K.J.Sebastin(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)

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K.J.Sebastin (Kunjappan)

  • K.J. Sebastin (Kunjappan) 1916-2.10.1954 Saturday. After education, he worked in Bombay, Jabalpur then he returned at home and he stayed a year in his uncle K.S. Antony's house, then he started photography, his father's profession. He married Sosamma (Tresa)(2.1.1928-7.8.1997) daughter of Ouseppachan and Rageena, Charankattil (Puthenvettil) Chennaveli. Kunjappan died at the age of 36 and Sosamma died at the age of 69.


  1. Marey Kutty
  2. K.S.Joseph (Vava)
  3. Dr.Thomas (Monappan)