943(4.K.F.585).

4.K.F.580/G14(1)CELIN (Kuttiamma) 1932 B.A [4.T.F.579]retired as Hindi Vidwan at St.Joseph's High School Alleppey and she remained as Spinster.Address:- Celin Teacher,Koilparambil Dachu-Square at Alleppey.

4.K.F.581/G14(2) ELEYAMMA (Leelamma) 1935 [4.T.F.579] married Joseph(Ousephan), Son of Francis Muckkaladiyil, Kondoor near Panackal- palam,Pala.This family is working in Canadian postal department.Address ELEYAMMA Muckkaladiyil,935 Vintner drive, Mississauga, Ontario,CANADA L4W4S3. In this engagement they had no children. After the death of her husband in 2001 she take care of her husband’s three children. The eldest one........is daughter she married a Pakistani engineer and lives in NewYork, second is son Suresh, he had married Beena from Mevada Pala in kerala they had two children - 1, Hannah 1997. 2, Jaeden 2003..The third one is a daughter, she married from Canada and they had a baby. Now Eleyamma is with her son Suresh’s family.

4.K.F.582/G14(3) MARY (Ammalu)1937[4.T.F.579](Retired Agriculture Administrative Officer) married Mathew, Kochembattu Kavumbhagam at Thiruvalla they settled at Alleppey.


  1. George Mathew 1968 B.Com at saudi.
  2. John Mathew 1971 B.Sc.

4.K.F.583/G14(4). K. J. BABY 1939 [4.T.F. 579] married Jaya, from Kandakkadavu. He is working as security officer in Engineering college Thrissur.


  1. Jiju 1983.
  2. Jiji (Sara) 1985.

4.K.F.584/G14(5)SUSY 1941[4.T.F.579] married John, son of P.S Solaman panackal Pallithode.This family settled near the petrol pump at Thuravoor.


  1. Sam 1977.
  2. Jimmy 1981.
  3. Soji 1983

4.K.F.585/G14(6) JOSEY 1943 [4.T.F.579] (Mechanic) married Aniyamma daughter of Umman Plavera Arumurikkada, Navayikulam at Kundara. This family settled at Alleppey Address:- Josy John, Koilparampil Laganeth ward,West of collectorate Alleppey 688001 Phone - 91 0477 2264676


  1. Anchu 1983

4.K.F.586/G13(2) JERUMY (Jerom)[4.T.F.578A]Jerumy Vaidyan married Kunjamma,1924 daughter of Francis Koilparambil Pallithode {4.K.F.403/G14(1)}