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[[Branch 4]],[[Kochu Vathy(son of Sanchan K.F.5)| Kochu Vathy]],  [[Tressyamma (daughter of Sanchan)|Tressyamma]], [[Vacko (son of Tressyamma)| Vacko]], [[Lonan/Anthony (son of 4.K.F.7/G9(1)Sanchan)|Lonan/Anthony]], [[Antho(son of Sanchan K.F.5)| Antho]], [[kochu-kaippary(son of kochu Sanchan)| kochu-kaippary]], [[Kochanthira(son of kochu Sanchan)|Kochanthira]], [[Vasthyon(son of kochu Sanchan)|Vasthyon]], [[Kunjuousay(son  of kochu Sanchan)|Kunjuousay]], [[Lonachan(son of kochu Sanchan)|Lonachan]], [[Ponchi(son of Sanchan K.F.5)|Ponchi]], [[Ousea (son of 4.K.F.2/G4.Thomman)|Ousea]],
[[Ouseph(son of Vasthyon 4.K.F.266)|Ouseph]][[Patharose (son of Vasthyon 4.K.F.266)| Patharose]]
[[Lonan(son of Vasthyon 4.K.F.266)|Lonan]]
[[Thomas]], [[Jorus]], [[Philipose]], [[Sipri]] , [[Michael]] , [[Anthappan]] , [[ Vathen]],[[K.P.Jusay]],[[Johnkunju]],[[Lonan]],[[Vasthyon]],[[Jusay]]

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Branch 4, Kochu Vathy, Tressyamma, Vacko, Lonan/Anthony, Antho, kochu-kaippary, Kochanthira, Vasthyon, Kunjuousay, Lonachan, Ponchi, Ousea,

Ouseph Patharose Lonan

Thomas, Jorus, Philipose, Sipri , Michael , Anthappan , Vathen,K.P.Jusay,Johnkunju,Lonan,Vasthyon,Jusay

1,Vasthyon(4.K.F.266). Vasthyon

2, Lonan(4.K.F.399). Lonan

3,Jorus(4.K.F.433) Jorus