Anthappan(Son of Michael 4.K.F.475)

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4.K.F.517/G12(2)K.M.ANTHAPPEN [4.T.F.475] married Anasthesya, daughter of Berid. Sister of Benjamin and Robert at Vypin.


  1. Issac1917(4.K.F.518).
  2. Stella 1919(4.K.F.525).
  3. Glady(4.K.F.526).
  4. Mary(4.K.F.527).
  5. Kunjappan(Kakkunni) (4.K.F.528).
  6. Hershan(4.K.F.532).
  7. Kochumichael(4.K.F.536).

4.K.F.518/G13(1)K. A. ISSAC 1917 [4.T.F.517] married Elbi, daughter of Peter Puliyampalliyil at Manakkodam(Pattam).


  1. Chinnappan(4.K.F.519).
  2. Nepponsya(4.K.F.522).
  3. Daisy(4.K.F.523).
  4. Ponnamma ( 4.K.F.524).

4.K.F.519/G14(1). CHINNAPPAN (Joseph)[4.T.F.518] married a Tamil girl. From Thirunelveli they settled in Coimbatore.


  1. Baby 1967 (4.K.F.520).
  2. Rani 1969(4.K.F.521) Address:- K.I Joseph, Koilparambil House no. 10/1194, Sivaji Colony, Thadagam Road, Edayarapalagram P.O; Coimbatore 641025.

4.K.F.520/G15(1) K.J. BABY 1967 [4.T.F.519]

4.K.F.521/G15(2) RANI 1969 [4.T.F.519]

4.K.F.522/G14(2) NAPPONSIYA 1944 [4.T.F.518] Married Neppoliyan son of Lonachan Kurusingal (Kalluveetil ) at Pallithode .


  1. Sakhi

4.K.F.523/G14(3) DAISEY 1946 [4.T.F.518] married Joselin son of Andechan Panickaveetil Ezhupunna.

4.K.F.524/G14(4) PONNAMMA 1948 [4.T.F.518] married Varghese, Puthenpurackal at Chethy.

4.K.F.525/G13(2) STELLA 1919 [4.T.F.517] married Peter son of Lonan Vadhyar, Puliyampally, at (British Pattom) Manakkodam.


  1. Queentin (Kunjchan)

4.K.526/G13(3) GLADY (died at early age) [4.T.F. 517]

4.K.F.527/G13(4) MARY 1923[4.T.F. 517] married Solamon, son of Vasthyon Veliyil at Pallithode.


  1. Aajan.
  2. Androws (Osey).
  3. Unni

4.K.F.528/G13(5). K. A. KUNJAPPAN (Kakkunni) 1925-1990 [4.T.F.517] married Reetha daughter of Pappachan Arattukulangara at Pallithode ,they settled in Kottayam.


  1. Girija 1953 (4.K.F.529).
  2. Geetha 1953(4.K.F.530).
  3. Sunny1959 (4.K.F.531).

4.K.F.529/G14(1) GIRIJA 1953 [4.T.F.528] married Haridhas and Settled in Kottayam.

4.K.F.530/G14(2) GEETHA 1953 [4.T.F.528 ] married Abraham, from Manarcad, at Kottayam.

4.K.F.531/G14(3). SUNNY 1959 [4.T.F.528] married Alies, daughter John Mundanical at Kottayam. Address:- Sunny, Koilparampil, Mundanical House,Thevadiparambil, Malam P.O, Manarcad, Kottayam.


  1. George
  2. Jony

4.K.F.532/G13(6). K. A. HERSHEL 1927 [4.T.F.517] married Cindrella, (Cindamma) daughter of Joseph (Anthechan) Panikaveetil at Ezhupunna.This family settled at Ezhupunna.


  1. Jolly(Josephenna)(4.K.F.533).
  2. Jaymon(Yudathdevous)1966(4.K.F.534).
  3. Starsha(MaryAnnushoyil)(4.K.F.535).

4.K.F.533/G14(1) JOLY [4.T.F.532] married Seno (Vediography) son of Ponnachan Vaidayan, Anjuthaikkel at Vattayal, Alleppy.


  1. Linseno 1994
  2. Lessaly Seno 1996.
  3. Limakutty 1999.

4.K.F.534/G14(2). K. H. JAYMON 1966 [4.T.F.532] married Annie, 1968 daughter of Ousepchan and Baby Koilparambil Arthunkal.{4.K.F.214/G13(2)}


  1. Joseph (Hersal(Manova)22-2-1999.

4.K.F.535/G14(3) STARSHA (MaryAnnushoyil) [4.T.F.513]

4.K.F.536/G13(7) K. A. KOCHU MICHAEL 1930-5-7-1994 [4.T.F.517] married Elikutty, daughter of Pappachan Arattukulangara at Pallithode.Address: Ealikutty Michael Koilparambil House, Pullardesham Road, Palluruthi, Cochin-6, Phone 0484 - 223 4230.


  1. Michael Andrews 1957(4.K.F.537).
  2. Baby (4.K.F.538).
  3. Gladys(4.K.F.539).
  4. Michael Jude.(4.K.F.540).

4.K.F.537/G14(1). K. M. MICHAEL ANDREWS 2.1.1957 [4.T.F.536]retired after 24 years of service from Navy, he continue his service in Federation of International Fooball Association (F I F A Referey) on 1995. He married Darly1962(Nurse), daughter of Joseph and Mariyamma, Anithottam at Mundakayam.He retired from F I F A on 2.1.2002. Address:- Michael Androws Koilparambil, Lovedayil, Pullardeshm Road, Palluruthy Industrial Estate P.O, Cochin6, Ph. 0484 - 223 2232.


  1. Stephey 3-1-1989.
  2. Percy 30-12-1995.

4.K.F.538/G14(2).K. M BABY 1957 [4.T.F.536] working as Personal assistant in Rubber board. She married Sebastian, son of Abraham, Chilankara House, north Pallippuram at Ernakulam. They settled at Edappally.


  1. Binil 1979.
  2. Bony 1988 .

4.K.F.539/G14(3) GLADYS 1961 [4.T.F.536] married Paul, son of Antony Thayil,Chullikkal, at Cochin.


  1. Pranoy Paul 1991.

4.K.F.540/G14(4).K. M. MICHAEL JUDE [4.T.F.536]is working in Navel base M E S section. He married Valsala-Mary,(H.S.A ) daughter of Desilva and Rose Mary Jesus-Villa, Quilon. The family settled at Pallurithy Ph:-0484 223 4230


  1. Emil Jude 1995.