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*[[Branch 3]]
[[Vathan(son of Varuth 3.K.F.3)|Vathan]],
[[Kochory(son of Faranth 3.K.F.5)|Kochory]] ,
[[Vasthyan(son of Kochory 3.K.F.20)|Vasthyan]] &
[[Anna]] ,
[[Margarita(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Margarita]] ,
[[K.S.Gabriel(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Gabriel]] ,
[[Thressya(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|Thressya]] ,
[[K.G.Varghese(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Varghese]] ,
[[K.G.Josep(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Josep]] ,
[[K.G.Kunjukunju(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Kunjukunju]] ,
[[K.G.Baby John(son of K.S.Gabriel 3.K.F.101)|K.G.Baby John]] ,
[[Mariyamma(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin)3.K.F.28)|Mariyamma]] ,
[[Eleeswa(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Eleeswa]] ,
[[K.S.Chearian(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Chearian]] ,
[[K.C.Paul(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Paul]] ,
[[Kunjukun(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|Kunjukun]] ,
[[K.C.Pappy(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Pappy]] ,
[[Kunjannamma(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|Kunjannamma]] ,
[[K.C.Eapen(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Eapen]] ,
[[K.C.Ponnappan(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Ponnappan]] ,
[[K.C.Ummachan(son of K.S.Cheriyan Mapillai 3.K.F.101)|K.C.Ummachan]] ,
[[Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|Rev.Sr.Marey Beatrice]] , [[K.S.Joseph(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Joseph]] ,
[[K.J.Sebastin(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|K.J.Sebastin]] ,
[[K.J.Jacob(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|K.J.Jacob]] ,
[[Annamma(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Annamma]] ,
[[Elzabeth(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Elzabeth]] ,
[[Jainamma(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Jainamma]] ,
[[Juliet(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Juliet]] ,
[[Kochurani(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)|Kochurani]] ,
[[K.S.Antony(son of Vasthyan (Sebastin) 3.K.F.28)|K.S.Antony]] ,
[[K.A. Sebastin(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Sebastin]] ,
[[K.A. Varghese(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Varghese]] ,
[[K.A.John Edison(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.John Edison]] ,
[[Clara Clementine(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|Clara Clementine]] ,
[[K.A.Francis Cherian(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Francis Cherian]] ,
[[K.A.Joseph(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Joseph]] ,
[[K.A.Jacob Louis George(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Jacob Louis George]]
3.K.F.254/10G (8). K.S.ANTONY (ANTHAPPAN) [3.T.F.28&51] 25.5.1892 to 17.7.1979.
# K.A. Sebastin (5th June1927-20th June 1927).
# [http://ktest.bizhat.com/K.S.Joseph%28son_of_VASTHYAN_%28SEBASTIN%29_3.K.F.28%29 Annie Evangeline](Evamma)(3.K.F.255).
# [[K.A. Sebastin(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Sebastin]](Thankachan)(3.K.F.256).
# [[K.A. Varghese(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A. Varghese]](Eugene Varghese / Kochappan)(3.K.F.257).
# [[K.A.John Edison(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.John Edison]](3.K.F.258).
# [[Clara Clementine(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|Clara Clementine]](Kusumum)(3.K.F.259).
# [[K.A.Francis Cherian(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Francis Cherian]](Ponnappan)(3.K.F.260).
# [[K.A.Joseph(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Joseph]](Josey)(3.K.F.261).
# [[K.A.Jacob Louis George(son of K.S.Antony 3.K.F.254)|K.A.Jacob Louis George]](George kutty)(3.K.F.262).
3.K.F.281/G11(9). '''K.A. JACOB LOUIS GEORGE ( GEORGE KUTTY )''' 26.11.1949 Saturday. First he opted religious missionhood and went to Kolkata,while at primary school time, but he could not survive there because of the climate and returned, then he studied at Junior Technical School Cherthala. He married Merla 19-2-1957, daughter of Francis and Mary of Robin cottage, Kovilthottam, Kollam. The marriage was on 29-9-1971. Ph. 0478-257 2431.
# Sangeetha (Dyane)(3.K.F.282).
# Santhosh (Veenus Ben)(3.K.F.283).
# Sajitha (Victo Mariyatta)(3.K.F.284).
# Saneesh (Amby Antony) (3.K.F.285).
3.K.F.282/G12(1). SANGEETHA (DYANE) B.Com. [3.T.F. 281] 11.7.1972 After secretarial course she worked at Indore for a year and returned home and married Raphael (Sabu) son of M.R. Joseph, Mathirapalliyil, Mariyathuruthu P.O. Thiruvatta, Kottayam - 27 on 21.10.1999. Ph. 0481- 256 8688
# Jacks 17.11.2000.
3.K.F.283/G12(2). SANTHOSH (K.G. VEENUS BEN)[3.T.F.281] 22.11.1974 Friday. He completed the BA Lit. and computer. Now he is working in a Prayer group as a 'Brother'.
3.K.F.284/G12(3). SAJITHA (Victo Mariyatta)[3.T.F.281] 15-1-1979. After pre-degree she joined the Pharmacy course. On 25th April 2002, she married Albin, son of George Aloysious, Companikadayil, Sakthikulangara. Ph.0474 277 1465
# Rinata 17th August 2003
3.K.F.285/G12(4). SANISH (K.G.AMBY ANTONY)[3.T.F.281]. He is working in an Arab country.

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